What Does a Property Manager Do?

Property managers, along with their reliable team of utility, security, and engineering staff, have always been there ready to be of service to homeowners; but what exactly do they do? Here’s a list of things that would make you appreciate your trusty property manager more. Read on!

Cater to Requests for Inspection

Your reliable partner, Primary Homes, is dedicated to fulfilling its promise of building high quality and well-constructed homes for you and your family. To prove that, a property manager is there to conduct inspections on your property before you officially move in. This is to make sure that potential problems regarding the general structure will be prevented.

Maintain Ready-for-Occupancy Units

Who would want to move into a property that’s not in pristine condition, right? Property managers make sure that Ready-for-Occupancy units wouldn’t be vandalized. They also conduct routine maintenance of the properties. So, even though you move in long after the unit was constructed, rest assured that it’s well taken care of by the property management team.

Manage Subdivisions

Every homeowner makes sure that their homes are well-maintained, but what about the subdivision’s common areas? This is where property managers come in. They are in charge of overseeing the upkeep of common spaces like roads, amenity areas, and lobbies and other structures that affect the entire community. They also manage the subdivision’s in-house personnel like the security guards and utility staff and procure outsourced service providers for things like plumbing, carpentry, and such.

Homeowners Association (HOA) Turnover

For every community, may it be subdivisions or condominiums; a Homeowners Association (HOA) is established with the help of the property management team. Led by elected homeowners, HOAs are there to make and enforce rules and bylaws to preserve and enhance the property value of the community. They also initiate improvements and oversee the maintenance of the property; much like what property managers do.

Manage Water Consumption

Homeowners are responsible for their water usage, but the community as a whole also needs water for upkeep. Property managers make sure that the subdivision or condominium they oversee apply water-saving practices and are not bombarded with issues of leaks and drips. Hence, the property management team conducts regular preventive maintenance on plumbing and water systems.

Provides Billing

Property managers are also in charge of collecting dues that are intended to fund repairs and improvements in the community. They also do utility billing and invoice processing for the homeowners, so expect monthly “love letters” from them!

Manage Subdivision Dues

Homeowners are required to pay monthly fees that go to the community’s fund, which will then be used for minor and major repairs of common areas. So, who manages and oversees the proper use of this fund? The property manager, of course! They also provide the HOA documentation and reports for transparency of transactions.

Accommodate Domestic Concerns

There’s always the possibility of problems and emergencies arising within the community. Good thing there’s the property manager to the rescue! As appointed community managers, part of their job is to handle complaints (e.g. noise complaints), maintenance requests (e.g. plumbing and electrical repairs, extermination, garbage collection), and emergencies

What do you say? Life’s better with them around, right?


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