When you buy a condo unit or a house, it is plainly dull and boring to look at. Because of its pure emptiness, we sometimes can’t think well on what we want to do with it. Without proper planning on how we should enhance it, we tend to put all our things scattered anywhere.


One way to solve this dilemma is to have an interior design. A great interior design is a key to have a perfect condo unit and a livable home. It enhances the beauty and adds curb appeal to your unit.

Got no idea which interior design is suitable for your unit or your home? Here are some concepts to choose from:



Minimalism is still a trend for most interior designs. Despite its clean look, it’s aesthetically pleasing without being monotonous. You can use two or more colors for the color of your wall and add monochromatic furnishings to match it up. You can see typically see this design on coffee shops and concept stores around the metro. However, you need to be careful about going way too simple. You don’t want it to look duller.

Take a look at how this concept was used at PrimaryHomes’ Astele. The furnishings are simple, and it uses less bright colors to accentuate the entire room.


The Tropics

This design is great for beach bums. If you want to have summertime all year long, you can add have this concept for your entire house. Having a resort-like theme will take you back to the good days spent at the beach. So, even though you’re living in the city, you can still feel the beachy vibes that you really want to feel. Remember, this design can be expressed in many ways. Don’t close yourself to the idea of having palm trees and bright-colored walls as the only design.

PrimaryHomes’ Royal Palms Tres is a great mixture of urban and tropics. Aside from its great architectural design, it’s a tropical haven for you and your family. It has a one-of-a-kind infinity pool and its location is near the shoreline. It’s an urban setting by the beach.



Want to live in a social life? Consider having this design as an opportunity. Its sleek design is dashing. Most of this design utilizes glass walls and classy pieces of furniture. It’s a great appeal to urbanites who want to wine and dine and those who want to house a cocktail party with socialites. This design is most appealing to those who want to live like they’re above the society.

PrimaryHomes’ Mabolo Garden Flats rightfully fits this concept. With its prime location, you can feel the hype of the city outside and inside your condo unit. It also offers other features that you can enjoy.


A Hint of Nature

Do you want to feel the nature while living in the city? Well, you can have this concept for your own unit. The trick is to add embellishments that resemble nature. You can add indoor plants and fake flowers and plants. You can also use furnishings that gives an environmental tone, such as bamboo chairs, etc.

PrimaryHomes’ Brentwood. Your Garden Walk-ups in Mactan,  is a perfect mixture of nature and urban living. It incorporates the classy design of the units with nature. At one of the floors of the condo, you can relax and take a deep breath in their garden. It’s for residents to enjoy nature while living in the city.


When choosing the right interior design for your unit or your home, make sure it fits its features. You need to match it to bring more aura to your unit.

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