Investment Pieces for Every Room in Your Home

by PrimaryHomes

Jan 21, 2021

From the sanctuary that is your bedroom to memorable dinners at your dining area, every room in your home has its purpose.

As you’ll be spending a lot of time in them, consider investing in pieces that will help them serve you well. Not only will these serve a practical function, but they also anchor each room in terms of design, and will remain timeless and classic no matter the different ways you’ll redecorate in the future.

Here are some investment pieces every room in your house should have.

FOYER: An Elegant Catchall

investment-pieces-for-every-room-in-your-home-1Wire Bowls by O+S Furniture & Furnishings

Never underestimate the power of a catchall tray. Once you develop the habit of using one, it’ll change your life for the better. It’s always nice to know where you left your keys, as well as to keep loose change from your pockets in one place. These wire bowls from O+S Furniture and Furnishings are see-through so you can easily see what’s inside, yet the elegant design keeps things from looking too messy.

The beauty of a catchall tray is that you can place it anywhere at home, so although we recommend it near the front door, you can choose to put one where it suits you best—or even have multiple catchalls around the house!

3F New Wing, Ayala Center Cebu
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines (032) 262 0000 |

LIVING ROOM: An Inviting Sofa

investment-pieces-for-every-room-in-your-home-2Ari 3-Seater by Vito Selma

First impssions last, so make a statement with the focal point of your living room—the sofa. Besides being used by the people who live in your home, it’s also where you’ll be seating your guests, so comfort and style are both equally important factors to consider when choosing one. This three-seater by Vito Selma hits all the check marks, with an eye-catching frame and a plush thick seat that’s made for lounging on.

Don Sergio Suico St., Canduman
Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines (032) 422 1676 |


DINING ROOM: A Statement Dining Table

investment-pieces-for-every-room-in-your-home-3Vivo Dining Table by Kenneth Cobonpue

If you love entertaining, even if it’s just having your family over, opt for a statement dining table that can easily seat a lot of people. The Vivo dining table by Kenneth Cobonpue is long enough to accommodate extra guests, while the antique copper finish, visible through the clear glass, will start conversations that’ll last the entire night.

3A General Maxilom Avenue,
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines (032) 233 4045 |

KITCHEN: A Versatile Kitchen Counter

investment-pieces-for-every-room-in-your-home-4Lou Back-to-Back Kitchen Island by Tavla Wood Designs

When it comes to kitchens, there can never be enough space. This custom back-to-back kitchen island by Tavla Wood Designs essentially functions as a kitchen counter so you have space to ppare and eat your food—enough legroom on one side means you can take a seat while doing so—while the other side has shelves so you can have quick access to frequently used appliances or plates. A nice touch is the towel rack on one side so you don’t leave those hanging anywhere.

Guadalupe Heights Village
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines +63 928 505 7746 |

BEDROOM: A Practical Nightstand

A bed with a quality mattress is, of course, the ultimate investment for your bedroom—but you already knew that. An overlooked yet important piece you should consider adding to your sanctuary is a sturdy nightstand. Even if you do away with bedside lamps, a nightstand will give you an accessible space for your nighttime reads, eyeglasses, alarm clock, and your gadgets while they charge, so you’ll have the bed all to yourself. Choose a stand with several shelves, like this Davey Nightstand from Mandaue Foam, so you can store more bedside essentials.

Cortes Street Brgy. Tipolo
Mandaue City Cebu, Philippines (032) 343 8805 to 08|

BATHROOM: A Beautiful Mirror

investment-pieces-for-every-room-in-your-home-6Vienna Oval Mirror by Murillo

Self-care isn’t vanity, so yes, you totally deserve a stunning mirror for your bathroom. This one by Murillo keeps it simple with an oval shape, yet the mother-of-pearl accents take it to the next level. Create a space in your bathroom for me-time where you can apply your makeup, do your skincare routine to wind down in the evenings, and give yourself pep talks for when you need it. Do your mirror (and yourself!) a favor and compliment it with some great lighting for the best experience.

Lower Inayawan, Pardo,
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines (032) 273 0681 |

WALKWAYS: A Standout Lighting Fixture

investment-pieces-for-every-room-in-your-home-7Parola Floor Lamp and Stingray Hanging Lamp, both by ObraCebuana

It’s easy to take hallways and stairways for granted, mainly because they’re not actually places you hang out in, just transitional spaces to get you from one part of the house to another. But like what they say, the journey is as important as the destination, so show these little spaces some TLC with some investment pieces of their own. Lighting fixtures are a good idea—they can be decorative pieces by the day, and serve a brighter (pun intended) purpose at night. If you have room, floor lamps like the ObraCebuanaParolaare ideal, while hanging lamps are perfect for those cramped for space, or for stairways.

R.A. Ouano St. Opao,
Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines (032) 349 3762 |



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