Coming of Age: How to Transform a Kid’s Bedroom to a Teen Hangout

by PrimaryHomes

May 05, 2021

As much as any parent enjoys the image of their little ones running around the house playing castle or race cars, we have to accept the reality that these “little ones” won’t remain little for too long. There will come a time when Barbie dolls and action figures no longer lay scattered around the floor but in a corner collecting dust.

It’s a normal occurrence when children make their transition into adolescence. Preferences change, environment included.

While they would have begged to stay outdoors as toddlers, the bedroom quickly becomes their new hangout as teenagers. Such a change would definitely call for some major redesigning. (After all, what teenager would want their room looking like a baby’s room?)

A Splash of Colour

What used to be your child’s favourite colour may no longer be his or her favourite; so it definitely doesn’t hurt to bring up the suggestion of trying out a new shade to put on their walls. You can even ask them if they’d like the idea of an accent wall.

For the Aesthetic

Speaking of accents, teens now are highly invested in certain aesthetics—grunge, pastel, minimalist, the list goes on! They may want to add in a few touches of their own such as succulents or abstract paintings.

Bigger Is Better

Another important thing to consider in remodelling your child’s room is the furniture. They have, without a doubt, long outgrown their seven-year-old beds. Not only that, but teenagers will also have the need for a study area for their increasing workload. You may opt to get a new bed and a study table or go for a loft bed, which kills both birds with one stone.

Clear the Clutter

To make way for all the new materials, there will definitely be some spring cleaning to do. Old books, toys, clothes can either be thrown out or, if in good condition, be given away to charity. That way nothing goes to waste and you’ll find yourself with more usable space.

Appealing as they may sound, the foregoing tips may only be implemented if your family already owns the place that you are living in and your home already has the appropriate built-in designs and structures.

Fortunately, owning a family home with the right, if not elegant, features is just within your reach. When it comes to reliable and space-efficient designs, Primary Homes, Inc. provides a vast range of units to choose from.

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