Cebu is the second most populated city in the country and is the Tourism Gateway for the Central and Southern Philippines. Over the years, more property investors are acquiring real estates in Cebu. Why is that?

Here are four reasons why property investors buy real estate in Cebu:

Flourishing Economy – Cebu has an excellent economic track record and is continuously performing well. Various companies all over the world are moving to Cebu to utilize the competent workforce, making it one of the major business hubs in the country. Increasing opportunities attract a lot of workers making them potential homeowners or sublessor.

Growing Tourism Industry – Cebu has been one of the top tourist destinations in the country. With modernity and the laid-back island lifestyle rolled into one, Cebu is the perfect place for those who want the best of both worlds. A lot of tourists are visiting Cebu for the pristine beaches, famous diving spots, heritage sites, and the well-known Sinulog festival.

Accessibility – Cebu is the most accessible place in the country, with more domestic air and sea linkages than Manila. It is a preferred business and residential area because of its easy accessibility via land, air, and sea transportation. With the newly constructed Mactan Cebu International Airport’s Terminal 2, there is no stopping potential tourist/investors to come to check out the Queen City of the South.

Safety – Of course, before you invest you need to check if your investment is on a safe neighborhood. Cebu is not in the direct path of the typhoon belt that regularly visits the country nor are there volcanoes in the island. Also, Cebu has one of the best records for peace and order in the country. With that, you may now relax knowing that you picked a perfect location and go ahead with that investment!


Now that you know why Cebu’s real estate industry is booming, you might want to become a property investor yourself! You might want to check out the most reliable real estate developer in Cebu and in the region, PrimaryHomes Inc. They are known to finish high quality projects on time at a reasonable price. They have many projects in Cebu and all over the region. They also offer a variety of mid to walk-up condominiums and premier housing developments.




PrimaryHomes’ Brentwood Condo bears ‘The Courtyards’ trademark – a condo living with unconfined spaces and low-density areas. Unlike regular condominiums, Brentwood is divided into clusters, with each floor composed of 2 to 7 units.

The best thing also about Brentwood is the island city life it offers to residents. It houses resort-inspired amenities – swimming pool, clubhouse, fitness gym, mini playground, and shooting hoops.

With its prime location and the kind of living that The Courtyards offered since then, there’s no doubt that Brentwood will be worth investing.


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