Cebu South Road Properties District: Cebu's New Growth Center

by Silingan

Jul 07, 2022

With 300 hectares of reclaimed land off the coast of Cebu, South Road Properties is a premier lifestyle destination for residents and investors alike. The residential properties at this strategic location offer you access to growth along with opportunities that will make your investment meaningful in an ever-growing area!

It is no secret that Cebu's South Road Properties District has been experiencing rapid economic growth. This development also attracts investment from various sources which results not only in a more sustainable business opportunity but continued strength throughout time as well making it one of many “New Growth Centers” around our country!

With all the mentioned opportunities in South Road Properties, you will never go wrong investing in the area.

Business and leisure: South Road Properties and Cebu’s growth 

The construction of new buildings and investments in Cebu City have been on the rise. The Seaside Arena, which will soon be completed with an investment worth Php307 billion pesos (about US$37 million), is expected to generate 2 million jobs within its development until 2025 when it's complete! This influx of employment isn't just helping with economic growth but also empowering locals who are looking forward to better opportunities.

Let’s take a look at these other major developments:

Cebu South Coastal Road

The Cebu South Coastal Road is an important transportation corridor that links the southern towns to downtown Cebu. 

This two-way national road with six lanes provides access for traffic bypassing heavy congestion on old highways likewise providing direct connections between certain areas in the southern part of Cebu Province.


Photo credit to Custom_Cab

Cebu-Cordova Expressway

To address the growing traffic congestion in and around the city, Cebu Cordova Link Expressway Corporation proposed the construction of the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway or more commonly known as CCLEX. It links the islands of Cordova and Mactan to Cebu City, which will make it easier for people to go straight from Mainland Cebu to the Islands of Cordova and Mactan. With a daily capacity of 50,000 vehicles, it will serve as an alternate route to and from the Mactan Cebu International Airport and reduce the travel time by approximately 40 minutes.

The bridge opened its roads to motorists three on April 30, 2022. Now it is known as the longest bridge in the Philippines, surpassing the 5-kilometer (3.1 mi) Candaba Viaduct of North Luzon Expressway and the 2-kilometer (1.2 mi) San Juanico Bridge between Samar and Leyte as the longest cable-stayed bridge in the Philippines.


Photo credit to CCLEX FB Page

NUSTAR  Resort & Casino

NUSTAR Resort & Casino, formerly known as Isla Dela Victoria (Victory’s Island), is an eight-hectare resort and casino facility now open on the site of Kawit Point. 

Enjoy 5-star integrated resort vacations right at the heart of the sprawling city. With hotel rooms designed to exude luxury and comfort, feel refreshed, relaxed, and ready to enjoy what NUSTAR has to offer.

There’s also world-class gaming, with a 21,000 square meter gaming floor with 1,500 varieties of machines, and 250 tables ready to serve you. Add to that the hotel’s exceptional, personalized services with spectacular live performances in the Entertainment Bar, regular events in the Sports Bar, and mouthwatering restaurants ranging Filipino, Asian, and European cuisine.


Photo credit to NUStar Resort FB Page

SM Seaside City, Cebu

In 2019, the SM Seaside City was constructed to hold a world-class shopping experience. The mall contains over 800 shops and is one of Asia's best malls for shoppers with its unique design that makes it stand out among other properties around this part of the Philippines.


Photo credit to SM Seaside City FB Page

Cebu Ocean Park

Cebu Ocean Park is the first marine park in Visayas and Mindanao and has the largest Oceanarium in the Philippines. The size of Cebu Ocean Park, it houses more than 200 different species of animals, the majority of which are marine creatures. The rest are either birds, reptiles, or insects. Cebu Ocean Park is located in the prime South Road Properties, Cebu City, beside the SM Seaside.


Photo credit to Cebu Ocean Park FB Page

Il Corso Lifemalls

A redefined lifestyle destination mall of Filinvest in Cebu for conventional shopping and specialty dining with panoramic views of the sea and open spaces. It brings a refreshing recreational experience of safety, good food, and fresh breeze with comfort and ease. 


Photo credit to Il Corso Lifemalls FB Page

Seaside Arena: Cebu’s Largest Indoor Arena

With plans to build one of the city's largest projects to date at the exclusive Cebu South Road Properties, Cebu is definitely living up to its reputation as the Queen City of the South. 

There will be 16,000 seats available at Seaside Arena (almost as large as Mall of Asia Arena in Manila). Large events including important local and international concerts, sporting competitions, and international conventions are planned to be used as their main venue. A sizable Convention Center, business buildings, and residences will also be included.


Photo credit to the Rightful Owner

What to look forward to at Cebu South Road Properties District: Cebu’s New Growth Center

Cebu South Road Properties District is a rich area in the making. As envisioned to be Cebu’s New Growth Center by its development investors, this business district will be home to some of Cebu's most prestigious developments such as an arena that can host and accommodate large-scale events like concerts or basketball games for example; all while being backed up against one highway which links it with other major thoroughfares around Cebu- exactly what you want if your goal involves getting about town quickly! 

Development also continues towards more high-rise residential buildings where prices per square meter range from affordable levels upwards toward luxurious ones depending upon how much land size each buyer requires (the smaller amount goes further when building). 

One project worth noting here would have to be: Almond Drive, purposely built for a more urban advantage on these emerging lifestyle, tourism, and business growth center. Settled in Talisay City, you are just minutes away from Cebu’s new growth centers. Almond Drive also offers a high yield in investment value and achievable financial schemes and payment methods, making it a highly valued investment that will give you the most out of your investments. 

Advantages of living in Cebu South Road Properties  District 

The residential properties in South Road Properties are built in strategic locations such as Almond Drive’s The Courtyards by PrimaryHomes, Inc. This accessibility offers you a living space along Cebu’s path of growth which makes your investment meaningful.


Stay Close to Possibilities

The South Road Properties is now called the emerging lifestyle, tourism, and new growth center in Cebu for nothing as within a five-year period, you can expect the area to be so full of life and economic activities. Soon, major infrastructure developments will be unfolding in the area. With all these happening, economic growth is inevitable and with that growth, every homeowner can expect higher appraisal value of their properties thus achieving higher returns from their investments today. 

Stay Close to Convenience 

The property sits right in the middle of the busy economic district of Talisay City. The homeowners at Almond Drive get access to their basic and essential needs. It is close to supermarkets, malls, schools, churches, and ports giving homeowners the freedom from the stress of navigating the heavily congested city streets and saving precious time for the more important things you need to do.  

Stay Close to Accessibility 

Should there be a need to go further, the place is also very accessible to modern transportation systems like My Bus, KMK Bus, CiBus, and soon the Bus Rapid Transit. Currently, the Cebu-Cordova Link Express, or what many people refer to be as the CCLEX, is now open for motorists making homeowners at Almond Drive more accessible to various locations. 

What are you waiting for? The Cebu South Road Properties district has everything your heart desires. From seaside resorts and luxury apartments to shopping plazas with top-name stores - there is no end in sight! Invest with reliable real estate developers, book an appointment today! Contact PrimaryHomes at



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