Maintaining Strong Bond Amidst Lockdown

by PrimaryHomes

May 05, 2021

Recently, coronavirus has spread widely across the globe. More countries have issued lockdowns that are slowly spinning into a disaster. As millions flee, the majority of the population decides to stay. Amid the government’s quick issuance to protect everyone from a transmittable disease, have you asked yourself if you are fully equipped for this? It’s undeniably uneasy to live a life during a lockdown. But if you imagine, it’s also the right time to cope up and spend more time with your family.

As it can be an overwhelming experience to stay indoors most of the time, we’ve prepared a list of things that you can do to ease the boredom and stress. Read more to learn about it.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is mandatory to observe social distancing to minimize the spread of influenza. However, this doesn’t mean you have to be emotionally distant from your loved ones. The best way to lighten the situation is through better communication. Turn off your mobile devices and spend time with your family over dinner, movies, or even a little catching up. Sometimes, we tend to normalize being busy without knowing you may be missing essential events already. Amid the outbreak, take this moment to spend more time with your family.

Keep in Touch

Being busy with work or school always has its disadvantages—being distant. If you have been socially far off from your relationships, it doesn’t hurt to show that you still care. Even through virtual communication, send them well wishes and safety. As technology has been much accessible, keep in touch with your friends and family through chats, phone, and video calls. We do not need another outbreak to rebuild relationships. Take this self-isolation as an opportunity to forgive, resolve issues, and rebuild broken connections.

Prepare an Activity

It is undeniably boring to repeat your day to day routine every single day. Perhaps, you might want to try something new. Now, what is a night without fun activities to play? If you are outdated with the trend, it’s time to explore further. The internet is the best place to look for interesting ideas. Take advantage of your free time to prepare a fun game for your family to play. Let everyone cooperate. Although this may be something new for your family, it’s also another way to keep enhancing your social, mental, and emotional well-being.

Find a New Hobby

Trying to survive this pandemic demands isolation. Part of that is keeping yourself sane by exploring new things. Although it can be challenging as we grow older, in this time of lockdown, alone or not, you need to keep yourself busy to refrain from developing panic and anxiety. As you spend more time indoors, start creating a bucket list, rediscover your productivity, and protect your mind.

Home Workout

Most people freak out amid this challenging time. But keep in mind that panic does no good, most especially for your health. Instead of thinking negatively, make use of this to engage in healthy options. This includes working out, eating right, and doing self-care. Because of this, there is a higher chance of you keeping yourself fit and disease-free. Keeping yourself healthy is another way of protecting your family from this deadly disease. Start acting right now!

We are living in this challenging situation. Although it remains essential to distance ourselves from others, don’t make it harder for you to survive. All the lists above are doable factors that respond to the loneliness you may be feeling right now. Eventually, sooner or later, this isolation will pay off. The more you stay inside, the quicker it gets for everything to get back to normal. So, stay indoors and stay safe!



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