7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Negros Real Estate

by PrimaryHomes

May 05, 2021

Negros Island is the fourth largest island of the Philippines. Comprised with the Sugar bowl of the Philippines, Negros Occidental and the long time major electricity supplier, Negros Oriental.

Heavily influenced by Spanish colonization, Negros has grown its population in recent years along with its escalating economic stability that has reached a new heights. Being a fertile land as it is, agriculture has played the biggest role in uprising the economy for the locals. Negros is not just rich in natural resources, as now manpower and technology has come hand in hand to raise its booming economy. Apart from its rich soil, Negros also leans on the tourism industry with its beaches spread all around the island surrounded by the ocean’s clear waters that attracts foreign visitors and Filipinos alike. 

So other than that, here are 7 reasons as to why its good to invest in real estate here in Negros!

Great Place to Live


August of 2018, Dumaguete was named Best Place to Retire in the Philippines by the Philippine Retirement Agency. It was named that for a lot of good reasons! Dumaguete is a pretty small and laid back town. A short travel away from the city center and you will find yourself surrounded by trees. It’s as if you are already in the mountains. The City of Dumaguete has a balance of urban living, and province living. A short distance away from prime real estate properties and you will find a lot of nearby restaurants, malls, schools, and even places to work. Work and life balance in this city is surely achievable



In a 2017 report by the Public Employment Assistance Service Office, they have conducted several job fairs in the Island of Negros. Of those that have applied for jobs both local and overseas, they have had a success hire of no less than 400,000 people. The region itself in 2018 has had a spur of new business openings! A lot of job opportunities from newly opened restaurants, call centers, resorts, hotels, and culinary schools! The call center or BPO industry being the biggest job opportunity provider for Negros hiring more than 30,000 people in both small and big BPO companies! The region has definitely has flourished into a powerhouse of job opportunities

Good education


The Island of Negros houses a lot of good universities and colleges. In the north you have University of St. La Salle, UNO-R, La Consolacion College, Colegio San Agustin. In the south you have Silliman University being one of the top schools in town. Parents from the whole Island of Negros and even from Cebu and nearby Bohol send their kids to Negros for the sole purpose of getting good quality education. Students here are assured with a good environment as the province supports a lot of activities wherein different students from different schools get to participate in. A lot of sport competition that aims to enhance sport education are being organized and held here too!



Other than being home to a good number of schools to study, Negros is also home and also gateway to loads of tourism destinations!  It doesn’t come as a surprise as to why a lot of people want to invest here for that one reason alone. Since the Island of Negros is shaped like a sock, its definitely surrounded by wonderful beaches. You have Lakawon Island in Cadiz, several different beaches in Sipalay. Apo Island in the south with beaches in Dauin which is south of Dumaguete. Loads of mountain resorts like Campuestuhan in Bacolod, several different more in Don Salvador Benedicto and Canlaon. Lake Balinsasayao in San Jose Negros Oriental, Forrest Camp in Valencia, and Lake Balanan in Siaton. The Island of Negros will never run you out of destinations!!

Low cost of living 


Since Negros can practically produce whatever you need to live, it doesn’t come as a surprise that you can survive or live a frugal live in the Island. You can even build your own house with raw materials you can find nearby! Negros has a good backing in its agriculture that farmers and land owners are able to sell their products in really reasonable prices. Transportation of goods are not a problem as well because we have a pretty reliable bus company called Ceres which can basically carry anything except a car.

Easy to own businesses


The Island of Negros is still growing as of the moment. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that a lot of people invest in real estate here because people can easily setup businesses. A lot of foreign companies have invested in offices here in Negros because they know that the manpower here in the island is competitive. A flock of hotels and restaurants have also chosen to branch out here just because the market and the demand is growing. If you invest in real estate, you don’t only invest in it. You also invest in an island that is full of business opportunities.

The culture 


Negrosanons are know for their utmost hospitality, probably more than any other island here in our archipelago. The people have that unwavering warmth that you will instantly feel the moment you walk any street in the Island. People will smile and oftentimes greet you first in their dialects. People from the north have that “malambing” hiligaynon dialect that even if they are angry, they sound sweet. People from the south also have that “malambing” cebuano dialect. Their cebuano dialect is way slower and relaxed than people from other islands who speak the same.

There are indeed a lot of other places that you can invest in real estate, but for us, nothing beats Negros in terms of the total package it can provide you. Don’t sleep on Negros, because Negros will definitely not sleep on you.



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