Celebrating Christmas the Merrier & Cebuano Way

by PrimaryHomes

May 05, 2021

As they say, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and what better way to celebrate it the Cebuano way!

Filipinos are known to have one of the world’s longest Christmas celebrations. The 4-month long celebration starts when the year hits the “ber” months. Mama would then start flooding the house with ornaments, hanging the lights and building the Christmas tree. But fancy decorations are not the center of the holiday vibes; what matters most is the time well spent with loved ones.

For Cebuanos, there are always some reasons to celebrate a little bit merrier. Here we listed some of the most common and merrier ways Cebuanos celebrate Christmas:

Lechon on the menu, paksiw the next day


Cebu is known for its lechon. The famous roasted pig is always present during the holidays, with the crispy skin as the main “pulutan” when it’s time to open the beer. Cebuanos of all ages definitely enjoys the lechon, even after the 25th. Didn’t finish the whole lechon? Don’t worry because it transforms into a paksiw the next day. Just add some soy sauce and vinegar and enough spices, and your rice partner is ready to serve. These ingredients also help your lechon last longer.

Simbang Gabi now, puto and sikwate later

The “ber” months also bring cooler mornings. Hence, an added struggle to those who want to complete the 16 Simbang Gabi. Because the mass is celebrated early in the morning, Cebuanos would love to have a serving of hot chocolate and sticky rice delicacy afterwards known as puto and sikwate. This tandem is not only known during the holidays but is a year-round perfect breakfast-go-to.

Party hopping, unlimited food

Christmas parties and family gatherings are everywhere! Let’s face it, food keeps Filipinos together and saying no to invites is never an option. It’s a shame out tummy has a limit. Nonetheless, Cebuanos opt to schedule parties. One party is for lunch, the other is for dinner and the last one is for dessert.

Sing-along with your family

After eating, it’s time to burn those calories. The best way to do this while sticking to the holiday vibes is karaoke time with your family members because who doesn’t love to sing-along? Karaoke is a thing in our country. Here in Cebu, singing along with your family along the streets is common. Whether you hit or miss those high notes, it doesn’t matter. Cebuanos are known for their singing prowess and great confidence. So grab the mic and sing along!

No matter how you spend the holidays, nothing beats a time well spent with those who matters most in your life. Watching your favorite movies, sitting on your couch while enjoying some popcorn will do. Staying with your favorite home buddy the whole day is never a bad thing.

Here at Almond Drive, we make your holiday celebrations worthwhile. Whether it is a family gathering, or a huge party with friends, we got the holiday feel. Stay close to what matters most. Stay close at Almond Drive.


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