15 Reasons to Invest in Royal Oceancrest Mactan this 2022

by PrimaryHomes

Aug 27, 2021

The state of real estate in 2022 is a lot more promising than you might expect. Opportunities abound all over the country, especially in provincial hotspots like Cebu. The options are out there for people scouting a condo for sale in Cebu, and the benefits of owning a condo are endless - when you invest in the right ones, of course.

If you’re looking to invest in a condo unit for sale in Mactan, Cebu, or the Philippines, then the Royal Oceancrest Mactan.

This latest undertaking by Primary Homes is their most ambitious development yet, priding itself as the first ever mixed-use community development right in the heart of Mactan Island.

From your reliable partner in Visayan real estate comes Royal Oceancrest Mactan: the getaway of your dreams, your gateway to new experiences, and the greatest investment deal for you this 2022.

Discover what Royal Oceancrest Mactan has in store when you check out this comprehensive guide today.

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Condo Living Benefits at Royal Oceancrest Mactan

Here’s what you get when you invest in an experience unlike any other in today's Cebu real estate market. Take a look at this extensive and helpful guide for all the unique benefits of condo living at Royal Oceancrest Mactan.

1. A mixed-use condo community

This newest condominium on Mactan Island is Primary Homes’ exciting foray into the future of community life: mixed-use development. By designing properties through mixed-use development, Primary Homes ensures superior living experiences for stakeholders, right within the gates of this brand new residence.

Royal Oceancrest Mactan is Cebu’s newest island paradise for its bustling and diverse community. This property serves residents by incorporating mixed-use development into resort-like design, ensuring a complete condo life for any interested investor.

2. Resort-style living at home

Resort-like design? You read that right. Royal Oceancrest Mactan is the island getaway of your dreams, with its resort-style amenities right at your front door.

At this Mactan residence, Primary Homes offers a gorgeous pool, a clubhouse with function rooms, and a 60% open-air area, just like some of the best resorts and hotels around the world.

This vacation-like lifestyle is perfect for any aspiring homeowner, especially in these post-pandemic times. The benefits of a relaxed, open-air environment are endless, perfect for nurturing any family’s mental health and wellbeing this year.

3. Unique amenities for the whole community

Not only will you benefit from resort-style condo living at this sprawling Cebu property, you also gain access to unique amenities for the whole community.

Royal Oceancrest boasts a fitness center, play area, jogging path, garden area, grilling station, and many more. Picking a property has never been easier with this condo for sale in Cebu.

royal-oceancreast-mactan-benefits-2Photo courtesy of mentatdgt via Pexels

4. Smartly designed condo units

Let’s get into another great benefit to owning a condo at Royal Oceancrest. This Primary Homes property showcases condo units for sale in Mactan, Cebu with options ranging from smartly designed studio-type units, to lavishly decorated two-bedroom units with balcony access and parking.

Buyers can choose between well-designed bare units, or beautifully furnished units, depending on what they need. Other units for sale include their cozy one-bedroom setup, and their sprawling two-bedroom setup with balcony access. Primary Homes offers all that and more at their newest property in the heart of this island today.

5. State-of-the-art building design

Royal Oceancrest also boasts state-of-the-art building design in the works for 2022. This three-tower development will include several facilities for every building, ensuring comfort and convenience for any interested buyer.

Each building will have its own double-elevator setup, widened hallways, well-ventilated staircase, provisions for cable and internet, 24/7 CCTV, and fire alarm system with sprinklers and exits. They’ll also have standby generators and overhead water tanks for all its future residents.

All of these facilities are housed within an eco-friendly condo design, with efficiently designed natural airflow and lots of room for natural lighting in each unit and lobby. This up-and-coming development by Primary Homes truly is the epitome of state-of-the-art design for 2022.

6. 24/7 commercial spaces

Live your best life around the clock when you benefit from the 24/7 commercial spaces at this Primary Homes property. This condominium in Cebu will have several commercial spaces open all day, every day, perfect for any millennial adult looking to invest in Cebu real estate.

7. Safety and security guaranteed

This ambitious Cebu development also prides itself in being a haven of safety and security for future investors.

With advanced security features, a protected guardhouse, and a surveilled entrance, Royal Oceancrest will be the first of its kind among all Mactan residences on the real estate market.

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8. Minutes away from malls and tourist spots

You’ve read all about the benefits of owning a condo at this Primary Homes property. How about its location and proximity to the rest of the island? Lucky for you, this condominium is just minutes away from the best and busiest attractions in all of Mactan.

This sprawling development is just a few minutes away from Gaisano Grandmall, The Outlets at Pueblo Verde, and all the world-class, five-star beach resorts on this tropical paradise. You’re also a driving distance from the beloved Mactan Shrine. Living at Royal Oceancrest means thriving in the very heart of this island paradise.

9. Nearby necessities for condo-dwellers

Of course, you can’t forget your other necessities when buying a condo from Primary Homes. Future dwellers will be happy to know that this up-and-coming property is located near hospitals, highways, the airport, and other economic hubs on the island.

Specifically, this property is located near Mactan Doctors’ Hospital, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Cebu Light Industrial Park, and the Mactan Economic Processing Zone. All these hubs are just a few minutes away, which is perfect for any aspiring condo-dweller.

10. Provincial property hotspot

Still not convinced by this great investment deal? Then you should know that now is the best time to invest in Cebu real estate. Golden opportunities abound in this provincial property hotspot, and investors are in the unique position to prosper greatly from this fantastic growth in the Cebu real estate industry.

11. Pent-up demand for Cebu and Mactan properties

The real estate market on Mactan Island is showing signs of speedy recovery post-2020. With pent-up demand for Cebu properties building this year, you could benefit from higher appraisal values and returns on investment when you purchase a property in 2022.

The 8% minimum annual growth rate for real estate investments doesn’t hurt either. So if you’re looking for a condo for sale in Mactan, Cebu, or anywhere in the Philippines, then you should consider Royal Oceancrest to reap the benefits of condo living today.

12. Booming industries within reach

Remember all those nearby necessities within the proximity of Royal Oceancrest? Not only do these hubs serve as economic centers on the island, they also represent the booming billion-peso industries within your reach when you invest in Primary Homes.

The post-pandemic path for Philippine real estate is lined with opportunities for recovery and growth. By investing in a world-class residential development like Royal Oceancrest, you situate yourself alongside the booming tourism, tech, and retail industries on Mactan Island and Cebu.

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13. Perfect investment for any buyer

With all these benefits of owning a condo at Royal Oceancrest, it’s no wonder that this property is the perfect investment for any buyer today. By buying property at this Primary Homes development, you invest in a great living experience and an even greater future unlike any other on the market right now.

14. Flexible financing

Another great thing about Primary Homes is that it extends personalized services to each and every client throughout the homebuying process. This real estate group even includes flexible financing schemes, especially for those on a low monthly budget.

Flexible financing is your best friend when it comes to any long-term investment. Find your dream home with ease when you avail of the personalized services by Primary Homes at Royal Oceancrest.

15. Reliable development with Primary Homes

With nearly three decades in the real estate industry, Primary Homes has developed a reliable portfolio of residential homes, sprawling developments, and condo units for sale in Mactan, Cebu, and all of the Visayas region. This company is committed to guiding homebuyers across the nation, as the most reliable partner in Visayan real estate today.

Choose the most reliable real estate partner for you when you invest in Primary Homes’ latest developments. Reap the benefits of owning a condo when you purchase your property at Royal Oceancrest Mactan.

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The list of benefits to investing in Primary Homes can go on forever. One thing you shouldn’t forget? Taking a step towards owning property at Royal Oceancrest Mactan also means taking a step towards the condo lifestyle of your dreams.

Visit Primary Homes today to discover what else this Cebu real estate institution has in store for you this year.


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