Royal Palms Quatro Panglao: The Best Place for Bohol Tropical Living

by PrimaryHomes

Jan 03, 2022

“There is no place like home.”

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) numbering at over 20.3 million this 2021 without a doubt might have seen the beautiful things other countries have to offer, but one’s motherland is always beyond comparison.

After working years overseas, most OFWs, come back to the Philippines to settle down and reap the fruits of their labor. When one is settling down, you’re looking for viable retirement investments that make you feel like you’re on vacation every day.

Being a tropical country, the Philippines is filled with different islands where one can find a relaxing home. One of which is Panglao Island in Bohol, the “Heart of the Islands, Truly Philippines”.

Investing in Bohol

If you are planning to own an income-earning and practical investment in the Visayas, Bohol offers plenty of options. This province is one of the most visited provinces in the Central Visayas region due to its nature, culture, and people. 

To be more specific, Panglao is a prime location in Bohol not only because it houses the best beaches which offer a tropical paradise experience. Panglao is also poised to be the location of the new international airport, Panglao Island International Airport. Once done, this airport is sure going to attract more international tourists and investors to Bohol which will help boost the economy of the province. 

If Bohol has captured your heart similar to other people, consider investing in a house and lot in Royal Palms Quatro Panglao Bohol by Primary Homes. That way, you can say you own a part of this beautiful island that can last to your family for generations to come.

A glimpse of Royal Palms Quatro in Panglao, Bohol 

Admittedly, if it is your first time investing in real estate, you might feel a bit afraid to let go of such a huge amount of money and go through the different processes and paperwork. However, seeing the advantages of investing in Royal Palms Panglao Bohol will help you see that the blessings of owning a property here outweigh all the effort and sacrifice you will do now and in the future.

Royal Palms Quatro is a place where you can make your dream home a reality. This contemporary community is located in Barangay Biking, Dauis where revered white sand beaches of Panglao are situated. Your desire to live in a tropical paradise is achievable in Royal Palms Quatro.

This beautiful community is within minutes away from places of interest in Panglao including Panglao-Bohol International Airport, Bohol Bee Farm, St. Augustine Church, Bohol Plaza, Dauis Church, Baclayon Church, Holy Name University, and Island City Mall. 

Other than leisure places, the price of real estate investments appreciates over time. If you purchase pre-selling properties in communities that are soon to be developed such as Royal Palms Quatro Panglao Bohol, you can get it at a good price. Once the project is completed and more infrastructures and establishments are built close to it, you’ll see how the prices of these properties will surge as well. So the earlier you invest in real estate, the more you save.

Speaking of investments, people invest in different things like cars, gadgets, and luxury items. However, each year, new and better models of these things are being produced and introduced in the market, making the ones they presently have become outdated. At times, these things are even lost or stolen. The same dilemmas are not true when you purchase a house and lot. These properties provide long-term security for you and your hard-earned money. 

Owning a home, especially if you plan to lease it, promises a stable monthly rental income. This increases over time due to the appreciation of real estate properties and the continuous demand for rental properties especially in key locations in the Philippines, including Bohol where one can find work and enjoy leisure with nature at the same time. 

Royal Palms Panglao Bohol is a contemporary community with resort-type, tropical amenities. Once urban living becomes too noisy, polluted, or populated, you can have some respite in your vacation home in this neighborhood. 

You can enjoy the resort-type amenities the project offers or visit Panglao Homes Resort & Villas, South Palms Resort Panglao, and other tourist attractions in Panglao including Alona Beach, Dumaluan Beach, Balicasag Island, Pamilacan Island, Virgin Island, Hinagdanan Cave, and Philippine Tarsier Recreation Inc. to name a few.

With these attractions, Bohol’s economy is dependent on agriculture. About 45% of the land in Bohol is used for agricultural purposes. Fishing and the livestock and poultry industries also support Bohol’s economy. 

As a beautiful tropical province, tourism is also another sector that makes Bohol’s economy thrive. Bohol’s Panglao Island is a favorite destination for people who want to go swim and have fun on white-sand beaches with thriving coral reefs, and a world-class diving spot. Tourists in Cebu also mostly go to Bohol later due to their proximity to one another. 

Celebrate and reward yourself for a job well done

Living and working away from family outside the country is difficult. You probably have battled homesickness, being sick with no one to take care of you, facing problems at hand alone, and other challenges. 

Rewarding yourself with a tropical-inspired residential property that can stand the test of time and will make you proud is something everyone wants. At Primary Homes, that’s something we want to provide you.

Check out what type of properties you can invest in at Panglao Bohol. Contact us today!



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