As a property developer, whose business is not only to build and sell our products but also to look at what our market really needs and respond with the best offer, we have outlined here simple steps to follow to finally making that dream investment happen.


  1. Set the criteria for the desired property.


The first step is to really define what you are looking for. Make a list of your criteria. Let us break it down in two simple categories.


  • Determine your purpose of buying.


Ask these questions – why are you buying a property? If your answer is because I am starting a family, then you might as well look for a property that will fit your target number of children in the future.


Or if you are buying the property as an investment to be rented out, then you can also makecriteria of your target clients and their most common requirements when looking for a property to rent.


Is it urgent? This question is also very important because it will help you decide if you are going to buy a property that is ready for occupancy or a property that is still being developed, which are most of the time still cheaper than those that are already completed.


  • Determine the property category, desired location, budget and specification.


Who are you buying it for? Is it for your family? How many are you in the family? Is there anyone in the family with special needs? Like their own restroom in their rooms or they can’t climb stairs anymore. How many rooms? These are some considerations that you have to take note of when looking for a property to invest on.


Where do you want to build a home or invest in a property? Do you want it near your workplace? Or near your relatives? Near major business areas? These are just a few of the considerations most people look at when setting the location for their home or investments.


Are you buying a house-and-lot property or a condominium? Single detached or row house? A duplex? Most start-up families go for the house-and-lot types of properties while the empty nesters are more inclined on investing on condominiums which are mostly located near business districts.


  1. Search Properties based on criteria.


After defining what you are looking for, it’s time to scroll through the different properties available in the market. This, perhaps, is one of the most confusing part as it could give you a lot of different property lists leaving you mixed up with too many properties to check out.


A very important tip we can provide though is that you zoom in on properties done by reliable developers.As an investor or someone who is yet to do his/her first home purchases, you don’t want to just throw away your hard-earned money on properties that may never be delivered as promised.


One of the best and most reliable brands there is in the market today is Primary Homes, Inc.


We are a premier developer of subdivisions, condominiums and other residential projects in Metro Cebu. With over 20 years of experience, we have built 3,000 houses and 1,000 condominium units that have been delivered on time to our clients.


As apioneer in large-scale vertical and horizontal housing developments, we have a proven track record in the real estate industry. Primary Homes is venturing in Cebu’s provinces and the neighboring islands in the Visayas Region to expand our growth.


Primary Homes has positioned itself as a reliable partner to our stakeholders. It is a beacon to our homeowners in the journey of acquiring their first home; a support system that enhances every sales partner’s professional career; and an expert partner with our stakeholders in growing each other’s businesses.


As Primary Homes, Inc. moves forward with its new identify as “Your Reliable Partner” with our expertise, experience, and continuing effort to improve, we reassure our commitment to be the most reliable developer in the region.


Here are some of the properties we have available for you:

Condominium Projects –

Subdivision Projects –

  1. Check computation and requirements on the chosen property/project.


Once you have decided on a property, you can now move to looking at the price and the requirements needed when purchasing the property.


At PHI, we provide deals that will best suit your budget. We have in-house financing terms and Pag-ibig loans. Being a reliable developer who has been in the industry for over 20 years, we have developed partnerships with many banks who can provide loans to our customers.


Download sample computations here -Bank, Pag-ibig, In-house Financing (put links to PDF files for each).


You may also want to connect with us so that we can answer some of your specific inquiries, you may contact us at (032) 254-7188 or send us an email


Do follow us in our Facebook Page @PRIMARYHOMESofficial or check our website for more updates and information.


  1. Decide on payment schemes, like in-housing financing, Pag-ibig (HDMF)& bank.


After looking at the sample computations, look at which payment scheme will work best for you. You have to make sure that the scheme is the most sustainable for you in the long-term.


  1. Pay the reservation fee.


The last and final part of your journey towards making your dream investment or buying your dream home come true is to seal the deal by paying for the reservation fee.


Our friendly team of property consultants will be willing to assist you on this.You may contact us at (032) 254-7188 or send us an email