Are you planning to buy a house or a property? Here in the Philippines, you have a lot of good options when it comes to choosing a property. Since there are still a lot of good spots in the country where you can build a house of your own, all you need to do is to plan which house type to choose and where should you want to locate your home. It has to fit the kind of lifestyle that you want to have so that you’ll be living in comfort.

If you have no idea on what house type to choose, here are four common types of properties in the Philippines that fit every lifestyle:


If you want to live a simple life, you can opt to live in a townhouse. Townhouses are ideal for those who want to have a stable home for the family. Plus, they’re a great option for those who want to live in the countryside. They are more budget-friendly among all the other types of properties. Most of the townhouses in the Philippines cost less.

Richwood Homes

PrimaryHomes’ Richwood Homes is one that you should consider if you’re living here in Cebu. Situated in Compostela, Cebu, it’s the perfect location for those who want to live on the outskirts of the city. Plus, it’s also minutes away from the beach. It’s the perfect gateway for those who want to live in a peaceful environment.

Royal Palms

Single-detached houses

If you want to have quality and spacious living, single detached houses are best for you. It’s advisable for growing and large families. The bigger space there is in your home, the more you’ll enjoy quality time with the family at home. Plus, it gives a breathable space for you and your family.


Here in PrimaryHomes’ Royal Palms Tres, you’ll see modern Mediterranean-inspired houses that brings elegance to your home. With its Spanish-tiled canopy and a lot, it provides space for the family to enjoy. It’s also strategically located at Panglao Island. A good settlement for those who want to feel the ocean breeze. It’s a haven for tranquil living.


House and lot

Want to have a house built with your own design? You should buy a lot. It’s more convenient for you since you start from scratch. However, if you want to customize a house for a lesser expense, opt to buy a house and lot.

Here’s a reality check if you want to buy a house and lot in some megacities here in the Philippines like Cebu and Manila – this type of property is ideal for those who have greater purchasing power. If you want to live in or near the city, buying a house and lot is very costly. However, if you want to live in quiet suburban areas, it’s priced less, but still expensive.



Want to live in the heart of the city? You definitely have to buy a condo unit. It’s the trend for most millennials nowadays, especially if they’re living on their own. A condo unit has a bit of everything that every millennial or single adult would want to have – a well-maintained pool, hotel-like features of the condominium, luxurious living, and more. If you enjoy the country’s city life, then a condo unit is best for you. But, just like house and lots, condominium units are also very costly.

PrimaryHomes’ The Penthouse at Woodcrest Residences and Brentwood are two of the unique condominiums in Cebu that you definitely want to live in. The Penthouse at Woodcrest Residences in Guadalupe offers luxurious living with great amenities that you would definitely need. It’s as if you’re living in a house rather than in a condominium. At Brentwood, it offers a unique condominium-living that’s subdivided into clusters. It’s a one-of-a-kind garden walk-up located at Mactan.


Get to know what type of property would you like to invest and live here in the Philippines. You can ask advice from professional architects or trusted real estate agents. Moreover, if there’s a need for you to look for a reliable partner in the real estate industry, always choose PrimaryHomes, Inc. For over 30 years, we’ve delivered quality and durable housing projects to our clients. Until now, we continue our mission to provide a safe and comfortable living for the Filipinos and foreigners, alike.


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