The Vox Anima-Cebu, a group of young men and women hailing from Mambaling Cebu, wins Cebu’s first B-Pop Acapella Challenge last Saturday, August 11th at the J Centre Mall.

Out of the five finalist, Vox Anima-Cebu wowed the audiences as well as the judges when they sung their winning piece and rendition of “Labyu Langga & Gikumot-Kumot”. Labyu Langga was originally sung by Vispop 2.0 champion, Jerika Teodorico while Gikumot-Kumot was sung by Kantin Dudg.

Vox Anima-Cebu received fifty thousand pesos worth of cash prize, a trophy and the opportunity to record a Christmas album.

Winning second place, the Sync Singer with their piece “Duyog” – an original song by Jewel & Edward Villaflores, and “Chinita” by Assembly Language, took home thirty thousand pesos and the Technical Department, who won third place with their piece “Morena Girl” by Hey Joe Show, and Kinsa Siya” by Luz Loreto; received twenty thousand pesos. A five thousand pesos consolation prize was also given to those groups who participated in the competition.

The event was able to raise around 500,000 Php. This amount will be able to help 30 scholars to study at SKILLS for free!

B-Pop 81118: The Acapella Challenge is the first ever group acapella competition in Cebu. This acapella competition is organized by the PSEFI, operating through the School of Knowledge for Industrial Labor, Leadership and Service (SKILLS) and the Primary Group of Builders (PGB) to raise funds to support the education of the PSEFI Scholars which ultimately aims to help reduce unemployment by providing training education to deserving individuals.

This competition also aims to showcase and celebrate bisaya music and culture while also being an avenue to discover new bisaya group talents and giving them the chance to shine.