Working from a home office is growing in popularity nowadays.Many people are opting to leave the corporate office business buildings and remain to work at home.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to working from a home office? Actually, the advantages might also turn into a disadvantages depending on the type of personality you have and your working habits.

One of the advantages to work at home office is clothing. You can wear essentially anything you like while at home. There are no company dress codes or uniforms. A great deal can be saved on not having to purchase suits, corporate clothing or paying a dry cleaner.

However,in the opposite side, it can be a disadvantage to work in anything that you want. It is a great motivational factor to some people that being required to report to work at a specific time and wearing certain clothing. Not everyone is able to stay motivated to get started with their jobs in the morning if they don’t have a routine they are mandated to follow.

Another advantage is that working from a home office means no commuting in business traffic or paying for gas to travel back and forth to work. There is no pressure to clock in at a certain time or go to the office when you are not feeling well. Stress is greatly reduced with the freedom to begin work when you are ready and take breaks as needed. In addition, you do not have to worry about road rage, traffic accidents or driving in inclement weather.

A disadvantage to keeping your individual work schedule is getting behind in work tasks. You can waste time and end up not being able to socialize or participate in anything outside the home while trying to complete deadlines and get organized.

Furthermore, working from a home office enables you to save money on childcare. Children can be attended to between work tasks and have more time with you. Domestic responsibilities can be squeezed in during the daily routine between work assignments.

However, a disadvantage to working from a home office is spending too much time with the family. You can easily become distracted and get behind in your work schedule. Many of your friends might not realize that you are actually doing real work. They’re apt to drop in at anytime to visit or call you to go out to socialize when you need to be doing work related tasks.

Working from a home office will save expenditures with renting an office space to operate your business. You can save on utilities and even make certain tax deductions because of using home space for work.

The flip side to saving rent is that clients might not want to come to your home. The clients that do visit or know you operate from a home office might want lower fees for services and products because they view you as less professional then a competitor with a rented office space.