Mabolo Garden Flats

Mabolo Garden Flats echoes its two most distinguishable features: ecological and economical. Staying true to its name, this residential condominium is equipped with ecogardens that are truly unique in Cebu. It also houses the most number of health and wellness amenities that fit those who live an active lifestyle. This vertical community is towering 28 floor structure that holds 428 modularly designed studio units. Its residents will be able to delight in the calming environment if Tres Borces tucked away from the bustling city noise yet still quite accessible to Cebu City’s major establishments.



Astele is a sanctuary where the therapeutic breeze of the nearby ocean calms your being.
A modern community nestled in the vibrant island of Mactan, Astele is surrounded with
beautiful world-class beach resorts – a vacation is never too far away.
A master-planned community that is comprised of well-designed amenities that enhance
the quality of living in this exclusive gated subdivision. A lifestyle that possesses tasteful

Asian contemporary minimalism is reflected in the clean façade that maximizes the use
of natural elements.

888 Acacia Drive

888 Acacia Drive

888 Acacia Drive



Solare is a haven situated in the vibrant island of Mactan, surrounded by world-class beach resorts while still being close within the comforts of the city. The residences epitomize a splendor of style in its Contemporary Mediterranean Architecture to capture the taste of modern family. Live in a secured and gated community with amenities that promote the celebration of life’s special moments. Because in Solare your family truly matters.



Brookridge is the new urban community with an elegant architecture inspired by the iconic American Victorian design. An idyllic pocket-sized neighborhood with complete modern amenities is perfect for the modern starting family. Set in the highly accessible nook along Happy Valley Road in Cebu City, living in the city is now within reach. Now you can own a house and lot in the city without compromising on life’s grand luxuries and a quality home. Green open spaces, picturesque community, and complete luxuries enhance the quality of life at Brookridge.

Courtyards at Banawa

Challenging enclosed dwelling spaces of high-rise buildings, the Courtyards at Banawa is the response to urban living redefined. Each condominium unit in these three-level walk-up clusters has overlooking views of the garden courtyards.

The Courtyards is not just a name, but way of life. Breathing in all the goodness & lush greenery, the gardens of the Courtyards evoke a well being that only nature can provide. Sit down, relax, & take a breather from a busy life at one of the six open-air garden courtyards.

The Courtyards at Banawa is your garden walk-ups having the distinct combination of a modern lifestyle with the abundance of nature.



Woodcrest Townhouses offers its residents the features and amenities that provide the conveniences for a fast-paced lifestyle balanced by a naturally therapeutic environment. Going home would now mean taking the elevator up and opening the door to a room with a view of the city’s lights at night. Weekends could be a visit to the fitness gym at the second floor. And before heading for a night cap, one could take a quick dip in the swimming pool. This is the ultimate cosmopolitan lifestyle.

La Guardia Flats II

La Guardia Flats II is a testament to the success of the first tower. Because of the unprecedented response, management decided to come up with a sequel equipped with better features.

Still composed of 14 floors, this condominium offers over 200 studio units that are modular in design. Perfect for young professionals, it allows a wider market to own a home located in an address that will let one just easily drive around the metropolis in a short span of time. Not to mention, ideal for those who plan to enter the booming rental business.

With what La Guardia Flats II has to offer, it is definitely a worthwhile investment.

La Guardia Flats I

La Guardia Flats I is a 14-storey condominium with over 250 units. Featuring modular design to cater to different tastes, each unit can be expanded to freely allow buyers a wider space. A private balcony is also included with a view of the landscaped open inner court, the hills and the city.

Less than 10 minutes away from Asiatown I.T. Park, the development is also close proximity to famous landmarks such as schools, hotel, malls and recreational centers.

Convenient and affordable luxury, that is La Guardia Flats I.

Garden Bloom Acres

Young couples dream of starting a family and of owning a house. Garden Bloom Acres nurses their dreams into reality by offering them the dignity of affording their first home. A home that is near their child\’s school. Near the mall where they may enjoy contented afternoons as a family. Near the church so together they may express gratitude for their blessings. As young couples embark on their brave new journey, Garden Bloom Acres is the first stop.



For free spirits who nevertheless long for a deep sense of community. Just a short distance from the famous beaches of Mactan, Brookfield Subdivision attracts a certain kind of person-nature-lovers who seek the fellowship of kindred spirits, parents who want their children to be able to walk the tree-lined streets and play with their friends down the road, neighbors who share happy afternoons outdoors over barbeque and drinks. It”s all about community at Brookfield.



At Collinwood, marvel at the way life becomes simply as you want it to be: comfortable, secure and with all the necessities, conveniences and little luxuries within reach. Collinwood offers amenities that will make your community a one-stop haven for what great living can offer.


Woodberry Drive

Woodberry Drive is a charming pocket-sized subdivision of 14 well-planned and beautiful houses. Enjoy ultimate privacy and bask in the nourishing warmth of family amidst nurturing environs. This is living at its finest.

188 Sunflower Drive

188 Sunflower Drive is an everyday adventure for you to get to know your community, have great and secured time for your family, and that sought-after peace of mind and little luxuries that make everyday living truly rewarding. At 188 Sunflower Drive, life blossoms!


Acacia Place

Urban living redefined. Tucked away in a quiet corner, in the bustling heart of the metropolis, is a sanctuary where family and relationships flourish. A product of a reputable developer, Acacia Place is an oasis that is a harmony of modern village amenities and landscaped gardens.

North Singson Flats

There are those who prefer the coziness of a walk-up flat to the frenzy of a high-rise apartment. North Singson Flats grants you the accessibility, comfort, and luxury of the latter, but in the form of three-storey and studio-type units. The first of its kind in the region, these flats are designed for dwellers who want to watch the sunset from their very own balcony, who desire the homey familiarity of being able to walk straight to your front door without the aloofness of having to enter an elevator.

East Aurora Tower

Urban living at its most progressive-18 painstakingly planned floors that is the new preferred residence of the successful urbanite. East Aurora Tower ensures all the qualities of high-end condominium living are present-a prime location that is a stone\’s throw away from shopping centers, schools, and churches along with 24-hour security. Yet it does not forget that, in the end, it is still what you will call home. The elegant lobby is contrasted by the hominess of oak flooring in the bedroom and the restful view from its much-praised roof deck gazebo.

Puerto Del Sol

A gateway to the best things in life, Puerto Del Sol seamlessly unites nature\’s riches with the peace of mind of modern subdivision living. Lovingly landscaped entrances and an elegant guardhouse welcome your arrival. The 63 house and lots spread out over 10,000 square meters are as far removed from the rigors of life as you could ever hope to be. Encounter the charms of making your home also your hideaway.


Villa Del Rio – Mactan

Historic Mactan seems to possess it all-world-class beach resorts, an international airport, a well-known casino, a vibrant export zone. But until now, the island lacked a living space worthy of its multi-faceted qualities. Villa del Rio Mactan fills this gap, drawing on Mactan’s vitality then infusing its unique version of serenity. At Villa Del Rio- Mactan, the perfect getaway simply means going home.

Villa Del Rio II

Drawing on our rich Spanish heritage for its design, Villa del Rio II presents discriminating middle-class families a wide selection of houses located in a serene enclave and constructed with the highest workmanship. For families who seek affordable housing, this is nevertheless prosperous living with a comprehensive array of amenities and a progressive, lower-density subdivision layout.