How to pay PHI bills using Paymaya


How to Pay PHI Bills Using PayMaya

1. Open the PayMaya app

2. Click ‘Bills’

3. Search and click  ‘PrimaryHomes Incorporated’

4. Fill up the five blank fields:

                *Account Number: (Refers to your unit number)



                *Contact Number:

                *Payment Type:


Note: If you forgot your Account Number, you can always keep in touch with your Account Officer with these mobile numbers:

                Cebu Accounts – 09176312556 or 09176326814

                Bohol Accounts– 09176261530

                Negros Accounts – 09173149549


5. Click 'continue'.

6. Once done, you will receive a confirmation from PayMaya that payment is successful.

7. Transaction completed!




Payment transactions are made easier with the PayMaya app. Follow these easy steps to pay your bills at the comfort of your home.


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