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May 05, 2021

A festival is an event ordinarily staged by a community, centering on and celebrating some unique aspect of that community and its traditions, often marked as a local or national holiday. Festivals often serve to meet specific purposes, especially in regards to commemoration and/or thanksgiving. Tons of places celebrate different varieties of festivals with respect to their own beliefs and cultures and one place I truly admire and applaud is the City of Gentle People, also known as Dumaguete City.

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Dumaguete City is located in Negros Oriental in the Visayas region, Central Visayas Community. The city is not like any other city that the urban dwellers are used to. Other cities may have heavy traffic, and may just be “over-urbanized”. Other cities maybe filled with so many attractions that although many enjoy, it lacks what rural areas are rich with, peace.

But Dumaguete City is different and that uniqueness is something that makes it a popular destination. The city within the peaceful Negros Oriental is a perfect blend of rural and urban living. It is home to the famous and progressive Siliman University which is the knowledge and intellectual hub of the province. The said university is also the oldest standing Protestant university in the country and the century-old institute is a masterpiece of I.M. Pei, the same person who designed the Louvre in Paris.

Overtime & through various episodes in history, Dumaguete became a melting pot of people from different places. They brought with them their art, culture & cuisine that eventually created its collective dynamic social identity.

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This City was dubbed the City of Gentle People when visitors from different areas were stunned on how hospitable and friendly the people of the city were. Locals would offer beverages and food for them while others entertain them by folk dances and local parlor games. Not long the news of this sweet and gentle village spread all over the country. From there the population started to increase for more people wanted to witness for themselves the gentleness of the City. In the 1940’s, Dumaguete was made a City and continued to keep the gentleness they’ve always had. Guests from all over the world and country would refer them as I have said, the City of Gentle People.

Other Dumaguetenos considers Dumaguete as their home. I doubt that if you let them choose between other places and this City? They would definitely pick the one they grew up to beautifully. Various types of people treat Dumaguete as their home. Overflowing proudness and joy come into their lives when hearing Dumaguete. They don’t miss a chance of seeing all the celebrations and festivals as well. Also, in honor of the patroness of Dumaguete, Sta Catalina de Alejandria, and in celebration of the hospitality and harmony of the city the Sandurot  Festival was born. It was a celebration wherein religious traditions, merrymaking, unity, harmony, and cultural beliefs are reflected on.

Sandurot Festival which signifies, “fellowship and reaching out,” and is derived from the Visayan word “pakig-sandurot” for the offering and satisfaction in hospitality. It is a bright, yearly holiday occasion to honor Dumaguete’s rich history dating the pre-Hispanic period and outside societies, including Chinese, Japanese and Spanish, met up to create a diverse community that is Dumaguete today. And if you ever miss the good old “bayle”, Sandurot Festival will bring you back to the charm of the crystal ball era. Relive the memories of the cha-cha-cha & the things that made Elvis Presly a legend.

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The celebration started with the Paghimamat, a re-enactment of how people from different cultures and races came to the shores of Dumaguete, bringing gifts of rich cultures. Pasigarbo followed, gracing the City streets with dancing to drumbeats and other instruments participated by different barangays and schools in Dumaguete. The street-dancing ended at Quezon Park after which the participants prepared for the grand Pasundayag, a display of dances portraying different stories of the Dumaguete tradition.

Other events that are celebrated in this festival includes the search for the next woman who will wear the crown and represent the city, the search for Miss Dumaguete, the street dancing showdown, cultural shows, parades that are participated with different sectors and even schools in town, and of course the fireworks display. With the celebration of the festival, the city fiesta or know as the Charter Day of Dumaguete City is also celebrated on November 24th to 25th. Another thing to look out for during this celebration is the “Duma Comida”. This is a showcase of Dumaguete’s gastronomic flair. It runs throughout the festival filling everyone with delectable delights from street-style to quite expensive food. But no trip here is ever complete without sampling the usual ‘puto’t tsokolate” tandem &  sylvanas. So make sure you put them in your checklist.

Sandurot Festival is always a good time to visit Dumaguete City. It loses you in the balladry of its seascapes and crafts. It tickles your fancies with exhilarating happenings & attractions.

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I myself know that there is hardly any place where a person may feel more secure and protected from the dangers of the outer world but not in Dumaguete and definitely not in Primary Homes Incorporated. In this ever-modernizing world, it pays to live in a place wherein you’ll find your inner peace and get to fall in love with the place itself.  You guys would also never have to worry about people bothering your comfort zones. You could watch the squirrels play and listen to the birds sing in many trees that provided plenty of shade. In the morning the big buzzing bumblebees that swarmed up in the air in glad searching for sweet honey. The huge trees swung in the wind greeting you a good morning. The small colorful cute butterflies danced all around the environment looking for sweet nectar and the flower’s fragrance filled the whole environment making the morning pleasant.

Primary Homes Incorporated Dumaguete/Negros Oriental has been creating a ripple of happiness for the past 28 years. They have been focusing on providing people with a healthy and safe environment without forgetting the fact that this kind of surrounding should be filled with entertainment and gentle hospitality from the community. You guys should get one and stay here in Dumaguete starting from now on for Primary Homes Incorporated will definitely be your reliable partner in town. As the hashtag in town says, #DumaGetMe is all so true.



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