Do you want to settle down permanently? The best thing that you should do first is to plan ahead. Here are important things to consider when planning:


  1. Determine your budget
  2. Know what type of house you want to have
  3. Know the type of community do you want to live in
  4. Identify where you want to live


If you’ve made a plan already, good for you! However, if you still can’t decide the place where you want to live, we might have a good tip for you.

If you’re a resident here in the Philippines, or if you’re a tourist, and you want to settle here in the Philippines, Cebu is the best place where you should consider living. Here are four reasons why:


Prime Location


Apart from Manila, Cebu is one of the best places to live in the Philippines. It has the top hospitals with high-end facilities, large shopping malls, extravagant beach resorts, and more. If you want to have facial treatments or buy high-end clothes or designer bags, Cebu’s got it for you.

Basing on the location alone, Cebu is also a good center for domestic and international flights. Since it’s located at the center of the country, flights to provinces in Luzon and in Mindanao is accessible. Also, since Cebu now has a bigger and better international airport, it’s now accommodating a lot of international flights already as far as Dubai, China, and Los Angeles in the US.


Avenue for Different Lifestyle

Cebu is an avenue for different lifestyles. If you love the nightlife, we’ve got the best clubs and party grounds here. If you’re into high-fashion, we’ve got shopping centers that provide the best outfits for you. If you want to relax and enjoy good food with your loved ones, we’ve got a lot of good restaurants here. Cebu is an all-in-one destination. It has something to offer to the various social status in life.

Perfect Place for Relaxation

Need a place where you can relax and chill out? Cebu’s got what you’re looking for! If you’re in for beaching, you can unwind here at our famous beach resorts. If you want to keep yourself fit as a way for relaxation, Cebu has different sports gyms that cater to various sports such as tennis, golf, badminton, mountain climbing, and more.


Preferred Travel Destination

Lastly, Cebu is also a perfect travel destination for locals and tourists alike. You can take a swim here at the pristine beaches, explore the different islands in Cebu, mountain hiking at the top peaks in Cebu, trekking at the untouched waterfalls, enjoying the different water and land sports at different adventure camps, and a whole lot more. You can have a wondrous travel getaway with what Cebu has to offer.

With the wonders that Cebu provides for everyone, there’s nothing like home here in Cebu. That is why Cebu is the best place for you to settle in with the family.

If you’re a resident here in Cebu, why do you think it’s good to live here? Or, what do you think are the perks of living here in Cebu? Tell us your thoughts here in the comment section. Your insights will be of good help to those who are still undecided to live here in Cebu.


Helpful Tip – Look for a Reliable Developer

Whenever you’re looking for the right real estate developer in Cebu to provide you with quality homes, always remember to choose a company that you can rely on and has proven track record of providing durable homes for people. The best choice is PrimaryHomes, Inc., your reliable partner in the real estate industry.

We’ve got various housing projects and condominiums in Cebu that fit diverse lifestyles. We are also expanding our horizons in Bohol and Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental. Among our fresh projects include the Eagle’s Nest located at Canduman, Mandaue City and Royal Palms Tres in Dauis, Bohol.


For queries and more details about our projects, come and talk to our representatives at PrimaryHomes, Inc. Visit us here at our main office at PHI Bldng., No 311, V. Rama Avenue, Cebu City or give us a call at 254-7188.