Everybody seems to be buying/building a house lately which got you thinking: Is it the time to ditch renting and start looking at houses? Well before you decide, we want you to weigh both sides and remember why you decided to rent in the first place. Here are the times when it is better to rent a place rather than buy a house:

When you want to reduce expenses



You cannot deny that buying a house is more expensive than renting your own place. For one, buying a house needs a large sum of money for downpayment plus the tax you will pay for the property you own. Meanwhile if you will rent, your taxes will be paid by your landlord or will shared among other tenants which means your monthly fees won’t be as high.


When you want a place nearer to your office



Traffic is a common issue nowadays. One of the best way to beat traffic is to get a place that’s near your workplace. You will not only save the money for your commute, you will also save a lot of time. You can finally rest early or relax while binge watching your favorite tv show!


When you don’t have money or time for maintenance



Not everyone has time to call the plumber or the electrician. If you’re renting a place, all of the maintenance problems will be dealt with by your landlord. All you have to do is call him/her and report the issue. How easy, right?


When you don’t plan to stay long



Renting a place gives you the flexibility you need. You will not be bound to stay in one place for a long time. If you are someone who could be faced with sudden change such as a job relocation, renting is definitely for you!


When you don’t want to make long term commitment



Owning a house means you can’t just pack up and leave. It is a serious commitment to building a house, maintaining it and let us not get started on the whole payment scheme. If you don’t have long term goals/plans about buying a place, we advise you to stay put and continue renting.

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