South Road Properties: Connecting Cebu

by Herbert Kikoy

Oct 21, 2021

Transportation networks and systems are significant in any community. It builds the foundation where the residents can easily travel between destinations and has a vital part in the development of the place.

In Cebu, a 300-hectare island-type reclamation area known as the South Road Properties (SRP), plays a major role when it comes to accessibility. Whether you are going down south, heading up north or crossing to Mactan Island, it’s truly convenient from here.

Located at the southern part of Cebu City and practically next to Talisay City, here is a list of how South Road Properties can bring enjoyable seamless travels, connect different places in Cebu, and make logistics and traveling back and forth hassle-free.


Cebu South Coastal Road

Cebu South Coastal Road is what serves the whole SRP. This two-way national road with six lanes is a diversion road from Talisay City to downtown Cebu. This road gives motorists an option to bypass heavy traffic on the old Cebu south highway and provides direct access from the southern towns to the city center.


South Road Properties Subway

Also known as the SRP Tunnel, the almost one-kilometer-long South Road Properties Subway connects the Cebu South Coastal Road and the North Reclamation Area, also providing easier access to the Port of Cebu. It consists of four lanes with two tunnels in both directions, and passes right underneath Plaza Independencia and Fort San Pedro. This joint development project of Cebu City with Japan, started construction in 2001 and was completed in 2011.


Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX)

Considered one of the largest infrastructures in the Philippines, the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway is the longest bridge-way with a length of 8.5 km. This expressway will connect mainland Cebu from Cebu City to Cordova town in Mactan Island. With this development, traveling from south Cebu to the Mactan Cebu International Airport, will be a lot more convenient. The CCLEX which is seen to open by first quarter in 2022, is expected to aid and lessen traffic on other bridges and increase economic advancement in Cebu and all throughout the Visayas.

Cebu Bus Systems

Catering to the commuting public, buses definitely aids in making Cebu’s transportation structure more efficient. The following are some of the bus systems that are available in Cebu SRP area.

Cebu Interim Bus (CiBus)

The Cebu Interim Bus is a public transport service implemented to improve mobility and connectivity between cities. It has 17 bus stops that will connect Fuente Osmeña to the South Road Properties (SRP area), via North Bacalso Avenue and will be an intermodal transportation system for Metro Cebu.


My Bus

My Bus is a public mode of transportation that accommodates passengers from Talisay, Cebu, Mandaue and Mactan International Airport. My Bus stations are located in SM Seaside Mall, SM City Cebu, Il Corso, City di Mare, Malacañang sa Sugbo and Compañia Maritima. It can serve up to 90 passengers a day.


One of the oldest modes of transportation, KMK Bus operates through Metro Cebu along the routes of Naga, Minglanilla, Talisay and SM City Cebu. It has ordinary and air-conditioned buses with specific routes and schedules.

Cebu Bus Rapid Transit (CBRT)

The Cebu Bus Rapid Transit operates from Bulacao, Talamban, and South Road Properties (SRP). It is partially operational and will be completed by 2023. The Cebu Bus Rapid Transit consists of four bus stations from Cebu South Bus Terminal to Capital area, along Osmeña Boulevard; trunk service from South Road Properties (SRP) going to CSBT via Natalio Bacalso Avenue and coming from Capitol to IT Park with bus terminals at South Road Properties (SRP) and IT Park. Once fully operational, the CBRT can help cater to 60,000 commuters daily with 250 buses and 21 bus stations.

Cebu South Harbor and Container Terminal Services Corp (CSHCTSC)

The Cebu South Harbor and Container Terminal Services Corp is designed as an access for port users and shipping operators to alleviate traffic congestion in the Cebu International Port. Although not mainly for passengers, this development is still worth mentioning. Pioneered in 2018 and established in 2019, this port aims to boost exports and imports, and help establish the city’s presence in the international market.

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