It’s graduation season and a lot of students are preparing to march out with their togas and textbooks, ready to face the real world! While everyone is excited to step out of those baggy school uniforms, you should first check this so-called “before graduation bucket list” we made and see what are the things you consider before graduating.


     1)  Take LOTS of pictures

Trust me, you might want to graduate as soon as possible and start earning your own money and that’s totally understandable! We have all been there. But your college days are also important. There will come a time in your life when you wish you could just relive those good old days and what better way to do it that than look at old photographs. Now you can’t look at photographs if you had not taken some photos, right? Now go click away!


     2)  Step out of your comfort zone

There is nothing wrong with trying out a few things that scare you. Stepping out of your comfort zone will not only make you feel more confident about yourself but at the same time it helps you discover the things you like. College is the best time to do this. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of your few days as a student and put yourself out there!


     3)  Confess to your crush

It’s almost graduation and time is almost up! This is the best and your only opportunity to confess your feelings to your all time crush. Confessing your fondness to this cutie will only result into two scenarios. First, he might lowkey reject you by saying he just sees you as a “friend”. This is your cue to leave and never show your face again. You’re leaving university anyway so there’s no chance of seeing him again. Or maybe, JUST MAYBE he feels the same way. Whatever may be the case, at least you got to express your affections and you can confidently say to your future self that you have NO REGRETS.



       4) Have a Plan

This is the one of the important things you must have before graduating. Setting your goals and having a plan is essential in order to know what your next step will be. Do you plan to find a job? Do you want to go back and study another course or even get a Masters degree? It’s your life and it’s up to you. Just know that your life is now in your hands. Which means goodbye allowance and hello monthly bills! If only we could live with our parents forever, right?


    5)  Invest

Having a plan is never enough. One must implement this plan to make your goals, a reality. Knowing where to invest your money and something more precious– your time will help you focus in achieving your goals. You are never too young to look out for potential investments such as getting some health insurance or even maybe buying a place of your own.


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