Trust and Teamwork

Since buying a home is one of the most important life decisions one can make, it is crucial to choose a reliable developer. PrimaryHomes is constantly investing in talent and technology to develop more quality homes that adapt to the changing needs of the market and to always provide properties that are considered worthwhile investments. Our track record and network of integrated shelter solutions guarantee you a safe home built with skill and integrity

Stephen Charles U. Liu


PrimaryHomes, Inc.


We have the support of companies with core competencies in real estate, construction, engineering, architecture and manufacturing. This ensures unmatched quality in every development we do. From planning to execution, and for the long-term, PrimaryHomes works to give our homeowners and partners a sense of assurance and pride.

Ramero F. Espina

Vice President for Sales and Marketing

PrimaryHomes, Inc


Working Together

PrimaryHomes assures its buyers quality and integrity, owing to the support of Primary Group of Companies. The Group offers integrated shelter solutions through companies. The Group offers integrated shelter solutionsthrough companies that have become a preferred choice in their respective fields of specialty

Primary Structures Corporation (PSC) - A pioneer in the Cebu construction industry, the general contractor is an “AAA” category construction company. PSC Builds a range of projects, demonstrating its expertise in several facets of the construction business.

Primary Properties Corporation (PPC) - PrimaryHomes developments are maintained by PPC, an ISO-certified company whose expertise in Property Management is developed through its experience in the several commercial and industrial buildings it owns and the leasing of quality offices and industrial spaces.

Concrete Solutions Incorporated (CSI) - As an ISO certified company, CSI is the ready-mix concrete provider of PrimaryHomes. It assures only the highest quality of its products such as professionallly finished floorings and walls that last for decades. CSI is also the manufacturer of architectural and structural prefabricated concrete products.

A Lasting Partnership

Treat Us Like Family

With an outstanding track record and over 30 years in the business, the drive to do better has never been stronger. See what PrimaryHomes can do for you today, and discover for yourself why we have come to be known as a reliable partner.

PrimaryHomes treats us like family, and I feel that my efforts are appreciated.

Anthony Leuterio


PrimaryHomes takes good care of its employees in addition to helping the outside community. I’ve been with the company since 1997 and the experience has been wonderful so far.

Jenita T. Sales

Sales Operations Head, PrimaryHomes, Inc.

We are at peace knowing that when we are away, our kids are enjoying a quality home in a safe and secured community. We have no regrets in buying from PrimaryHomes. Choosing PrimaryHomes is the best decision I've made for my family.

Chuck & Nimrod Rebayla


Reaching Out

Sharing blessings with the wider community is also important to PrimaryHomes. As a service to the natural environment, the company plants trees in all of its completed developments. Public classrooms have also been built and donated by PrimaryHomes. PrimaryHomes donated land to a fishing community in on of its seaside projects.

Our Milestones