Which Coffee Maker is Right for You?

by PrimaryHomes

May 03, 2021

Nothing gets you going like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. If you can’t function until you get that first sip of caffeine into your system or you can’t get out of the house for a coffee run (especially with community quarantines advising people to stay at home), having your own coffee maker is a life-saver.

Times have changed, and so did coffee-making processes. Now, you have home-friendly espresso machines and digital coffee makers. But with all these options, which one should you choose? Here’s a rundown on some of the most popular coffee makers you can have at home.

Auto Drip Coffee Maker

The trusty automatic drip coffee maker is one of the most popular types of coffee machines that are sold around the world. These are commonly seen in retail stores and are pretty affordable. Although there are larger machines that have a 12-cup brewing capacity, you can own smaller ones for a little over a thousand pesos.

With the auto-drip coffee maker, you can quickly make a cup of joe for 1 or multiple drinkers at a time. The machine will heat the water, pump it onto coffee grinds, and the water will filter through the coffee via gravity. You then get a pot of brewed coffee on a hot plate that keeps it hot. Although there are simple drip coffee machines, there are also more modern digital ones that feature more functions.


TIME: 4-6 minutes

Espresso Machine

This is probably what every hardcore coffee lover would dream of having right in their own home. You can own a smaller one for your home but with a bit hefty price.

Before you can get a strong and rich espresso, you have to learn the technical aspect of the machine and be ready for a labor-intensive coffee-making process. But once you get your espresso shot, it would be worth it in the end. Just imagine all the latte art you can work on. You can make milk froth, too!


TIME: 1-2 minutes

Automated Espresso Machine

An automated and more user-friendly version of the espresso machine, you can have your shot of caffeine with just one push of a button. However, just be ready for a bigger dent on your budget because machines like this can be costly.


TIME: 3-5 minutes

Moka Pot

It’s a simple and cost-effective alternative to the espresso machine. Just put it on top of the stove and brew away. The thick, rich, and flavorful brew you get from the pot goes grate with your frothy steamed milk, creamers, or flavored syrups.

Using steam pressure, the water at the bottom chamber is forced out through a funnel to saturate a separate chamber with your ground coffee. It will then boil up through a metal filter until it goes up to the topmost chamber. With multiple chambers, you may have a lot to clean after. This is a favorite among campers as it can be used on top of a camping stove or over a campfire.


TIME: 5-7 minutes


It may resemble a giant syringe, but it can produce smooth espresso-like coffee with just some extra push. By pushing down the plunger, the AeroPress forces hot water through very fine coffee grounds.

Since it’s quickly and forcibly pressed, all those unwanted chemicals from the beans won’t get into your cup of joe. It’s quite simple to use, easy to clean, and portable.


TIME: 3-5 minutes

French Press

Also known as the press pot, it’s quite a popular manual brewing method. There are also affordable French Press pots available in the kitchen essentials section of your favorite department store for just a couple of hundred pesos. Aside from its affordability, it’s also portable and easy to use and clean.

Just mix your coffee grinds with hot water in the pot and let it steep for 4 minutes. Just make sure that you won’t leave it for longer as the coffee may turn bitter. The mesh metal filter pushes down the coffee grinds so you can easily pour your coffee on your cup. Since the coffee is not trapped in a paper filter, its flavor oils will also be making it into your cup. Since it’s made of glass, it can be fragile.


TIME: 5-10 minutes

Vietnamese Drip Filter

Vietnamese Iced Coffee, anyone? This small steel filter can do the trick for your daily dose of sweet, strong, and dark cold brew. Although, you’re just limited to iced coffee for this one.

To make a cup of Vietnamese Iced Coffee, just put a little condensed milk on the bottom of your glass. On top of the cup, place the filter with the coffee grinds in it. You then pour the hot water and let it filter through the coffee and into the glass. After it’s finished brewing, mix the coffee and the condensed milk, add ice, and enjoy. Just don’t forget to clean up the multiple parts of the steel filter.


TIME: 4-5 minutes

Single-Serve Coffee Maker

This type of coffee maker is fast becoming popular and can now be found not just in homes but even in luxury hotels. It’s a fast and convenient way to get different types of espresso blends, brewed coffee, and even tea. Just put in the capsule with your preferred blend, push a button, wait for a few minutes and voila!

However, the speed and convenience that this machine provides have its trade-offs. Its coffee is of lesser quality and the use of disposable capsules can have a negative impact on the environment. Although, some manufacturers have slowly introduced recyclable versions. The machine itself can be quite expensive, with the most affordable ones being around P7,000 at least. The capsules can also set you back at least P30 a pop.

BONUS: Drip Coffee, Toaster Oven, Griddle Combo

This innovation can be pretty handy for those who live in condos or have limited kitchen space. Also known as the breakfast station, you can do your entire breakfast using this gadget. You can fry your egg on the griddle, toast your bread, and brew coffee with just one appliance.


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