P-Plus Rewards: Getting the most out of your P-Plus Lifestyle Card

by PrimaryHomes

May 05, 2021

It’s more than just a rewards card! It’s a lifestyle!

You’ve heard of rewards cards, loyalty cards, and advantage cards, but what sets apart the P-Plus Lifestyle Card from the rest? There’s more to gain by using the P-Plus Lifestyle Card and we’ll tell you how to get the most out of it!

We all know how these cards work. Depending on the place you get them from, they can have expensive initial membership or sign-up fees and aren’t as rewarding as they make them out to be. For some of these reward cards, gaining points isn’t easy either because you only have one way to earn them and it takes quite a while to accumulate points.

That’s what makes the P-Plus Lifestyle Card a cut above the rest because it has a reward system that makes spending more a lot more rewarding.


So what can you get from having your own P-Plus Lifestyle Card?

  • Low Initial Fee

For as low as [299] you become an instant member and can avail of the rewards, rebates, and services that our partner merchants offer. Sign up is easy, quick and accessible through the P-Plus website and app.

  •  Rebates

For every [100] peso, you get 1.2 points when you purchase any products or avail of the services from our P-Plus partner merchants. These points can be used as cash for any future transactions with them too!

  • Discounts and Freebies

With the P-Plus card, you get exclusive deals and discounts when you show our partner merchants your card. When you become a premium member, you automatically get Accidental Medical Reimbursement worth P10,000 which is the first of its kind for any reward or loyalty card.

  • Referrals

P-Plus is the only lifestyle card that earns you points when you get more people to sign up. The Bayanihan Program offers you a Loyalty Bonus every time a friend signs up using your P-Plus referral link. Once your friend avails of products and services from partner merchants, you also earn additional points.


How do you make the most out of your P-Plus Lifestyle Card?

So if you already have your P-Plus Lifestyle Card, how exactly do you get the bang for your buck? Just Remember P-PLUS and you’ll be earning points as easy as 1,2,3:


Ask yourself first whether the conditions of availing for this lifestyle card work for you. Check out the partner merchants and see what products and services you can avail from them so that every time you visit these establishments you get what you want and get rewarded for it just by using your P-Plus card.

TIP: Make sure that you know what your partner establishments are offering first and if what they offer suits your lifestyle. This will make purchases or services something you don’t have to go out of your way to buy or use, which then would let you accumulate points naturally!

2. Purchase

The more you spend, the more you earn. Each personal transaction rewards you 1.2 points for every Php 100 spent.

TIP: A lost chance means lost points, so always keep your P-Plus Card in your wallet where you can see it so that you won’t forget to use it when you’re availing of products and services from our partner merchants.

3. Limit

Though accumulating as many points as you can in a short span of time is tempting, it’s better when you let your points accumulate gradually instead of forcing yourself to buy something you don’t need. With P-Plus, you don’t have to worry about accumulating points as fast as you can since you can avail of discounts and freebies just by showing your card to our partner establishments.

TIP: Stop constantly counting points every time you purchase something. Rewards are meant to be there as an incentive and not as something you should force yourself to get. Let your points gain gradually and you’ll be surprised!

4. Use

When you’ve accumulated enough points, make sure to remember to use them! That way you get rebates and amazing deals with P-Plus. Unlike other loyalty or rewards cards, when your P-Plus card expires the points are kept in the card until you re-apply for your membership. So you can still use your points as long as you are a member.

TIP: Did you check the list of rewards and rebates? Before getting the card, see if these are useful for you otherwise you will not be feeling rewarded after you’ve used your card.

5. Share

With P-Plus, sharing is the best thing for you and a friend! The more you share the chance to avail of P-Plus and its benefits, the more rewards come back to you. You get Loyalty Points when a friend signs up and uses the card. When that friend also refers to another person to get P-plus, you also get the chance to gain more points too! So share, share, share and you’ll get more back!

TIP: If you’ve already shared the benefits of the card to your friends, don’t seem pushy if they won’t get it! Just show them how you use your card and they’ll eventually realize that having a P-Plus Lifestyle Card is the best choice they can make.

If you follow all our steps and tips above, you’ll surely realize that the P-Plus Lifestyle Card not only supplements your lifestyle but caters to all your lifestyle needs! With the Bayanihan Program, rebates, discounts and freebies that the P-Plus Lifestyle Card has to offer, you’ll be spending your money smartly while gaining more rewards from it. Now that’s what you call having a holistic lifestyle born out of being financially savvy! Sign up is quick and easy. All you have to do is click on this link: https://pplus.ph/.


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