A Healthy Enclave Within the City

by Aileen Yap

May 05, 2021

When you talk about living in the city, you would immediately imagine the pollution. However, there are ways that you can detoxify your living space and enjoy a healthy environment while being in the middle of the urban jungle.

One way is to have bamboos around you. Even Feng Shui agrees. When a bamboo plant is placed in a proper pot, it combines the elements of earth and water bringing a positive energy to the house. And unlike other ornamental plants, bamboos are easier to maintain.

In other countries, bamboos are revered for the numerous health benefits it provides. It is widely used both as construction material, with its strong and flexible trunks, and for its medicinal benefits.

Bamboo leaves are used for medicinal purposes and are a rich source of antioxidants, fiber, benzoic and hydrocyanic acids. They also contain other essential compounds that cannot be found in other plants. In Asian countries, the leaves are processed to make bamboo tea.

On the other hand, bamboo forests are fast becoming a means restore the environment, especially in areas that suffered heavy logging, as bamboos capture massive amounts of carbon dioxide which is then converted into oxygen, thus contribute to the cleansing of the air around it.

In Cebu, a condominium property will soon offer that healthy space boosting with positive energy as it will feature a Bamboo Tunnel within its 1.4-hectare resort-themed enclave.

Royal Oceancrest Mactan is a four-tower resort-themed residential and commercial condominium currently being developed by Primary Homes, Inc. It is located in Sudtunggan Road, Brgy. Basak Lapu-Lapu City, which is very near malls, beach resorts and the Mactan Cebu International Airport.

The Bamboo Tunnel, which will be created with hundreds of bamboo trees planted close together to form a tunnel, was carefully conceptualized by the developers to provide a place within the property where residents can enjoy a relaxing walk while reaping the benefit from the bamboo’s healing effects.

With no rainforests available within the island of Mactan, the Bamboo Tunnel sure is something that would be residents can look forward to as a healthy respite from all the toxic emissions that is ever present in any growing metropolis.








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