If you’re like some people who choose to rent a house because you think you can’t afford to buy one, premiere developments of Primary Homes, Inc. such as Richwood Homes in Compostela, Cebu may prove you wrong.

House renting has become a trend nowadays because many still believe that buying a home is too costly and beyond their pay range. There are those who think they cannot afford the downpayment and monthly amortizations.

It may also be that they are just looking at it in the short term and only want a temporary home close to where they are working. Renting, with its lack of permanency, is more convenient for them in case their work location changes.

Not a few single people and even families think that renting is more affordable and practical than buying. Is it? Let’s compare the pros and cons of both choices.

Richwood Homes

The bedroom of a model unit of Richwood Homes in Compostela.


When you buy property, you will need to shell out more money in the short term for reservation and down payment purposes. On the other hand, you pay a set amount monthly for rent until your landlord decides to increase the amount to adapt to the rising cost of living and inflation.

The good news for property buyers is that equity can be spread out over several months. In the case of Richwood Homes, which is currently in the pre-selling stage, monthly amortizations start at an affordable P5,000. Some houses are rented out for more.

Richwood townhouse units are priced around P1.25 million and come with floor area of 50 square meters and lot area of 40 square meters just like your average rental houses.

Your monthly amortizations for a house also decrease as the years go by. This is because interest is computed based on the remaining loan balance.


Admittedly, many affordable quality homes are located farther away from the metropolitan area. This may mean a long commute to your place of work but one gets used to distance over time. There are also ways to beating the rush hour traffic, such as by leaving early and going home once the road clears. The trade off is you get to own the house and introduce improvements without wasting your money or having to ask for permission from anyone.

Rentals are also more expensive when they are in prime locations. The nearer you are to your place of work in the big cities of the metro, the higher the rates.

Another problematic thing about renting is the owner of the house may just decide to use the property, leaving you scrambling to find another place to live.

Richwood Homes

Inside a model unit of Richwood Homes in Compostela.


You will never own a rented house even if you’ve been living there for a long time and paying the fees promptly. If you’re lucky, your rental rates remain the same throughout the years but there’s no way they’re going down.

When you buy a property, even on installment, you’ll eventually stop paying. Whether you pay for it in 5, 7, 10 or 30 years, you will eventually at one point in time finish.

If you buy a house on installment, you can choose to pay 20 to 30 or even 50 percent in downpayment. Many property developments nowadays allow you to spread payment over a term of 12, 18, 24 or 36 months. The remaining balance can be paid through a loan from Pag-ibig Fund, if you’re a member, or the bank.

Buying a house is a good long term investment, perhaps even a lifetime one. Your monthly payments are worth it because you will get to permanently own the house.


When you rent, you are bound by the rules set by the landlord. Many do not allow pets, plants, or even house renovations; in some cases, they even impose curfew.

Some of these restrictions will definitely affect your freedom to live and move around your temporary home.

If you’re living in your own house, your extra money can be used for home improvements. You have the freedom to design your own space: pick a color scheme, make changes to the interior or exterior design, add cabinets. You can have friends stay over or invite as many people as you want to come visit without having to ask for permission.

A house is not just a place where you go to at the end of each day. It is where you and your family create a home through shared experiences and memories.

Richwood Homes

If you want something modern and affordable, try investing in Richmond Homes in Barangay Poblacion, Compostela, Cebu.

Housing partner

Purchasing a house needs careful planning and timing. Good thing you have a reliable partner you can count on.

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At Richwood Homes, your renting days are over!

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