Make Your Dream Home a Reality Even in Uncertain Market Conditions

by Lira Castaneda

Dec 04, 2021

Acquiring your dream home in uncertain times certainly appears as a huge risk. After all, we are still living in the middle of the pandemic. 

We cannot deny that even if the vaccines are already here, the economic market is still at an uncertain and rocky disposition. House hunters, newbies or not, continue to worry about what step to take. 

In this article, find out how you can survive these hurdles and not put on hold your plan of getting your family’s dream home.

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1. “I’m scared of financial emergencies right now.”

Having enough finances has always been a concern among home buyers. But this concern doubled even more because of unpredictable financial situations, such as a loved one contracting COVID-19 or job loss due to company closures. 

Solution: Choose a property with flexible payment options. 

So if you are buying during uncertain times, you need to choose something that offers great value for your money.

One of the reasons why Primary Homes is a trustworthy real estate partner is that they offer flexible financing schemes for your world-class real estate property. You will only shell out low payments per month. You can even live in Royal Palms Quatro even if you're still paying your balances.

Choose between PrimaryHomes Easy Financing, PAG-IBIG, and bank financing and you’ll surely have your hands on your dream house. 

2. “I can’t travel to oversee my property’s construction.”

It’s understandable that you would want to make sure your property is being constructed with the best quality and will be delivered on time. Having to pour in a considerably huge amount of money for every real estate investment, not being able to monitor the construction progress will make you anxious.

Solution: Pick a developer that has a reputation of delivering quality products on time.

When you own a property in Royal Palms Quarto you can be confident that you made the right choice. 

PrimaryHomes, has cemented its reputation as a reliable developer that delivers only the best quality output. Constructed by its sister company, a triple-A contractor Primary Structures Corporation, you can be assured of the quality of your home

PrimaryHomes has also been known to deliver quality homes on time.

3. “There are lots of stressful paperwork and processes to get my dream home.”

Buying a house during uncertain times often means more requirements and a more tedious process. These requirements and processes are usually done to protect you and the company from huge financial losses.

But to anyone who lives far away from their dream properties or buying while they are working abroad, this can prove to be a very difficult situation.

Solution: Go for a service-oriented property developer.

PrimaryHomes prides itself on being a service-oriented developer. They will be with you every step of the way and all throughout your home buying journey. With customer-oriented officers, you are sure to have a fuss-free documentation and requirements process. 

From the reservation process to documentation, until the turn-over of your unit, you won’t need to worry about anything with Royal Palms Quatro and PrimaryHomes.

4. “It’s hard to find a safe and secure neighborhood nowadays.”

We’re already living in the middle of a pandemic, and aside from COVID-19, homebuyers have to also take into consideration the safety in their own homes or communities. 

We all want to live in a community where we can freely roam around without having to check our backs all the time. One of the best moves you can make right now is to choose a property that provides a safe and secure environment. 

Solution: Pick a property that thrives in a safe and exclusive community. 

A well-planned and exclusive community is one of the premium features of Royal Palms Quatro. 

PrimaryHomes has conceptualized its Royal Palms Series to feature a perfectly combined convenience, security, and tranquility - just what every Filipino family needs right now.

It also highlights amenities that are perfect for family bonding.

make-your-dream-home-reality-silingan-2Photo Courtesy of PrimaryHomes

5. It's hard to assess the trustworthiness of the developer.

Nowadays, we need investments that are worth every cent. After all, we are living at a time where finances and savings are really important. So, it is best to buy your dream home from trustworthy real estate developers that will provide you with great and quality properties that will last.

Solution: Opt for a trusted brand in the real estate industry.

Choose a property developer that is well-endorsed by real estate professionals, is award-winning, and has a well-proven track record.

Taking steps in owning your dream home during uncertain market conditions doesn't have to be scary. All you have to do is partner with a premium developer that has a proven trustworthy track record like Primary Homes. 

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