6 Home Office Ideas To Customize Your Unit

by PrimaryHomes

Jan 19, 2022


As the coronavirus pandemic compelled everyone to stay within their bubbles for safety, most professionals no longer need to report to the office. Instead, people brought the workspace to their homes.

Some worked in their bedrooms, attending Zoom meetings with professional attire from the waist up. Others made the dining area their workstation, blurring the kitchen sink and stove in the background. 

But when you’re living in a condo unit, how can you possibly manage to create a home office? 

Check out these easy-to-follow office design ideas you can do to your unit at Royal Oceancrest Mactan to supercharge your productivity:

1. Find the best spot at home

The “best spot” for a work-from-home set-up should tick off all the right boxes: well-equipped, private, and inspiring. It has to be well-equipped in that everything you need is within reach, from important documents and office supplies down to the power outlet. 

Other than that, it should be private with virtually no distractions around so you can concentrate better. This means your spot should be far from the living room, where you can be easily pulled in by Netflix and chill and the chitchats of those living with you. 

Lastly, it must motivate you to be productive. A small space in the bedroom, facing the wall, may not entirely help in that area. If you have a space close to the window where you can see greenery in your condo community, a picturesque view of the cityscape, or people walking or enjoying themselves—that’s an ideal spot for a home office!

One of the benefits of living at Royal Oceancrest Mactan is the smartly designed condo spaces with options like a studio-type unit, one-bedroom, and even two-bedroom unit. 

For a studio and one-bedroom unit, you can choose a quiet corner in your living space that will serve as your designated work area. But if you have extra space in your two-bedroom unit, then you convert your spare room into a whole work-from-home set-up complete with all the equipment and materials you need to be productive.

2. Fill the space with hues of productivity

Getting uninspired with your space? Lift your mood up with room colors that can influence your work performance

If you work in a high-pressure environment, try painting your walls or add touches of blue and green into your space. The color blue helps calm your nerves, as green reduces anxiety and stress. 

If you work at night or have an ever-changing schedule, warm colors are the best options for that much-needed energy boost. Try adding colors like yellow to stimulate creativity, while red can improve your overall mood. Include these hues in your work-from-home set-up depending on your work and personal needs. 

At Royal Oceancrest Mactan, property buyers have the option to go for a bare unit. This allows them to have a free hand on the design of their residence. Although this type of unit already comes with painted walls, you can opt for different color schemes nonetheless when it’s turned over to you. Other features in the bare unit include a kitchen counter with sink, tiled floors, provision for window-type aircon, and under-counter cabinets.

All the same, there are finished units in Royal Oceancrest Mactan with move-in-ready furniture like tables, chairs, and what whatnot— all the bare necessities that meet your needs but also allow you to customize your living space.

Let your creativity run free as you add and incorporate hues for productivity, concentration, and energy-boosters in walls, small furnishings, and fixtures such as paintings, curtains, vases, throw pillows, and more. 

If you think these types of units run off fast, don’t you worry Primary Homes topped off the second tower last September which hosts the finished units.

3. Invest in ergonomic furniture

Most professionals consider ergonomics as a luxury. But if you think about it, it’s a necessity because it promotes not only productivity but also your well-being. 

Ergonomics provide posture support, facilitate healthy blood circulation, and reduce pains in the back, neck, hips, and other parts of the body. 

When you invest in ergonomic furniture in your home office, you’re investing in your health. You get to be in a better position to work more productively and consistently (in the absence of sick days).

By investing in ergonomic furniture and a wellness-oriented residence like Royal Oceancrest Mactan, you can succeed in the work-from-home arrangement in no time.

4. Organize your work materials and equipment

Use different kinds of organizers, cubbies, shelves, baskets, and bins to store all your home office supplies. Buy cord organizers, too - the ones you can conceal under the desk so you can keep those eyesores out of your sight. 

Remember, a clean home office set-up promotes productivity further. It eliminates distractions, for one. Don’t you just hate it when you’re supposed to finish tasks and suddenly you get the urge to sort out that pile of documents that have been sitting on your desk all week long? 

You know you won’t be able to concentrate unless you organize it, and so you spend an hour or so arranging paperwork, precious time that could have been spent on finishing actual tasks.

A clean home office also saves time. With everything placed strategically in organizers, it’s easy to retrieve documents and find the supplies you need. 

Speaking of saving time, one of the best things about getting a condo unit in Royal Oceancrest Mactan is that you can save time with errands because of its strategic location. 

It’s easy to reach essential establishments, like malls, hospitals, transportation hubs, export zones, and industrial parks. Big-ticket infrastructure projects, such as the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway and the Mactan Cebu International Airport are easily accessible as well.

5. Give your space a personal touch

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the WFH arrangement is that you can create a space that's totally yours. There are no limits, no policies to adhere to in terms of styling it. That said, own your space by personalizing it. 

Incorporate elements that make you happy. Plants? We have suggestions of the best houseplants you can start with. Art pieces? Photos of your loved ones? Frame them up in your walls! You can even add some inspirational quotes and vision boards. Showcase them as your aesthetic background in virtual meetings.

6. Extend your living space with condo amenities

Other than being productive, investing in Royal Oceancrest Mactan is investing in your well-being. The condo community allows residents to embrace work-life balance, as it features relaxing amenities

Starting with the fact that about 60% of the resort condominium development is dedicated to open spaces, you can take a mid-day break outside or an after-work stroll around the community. 

Second, one of the best condo features is its fitness amenities, such as the gym and shooting hoops. You can shake the work stress off by having a sweat session at these facilities. 

Third, you can widen your social circle by attending events held at the clubhouse or having a peaceful stroll at the manicured gardens. When the public health situation is safer, you can invite friends over for some barbecue feast, taking advantage of the grilling stations available within the resort condominium development. 

The best work from home condo in Cebu: Royal Oceancrest Mactan

Working from home is the new normal of work. Even after the pandemic, this kind of work arrangement is likely to stay, given the benefits it offers to professionals and entrepreneurs.

Making work more efficient and encouraging hardworking individuals to unwind and relax, the condo units in Royal Oceancrest Mactan make a perfect choice for your next home and workplace. 

If you’re interested to know more about the development, contact us today!


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