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What are the types of properties available ?

PrimaryHomes offers house and lot & condominium projects.

Who can own a PrimaryHomes property?

Filipinos and Non-Filipinos can both own a PrimaryHomes property. 


Non-Filipinos may choose these options:

*Leasehold Contract

*Freehold Contract

*Rental Properties

How to start the homebuying or home investment journery?

To start your homebuying or home investment journey, simply:

Step 1: Choose a house or condo unit.

Browse this website or our official Facebook page to choose your desire unit or simply talk to your trusted real estate agent and explore what's perfect for you!


Step 2: Send A Message

We'll help you out with all the details you need to know about the project, including the computation sheet and payment process.


Step 3: Pay Online and Send Us Your Payment Slip

Save time and energy by paying online. Pay through Paymaya, or BPI and Metrobank fund transfer. Send your payment slip to your agent.


Step 4: Fill Out Forms and Provide Necessary Documents

Fill out the Customer Information Sheet and send it together with the following requirements:

*Valid ID

*Reservation Application

*Confirmed Computation Sheet

*Other documents to follow


Step 5: PrimaryHomes officers and sales partners will continually get in touch with you for updates of your dream home and investment.

What are the requirements to reserve a unit?

To reserve a unit, Filipino and Non-Filipino buyers only need the following:

*Valid ID
*Reservation application with signed computation
*Reservation Fee

Additional Documents will only be needed during the finalization of the contracts.

What are the financing options available?

PrimaryHomes offers flexible financing. We offer extended downpayment terms for our newly-announced projects.

You can also choose from any of our financing options:

In-House: In-house fiinancing scheme with loan terms five to 10 years.

Bank: We have bank partners who can let you loan up to 15 years.

PAG-IBIG: You can acquire a home through Pag-ibig where funding can stretch up to 30 years.
Leasehold Option for Foreigners: Up to 25 years and renewable for another 25 years.

Contracts and Payments

What to expect after unit reservation?

After unit reservation, your assigned Account Officer will contact you for the Sales Contract Documentation. A copy of the reservation payment receipt, final computation with your due date, and a map of your chosen unit will be provided to you.

The following will be needed at this stage:

*Additional valid ID
*Tax Identification Number and/or Accomplished 1904 BIR Form
*Proof of Billing Address
*Post-dated checks
*Signed Contracts

What are the contracts to be executed ?

The expected contracts are Contract to Sell and Deed of Restirictions for Subdivison.

What should I take note about my monthly payments?

Your due date will be stated in your final computatiton sheet. We encourage you to pay your monthly due on-time to avoid penalties. Rates for late payment charges will be indicated in your computation sheet and billings.

How do I pay for my monthly payments?

You can pay your monthly payments using BDO Bills Payment, BPI and Metrobank fund transfer and, link reference payment. You may follow the instructions below for a step-by-step guide.


Pay through BDO Bills Payment:

Step 1: Log in to your BDO online banking account at

Step 2: Go to Pay Bills and Reload > Bills Payment > Pay Bills

Step 3: Tick the small box- ‘Pay a company/ biller that is not yet enrolled’

Step 4: Choose a biller from a dropdown menu Note: Some projects of PrimaryHomes are under a different biller name, so it’s best to ask your Account Oficer for clarifications.

It can either be:




Step 5: You will also need your subscriber number and name. Contact your Account Officer for the correct subscriber details and biller name.

Step 6: Fill out all fields and click SUBMIT.



Pay through Paymaya App:

Step 1: Open the Paymaya App

Step 2: Click ‘Bills’

Step 3: Search and click ‘PrimaryHomes Incorporated’

Step 4: Fill up the five blank fields

*Account Number (Refers to your unit number)



*Contact Number

*Payment Type

Step 5: Click ‘continue’

Step 6: Once done, you will receive a confirmation from Paymaya that the payment is successful.

Step 7: Transaction Successful



Pay through Link Reference Payment:

Step 1: Contact your Account Officer for the payment link. Note that the link will expire in 24 hrs.

Step2: You can contact your Account Officer through these mobile numbers:

*Cebu Accounts - 09176312556 or 09176326814

*Bohol Accounts - 09176261530

*Negros Accounts - 09173149549

Step 3. Click the link. Fill out the necessary information to pay:



*Subscriber Number


*Amount to Pay

*Debit/Credit Card Information

Step 4: System will give short notice that payment is confirmed & successful.

Step 5: Transaction completed!

Unit Move-in

When can I move in?

Once the project is ready, you can move in right after your equity is fully paid. Upon purchase, you will be informed of the unit delivery schedule and you will be made aware of relevant updates.

Your Account Officer will guide you for the turn-over process, including the schedule and move-in requirements.

What do I need to prepare after turnover?

A highly-competent property management team will make sure that the homeowners won't have to worry about the maintenance and security requirements of the community. This arrangement will help maintain the value of your investment as well.

Once you have your unit, a certain amount will be collected from you for the utilities and maintenance of the whole project.

What to do if I wish to renovate my unit?

Should you wish to have renovation works for your unit, you will just have to apply a construction permit with PrimaryHomes. Just coordinate with your assigned Account Officer for the requirements and approval.

FAQ for Rental


What is the minimum rent term?

3 Months

Are there advance payments?

Yes. Rent terms of 3-6 months: 1 month Security Deposit, 1 month Advance Rent. Rent Terms of 7-12 months: 2 months Security Deposit, 2 months Advance Rent.

Is pre-termination allowed?

Yes, but Rent Deposit and Security Deposit will be forfeited, and balance monthly rent must be paid in full.

Are utilities included in the monthly rent?

No, all rooms/units have separate meters for water and electricity that will be monitored on a monthly basis. You will be separately billed for this.

Is parking included in the rent?

Some unit has inclusive parking, please refer to per unit inlcusions. Parking for rent also available.

Can I use the amenities in the building?

Yes, but the use of Function Room has corresponding Fee.

Can I smoke in the room/unit?

No. But, there are smoking areas designated within the building.

Can I bring in pets/live animals in the room/unit?


Can I sub-lease my bed/room?

No. Sub-leasing Through any On-line Booking site is also not allowed

Are minors allowed to stay in / occupy the unit alone?

No. Minors must be accompanied by an adult-lessee or authorized adult-guardian at all times


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