Negros, the second biggest Island in Visayas. An Island with a diverse mix of cultures. Long time ago Malays and even the Chinese have already made their way to live and trade in this island. Negrosanons have a diverse understanding of different flavors because of the spice trade that has been going on long before Spaniards came in.

Because of these mixes, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Negrosanons know how to cook good food! They know how to appreciate and utilize their local ingredients well! Here are 8 places to dine and drink in Negros that you should not miss when you visit!


  1. Aboy’s Restaurant, Bacolod City 

This small eatery started serving food near a public market back in 1992. Aboy’s later on rose to fame for their outstanding service and reasonably priced food. A lot of customers attest to the quality of the seafood they serve. So good that this then small eatery earned a spot in the Miele Guide’s Asia’s Top 500 finest restaurant! to Don’t miss out on their scallops, grilled fish, and of course their classic Filipino/Bacolodnon dishes!


2. Manokan Country, Bacolod City

Inasal is synonymous to Bacolod. If you have not had the real inasal then you have not been to Bacolod. Back in the 1980’s, you could find inasal in almost every nook and cranny of the city.  It was then that the local government decided to gather all of them in one place to give all of those who sell inasal a fair share of the business. There’s a lot of authentic family inasal recipes to choose from!


3.  Sharyn’s Cansi House, Bacolod City

Located at Narra Avenue in Barangay Villamonte, Bacolod City, this restaurant has been open since 1985. Owner Delia Yanguer named this restaurant after her youngest child Sharyn. This eatery is serving what locals call Cansi or Beef Soup. What makes it special? They use a local ingredient called batuan which gives it it’s distinct sour flavor. It’s so desirable that this humble Cansi took the 32nd spot in the Top 50 World Street Food Masters List! Beef Soup Heaven at Sharyn’s! Don’t miss it!


4. Tio Apin’s, San Carlos City

Primarily a grill house. Tio Apin’s started grilling meats back in 2010. Armed with their own family recipe of amazing marinades and barbecue sauces, they were able to catch the people’s attention. They do have ample seating capacity, but still, be sure to visit them at least 30 mins to 1 hour before lunch or dinner or you will surely wait to be seated! Order their crispy roasted pork belly and chicken! Highly recommended!


5. Bulinaw Beach Resort, Municipality of Manjuyod

This gem of a boutique resort started its operations in 2017. Since then they have attracted a lot of customers for their amazing facilities and of course food! They serve a mix of Filipino and international dishes largely using what’s available locally. Make sure to order their Bulinaw Puttanesca Pasta! Their own rendition of a classic italian dish but instead of using anchovies, they use dried bulinaw fish. Also make reservations for overnight stays!


6. Tempura, kikiam, and balut, Rizal Boulevard Dumaguete City

Down in the South of Negros, lies Dumaguete City. Home to Silliman University, one of the oldest American founded university in Asia. And in Rizal Boulevard there’s a spot for street food with a view. Sure tempura, kikiam, and balut can also be found in other places. But here in Dumaguete, it becomes special because of the amazing sauce mixtures created by the street food vendors. It becomes more special because of the amazing sea view you get just by simply sitting and eating! Here’s a tip, the street food vendors start setting up their carts at around 3-4 pm. Come during that time so you can enjoy a nice sunset in Rizal Boulevard!


7. Sans Rival, Dumaguete City

While they say that Dumaguete is the city of gentle people, Sans rival is what makes Dumagueteneos sweet! This heavenly institution first opened its doors back in the 1970’s.  Founded by Trinidad Teves Sagarbarria, she and the family had that dream to create something new that Dumaguete could be proud of. Their family heirloom recipe for Sans Rival and Silvanas have made them uber famous! Tourists from all over the world visit them just to get a taste of these sweets. They are so popular that there is always a long line of people who line-up at their take out counter wanting to bring these sweet treats as pasalubong to their families! Our tip? Always order maybe a day or two ahead if you plan to bring home any of their pastries.


8. Lakawon Island / Tawhai Floating Bar and Restaurant, Cadiz City

Called Llacaon by the locals. This white sand laden heaven is located off the coast of Cadiz City north of Bacolod. This place is home to the biggest floating bar in Asia called TawHai which translates to tranquility, peacefulness, and anything that has to do with those words. Drink a cocktail or beer and watch the sun fade away into the night. For more serious eats, there’s Sunset Bar by the beach. They offer the freshest shrimps, crabs, and other seafood! You can also get their own version of inasal items as well. Our tip? Make sure you call or book ahead because in the summer, Lakawon is almost always fully packed with tourists!


And that about sums it all up! We hope you get the chance to visit all these places. The Island of Negros has a lot to offer. To the untrained eye, the food in Negros may look simple. But to the adventurous palate, one will be amazed at what Negrosanons can do with the resources that are given to them. Visit Negros and be amazed!


This article is by Richwood Homes Negros by PrimaryHomes