Brick by Brick

Even the most elaborate homes are created by lifting a single block, the same way respectable real estate forces once had their humble beginnings.PrimaryHomes, Incorporated (PHI) had its own in June 1, 1992, in what was then known as Commonwealth Estate, Inc. (CEI)It started as a joint effort between Primary Structures Corporation (PSC), a strong figure in the real estate industry, and MATIMCO, a leader in lumber and wood products. The two shared the belief that high quality and affordable homes could be a possibility for Cebuanos, and with this, they began their work of providing low to middle-cost housing units. It was in 1996 that the Primary Structure Group assumed full ownership of Primary Homes, while MATIMCO opted to focus on its core businesses.


Through its subsidiary company, PSC provided PrimaryHomes, Incorporated a source for its ready-mix concrete. Concrete Solutions, Inc., an ISO-certified company, creates professionally finished and shiny floorings and walls that stand the test of time. With this partnership, and the support of PSC as one of the pioneers in Cebu’s construction industry, Primary Homes was able to begin the construction of manyfinancially accessible and high quality homes for Cebuanos.


Since then, Primary Homes has expanded and solidified its name in the industry, riding local and global trends and making one strategic move after the other. Through time, it has been able to adapt to its market and provide unique and affordable residential projects that are a perfect fit for its clients.


The Heart Behind Each Home

It’s impossible to build a home without heart. Providing houses isn’t a completely mechanical process of laying one brick over the other; Primary Homes has always been guided by sound values that allow them to create housing opportunities for Cebuanos. Their mission is not just to build physical structures, but instead cultivate well-planned and responsibly-managed communities. Primary Homes are guided by the values of commitment, quality orientation, teamwork, and innovativeness. With this mindset, Primary Homes also works closely with different organizations to ensure the integration of advanced housing technology, innovative financing, and creative marketing, and crafting spaces, resulting in projects that clientele would be proud to call their homes.


These values trickle down to all aspects of the company, allowing Primary Homes to go above and beyond in ensuring total customer satisfaction, and staying on top of the real estate game. These goals and values have been essential in helping them adapt and outlast the competition, even in times of crisis and skepticism from the market. Despite all the challenges, they have come out on top.


Rising Up

Under the Primary Structures Group in 1996, Primary Homes established subsidiaries that catered to their different fortes: East Apex Properties, Inc. (EAPI)focused on high rise and high-end housing units, Common Bacayan Development Corporation (CBDC)took the lead in subdivisions, and Commonwealth Estate, Inc. (CEI)became the group’s marketing arm. This allowed Primary Homesto expand their expertise from subdivisions to a much wider portfolio that covered both vertical and horizontal housing developments. This allowed the company to streamline all its efforts, and create projects that complemented one another.


Something that never lost touch through the years is Primary Homes’ commitment to its mission, and its flexibility when it comes to providing just what the market needs. In 1998, East Aurora Tower was completed despite a regional economic crisis that had stalled or cancelled other developers. Despite forecasts of a flat real estate market two years later, CEI launched a one-hectare project in Southern Cebu in the year 2000. And in 2009, Woodcrest Residences was completed ahead of schedule, despite challenges brought by the Global Financial Crisis. Time and time again, Primary Homes has risen above setbacks, and proved its reliability as a real estate partner.


Primary Homes’ commitment to providing high quality residences, and its understanding of the market has allowed its progress to go beyond just one target segment. The launch of the more affordable Golden Bloom Acres in 1999 showed CEI’s versatility in terms of providing middle and high-end housing communities. In 2002, the Villa del Rio development extended to Mactan, fulfilling the needs of its middle-end market. And in 2007, CEI offered the high-end market a taste of upscale West Coast living with 188 Sunflower Drive, with a prime location and world-class security features.Primary Homes doesn’t just provide housing to one kind of Cebuano, but cuts across all segments, making dream homes a reality for different financial brackets.


Paying attention to local and global movements was also essential in plotting out the next developments. Primary Homes was quick on their feet when it came to recognizing and predicting the qualities of its future homeowners, and these influenced their next moves. In 2004, seeing the rising potential in the BPO industry, the continued in-migration to Cebu, and the inflow of OFW remittances, CEI added the Brookfield Subdivision in Mactan—a 69,000 square meter community with nearly 400 units for its market. Meanwhile, 2006 saw the beginnings of a CEI-built communitywith Collinwood, a 500-unit subdivision strategically located near an airport, hospital, beaches, and other establishments. In 2008, Woodcrest Residences was developed to address Cebu’s emerging fast-paced lifestyle and increase demand for urban dwelling; this development sold 20% of units before construction began.


A business-oriented outlook and the perseverance to deliver rewarded Primary Homes with a lot of big milestones. From constructing the first walk-up condominium in the region in 2003, to opening the gates to the first exclusive gated community at The Royal Palms Panglao in Bohol in 2012, Primary Homes continues to expand not just its own horizons, and that of the people around them.


Beyond the Gates

The dream of owning a house and lot is a common one—and to those who struggle to attain this, Primary Homes plays a part in contributing to that dream. Through CEI and CBDC, Primary Homes launched La Montaña Homes in 2007, a socialized housing project in Pit-os Talamban. This was established with the goal of providing every blue-collared Cebuano a chance to own a quality abode. Within the next year, Garden Bloom Villas was opened in Liloan, Cebu—a 4-hectare development under the company’s CSR program that offers the mid-market affordable options in a community with the right amenities.

Providing sturdy and reliable homes to all kinds of Cebuanos has always been Primary Homes’ vision from the beginning, and it’s one that they aspire to achieve in more ways than one.


Building Forward

These days, Primary Homes is a name you recognize in front of large residential areas, and even on newspapers and magazines. In 2016 alone, Primary Homes was one of the biggest winners in the Philippines Property Awards, collecting 4 wins in Best Housing Development (Cebu), Highly Commended for Best Condominium Development, and Highly Commended for Best Housing Development Resort. This goes to show that good work doesn’t go without good recognition.


With over 25 years of service, Primary Homes is still looking to create bigger, better, and more affordable homes for its patrons. In a statement by Ramero Espina, PHI Vice President for Sales and Marketing, the demand for affordable housing in Cebu remains strong. As the country’s fifth highest-earning city government, Cebu surely offers a high potential market that Primary Homes will continue to grow.


There may be no telling as to what the future will look like, but as Your Reliable Partner, Primary Homes is only looking forward with more projects and developments in store—and more lives to change.