Building with Confidence: How PrimaryHomes Achieves Excellence and Sustainability through the Primary Group of Builders

by PrimaryHomes

Jan 23, 2024


With a solid reputation built over the years, PrimaryHomes has emerged as an esteemed developer known for its premier quality developments. PrimaryHomes offers a diverse range of developments that redefine modern living standards. Widely recognized for its consistent and high-standard construction quality, PrimaryHomes ensures well-planned and responsibly managed projects. This commitment to excellence is customer-driven, guiding them in every step of their home-buying journey. These ultimately contribute to the developments’ overall value, making each home an investment with high returns.

PrimaryHomes also stands tall as the Best Sustainable Developer, honored with the prestigious title awarded by the Philippine Property Awards in 2023. Earning the award was a resounding testament to the power of collaboration and a shared vision for a better future. PrimaryHomes’ success in achieving sustainable and durable developments is firmly rooted in its connection to the esteemed Primary Group of Builders. This affiliation grants PrimaryHomes unparalleled access to expertise, resources, and a shared vision for a brighter and stronger future, solidifying its position as a leader in sustainable housing solutions.

Strength in Unity: The Primary Group Advantage

The strength of the Primary Group of Builders acts as its backbone, providing unwavering support in every step of the process. This collaborative network translates into several key advantages:


Shared Vision and Expertise: The Group has a unified vision for sustainable, high-quality, and well-managed developments, aligning its various member companies around a common goal. With companies specializing in real estate, construction, engineering, architecture, and manufacturing, the Primary Group of Builders provides extensive support to the success of PrimaryHomes. This ensures that expertise and knowledge are readily shared, allowing PrimaryHomes to learn from the best and implement cutting-edge solutions.

Access to Innovative Technology: Being part of the Group opens doors to relevant advancements in sustainable building technologies. From energy-efficient materials to renewable energy sources, PrimaryHomes can leverage these resources to develop innovative and environmentally conscious projects. An exemplary example of this is the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks by Lightstrong. These are sustainable and durable alternatives to traditional blocks that are highly durable, earthquake-resilient, and fire and moisture-resistant, while also providing thermal and sound insulation.


Reliable Supplier Network: The Group boasts a trusted network of suppliers that are experts in eco-friendly and high-quality materials and technologies. This empowers PrimaryHomes to source responsibly, prioritizing quality and minimizing environmental impact without compromising cost-effectiveness. The network also allows for efficiency in the supply lines which translates into reduced lead times, allowing PrimaryHomes to meet project timelines effectively. The seamless coordination between the Group and its suppliers also facilitates a continuous exchange of information, ensuring that PrimaryHomes remains abreast of the latest advancements in sustainable and enduring solutions.

Credibility and Reputation: Companies affiliated with the Primary Group of Builders are well-established and respected in their specific industries. From the superior construction of Primary Structures Corporation, the excellent property management of Primary Properties Inc., the exceptional ready-mix and prefabricated concrete products of Concrete Solutions Inc., and the durable and eco-friendly Autoclave Aerated Concrete of LightStrong, members of the Group uphold a strong reputation of excellence.


The journey of PrimaryHomes towards sustainability is deeply intertwined with its membership in the Primary Group of Builders. The collaborative efforts with Primary Structures Corporation, Primary Properties Corporation, and Concrete Solutions Incorporated demonstrate a holistic approach to sustainable development. As the Best Sustainable Developer, PrimaryHomes Inc. sets a standard for excellence in the real estate industry, showcasing how a commitment to sustainability, supported by a collaborative group of companies, can lead to enduring success and homes that will last for many generations.

Experience the strength of unity with the Primary Group Advantage, and be part of a movement towards better living in the premier quality homes crafted for generations of PrimaryHomes!


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