Lesser Known Travel Destinations in Bohol

by PrimaryHomes

May 05, 2021

Seven more reasons to visit Bohol

Are you looking for more spots to explore in Bohol aside from the already famous destinations?

You might think that you’ve gone to every place in Bohol but we’d like to prove you wrong. Here is a rundown of some of the lesser known destinations in the island, but equally scenic and breathtaking, that will complete your summer stories!

Cabantian Hills

A gentle range of soft peak hills, Cabantian Hills is a perfect place to check out for those who wants to hike to the top and enjoy the scenic view of the sprawling hills. A visit to the hills is ideal for those who just want a quick escape to the countrysides.

Although already within the area of Guindulman, this hikers’ haven is located just a few kilometers off the neighboring municipality of Duero, which is just about 2 hours drive from Tagbilaran City. From the highway, one can enjoy a kilometer walk to one of the peaks that offers a good view of the whole area.

You only spend P80 for a bus ride or P120 if you prefer the van from Dao Terminal.

Himontagon Hills

Also known as the Morning Hills, Himontagon Hills is located in Barangay Botoc in Loay which is only about 20 kilometers from Tagbilaran City.

The Himontagon Hills is very accessible and has a well-established trail, making it a favorite among the locals who wants a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily grind. It offers a scenic place overlooking the Mindanao Sea. On a clear day, visitors can enjoy a view of the Hibok-Hibok Volcano in the distant island of Camiguin.

To get there, one can simply ride a jeepney from Dao Terminal to Loay for only P25 fare.

Mt. Haboog

Most people would describe Mt. Haboog as one of the Chocolate Hills in Bohol that got separated from its cluster.

Located in Barangay Lungsodaan in Mabini, the summit is 11 kilometers from the town proper which would include a motorela ride from Mabini proper to Barangay Kabulaw and a habal-habal ride from Barangay Kabulaw to Barangay Lungsodaan. Mabini is 100 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City, or about 2 hours bus or van ride for a fee of P80 or P130, respectively.

From its name “haboog” which is the vernacular for “high”, the summit offers a scenic view of Bohol’s rich biodiversity. It is also an ideal place for picnics and recreational activities. 

To better enjoy the trip, one can book rooms where they can stay overnight at Alipio Vallejo’s Lodge for only P500/day for a group of five people.

Kinahugan Falls

This “trigonominal” waterfalls located in sitio Karap-agan in Jagna is another one of the many wonders of nature that Bohol is blessed with. 

Kinahugan Falls has three waterfalls with the biggest falls settling down into a basin that is about 15 feet deep and no less than 60 feet wide.

This piece of paradise is accessible via bus or van from Dao Terminal in Tagbilaran City. Bus fares to Jagna is only P60 while van, which offers more comfort, can range from P80 to P100 per passenger. From Jagna Public Market, one can take a five-kilometer motorcycle ride to the site for P40. 

Pahangog Twin Falls

Another attraction to also put in your bucket list of “must visits” is the twin falls in Barangay Guingoyuran in Dimiao. 

Pahangog Twin Falls, also called Dimiao Twin Falls, is best for anyone who adores mountain sceneries with big trees and lush vegetation that climax into a nature-made lagoon formed by the sparkling waters gently gliding over crags and ridges.

To get to the falls, one can take a 4×4 car. Or one could take the public transport via a 45 minutes to an hour jeepney or bus ride to Dimiao town proper. One-way fare is only P35. From the Poblacion, one can take a habal-habal ride to Pahangog Twin Falls for only P50.

Sevilla Dream Falls

This is one of the still less discovered and still undeveloped beautiful spots in Bohol that is located only 22 kilometers, or about 45 minutes, from Tagbilaran City. One will only spend P40 for a jeepney ride to get there.

Sevilla Dream Falls is located in Barangay Sipatan in Sevilla and accessible via jeepney from Dao Terminal. It is also dubbed as the “secret falls” because one would rely on the hospitality of Boholanos to give them directions when going to the site, as there are no signages or directories up yet to guide you on your way. One should also bring their own food as there are no vendors selling anything for snacks in the area.

Located about two kilometers from the Sevilla-Bilar junction, the destination is a prize in itself with its crystal flowing waters that looks like glittering diamonds under the clear blue sky. The Sevilla Dream Falls offers a wide pool of refreshing water with a backdrop of lush green trees and shrubs. The only sign of development in the area is a long rope tied to a branch for anyone who wants to take a swing plunge into the cool waters.

For anyone who wants to go into an adventure, Sevilla Dream Falls is the best place to go. Plus, it is located where the famous Sipatan Bamboo Hanging Bridge is so one can easily take a tour at these places all in one day.

Bugwak Spring

While in Sevilla, you might also want to check out Bugwak Spring, which is also a newly discovered tourist spot in Barangay Magsaysay.

Bugwak Spring offers a respite for those who loves to take a swim to cool down in the natural cold spring waters located only 8-9 kilometers from the town proper.

The town of Sevilla is about an hour away from Dao Terminal in Tagbilaran City. You may catch a bus and stop at the Sevilla Public Market where you take a P30 habal-habal ride to the spring. 

So what are you waiting for? Complete your summer with a visit to these beautiful spots in Bohol!



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