6 Reasons Why PrimaryHomes is Considered the Trusted Brand in Real Estate

by Silingan

Apr 22, 2022

Do you have 100% trust and confidence in your developer? 

As a property buyer, investing in real estate can be daunting. You are usually confronted with difficult choices that may or may not end up cutting down your money’s worth. Whether you are new to investing in real estate or you see yourself as a pro, it’s always important to trust your property developers all the way.

Just like any other transaction, trusting your provider is a great first step. In real estate investing, you should look out for certain qualities when trusting real estate property developers.

This is where PrimaryHomes comes in. 

As one of the most reliable real estate developers in Cebu and the Visayas, PrimaryHomes aims for quality and sustainability—a strong indication of a brand that you can rely on. I

We rounded up everything you need to know about the ways how Primary Homes proves to be a trusted brand with every project. 


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A Proven Track Record

According to the New Straits Times, developers with reputable track records have a substantial online presence that can help property buyers gauge the workmanship and services that they offer. 

If you are keen on getting a brand that echoes a great reputation, PrimaryHomes is your best bet. PrimaryHomes has successfully turned over more than 10,000 residential units and 48 quality subdivisions and condominiums in Cebu, Bohol, and Negros. From getting started with your real estate transaction to choosing the best solutions for your new property, PrimaryHomes is in every step of the way. 

If you browse through the various PrimaryHomes projects, you’ll understand how dedicated the brand is in terms of developing quality homes in key Central Visayas areas that can easily adapt to market mobility and long investments. 

Trustworthy and reliable, PrimaryHomes is backed up by a track record of years of service in the real estate industry. 

30 Years Strong and Continuing to Grow


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With decades’ worth of experience, PrimaryHomes has a rich history of building communities for generations. 

PrimaryHomes anchors its service as a brand made of Primary Group of Builders synergy built on trust and reliability. Top Cebu real estate developers equipped with expertise in the market’s needs and property management services offer great value for your money.  

PrimaryHomes’ service in the last three decades incorporates up-to-date innovation to secure adaptability despite the constant change in the real estate market. Simply put, PrimaryHomes continues to grow along with time.  

We know exactly what it takes to integrate the highest quality of materials in building your homes. With 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, you wouldn’t have to look far for a reputable team of real estate developers. Companies like PrimaryHomes maintain the benchmarks in Philippine real estate and are nothing short of the quality that is built on experience and commitment to serving communities in Central Visayas.  

Multi-Awarded Condo and Housing Projects

Another way of assessing whether you should trust a developer or not is through its accolades. Let’s be honest, getting an award in the real estate industry is not easy. There needs to be proven credibility and workmanship through the years to make a mark. It goes without saying that when you choose a multi-awarded brand, you’re also securing an efficient working relationship that results in a lasting investment. 

The awards and accolades of PrimaryHomes speak for themselves. From Philippines Property Awards’ Best Housing Development and Best Condo Developments in Cebu to DOT Property Awards, you are in great hands with PrimaryHomes in each property you invest in. 

Indeed, PrimaryHomes is not new to being a multi-awarded brand with an award-winning condo and housing projects in both the local and national markets. But what makes PrimaryHomes stand out is its commitment to translating quality service into lasting affiliations with NGOs and other communities. And yes, these affiliations are awarded and highly recognized, too.  

When you work with PrimaryHomes, you’re also working with a brand whose efforts are recognized not just in Cebu, but also in the Philippines.

Recommended by Real Estate Sales Professionals

These days, property buyers rely on recommendations. Indeed, there is no space for diving headfirst into real estate without knowing the risks involved. That is what separates a great set of real estate developers from the rest. Their services are often recommended by none other than real estate sales professionals themselves. And you know what this means: it’s about credibility. 

Real estate sales professionals know the ins and outs of Cebu real estate, and their recommendations will always be given due regard. PrimaryHomes undeniably stays on top of the game when it comes to credibility. Known to be highly recommended by trusted corporations in the market, PrimaryHomes never fails to deliver quality service. 

If you’re a bit skeptical about real estate developers, you can always refer to professional recommendations. Sure, there are many real estate freebies and double-digit discounts to lure you, but it’s always a smart move to talk to a professional like real estate agents. They may know more than what you can find on the internet or from the developer.

Commitment to On-Time Delivery

In a fast-paced development industry, being on time is everything. If you feel like a certain project is taking forever, then you may have your doubts or two.

Here’s a tip: look into two factors when it comes to efficient delivery:  

First, a trusted company of developers has a commitment to deliver that is shown with its careful planning. Second, it gives assurance to clients for peace of mind.

PrimaryHomes is best known for its on-time delivery of quality projects,  a brand that is transparent in making plans and providing necessary updates for the status of the transaction. Most importantly, the team follows the agreed schedule in order to avoid delays. 

What’s even better is that PrimaryHomes never misses a deadline, and ensures that clients are updated with whatever progress the team has made. While some delays might be unforeseen, PrimaryHomes always gives assurance to clients on the best solutions that will make the project more time-bound.  

So, if you are crucial about time management, PrimaryHomes will never disappoint. With  PrimaryGroup of Builders’ synergy, on-time delivery is guaranteed and you’ll be getting quality properties on time or even the least amount of time.

A Strong Sense of Social Responsibility


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It’s desirable to be coordinating with a team that is taking initiatives to create a socially responsible environment and other causes relative to real estate. Additionally, being socially responsible entails an environmental perspective, too.  

Cebu property developers are not new to the changes brought by natural calamities in residential buildings. Social responsibility bridges the gap between property management with sustainable development.  

PrimaryHomes always makes sure to give back to the community. Part of what makes PrimaryHomes on top is its drive toward building communities while inspiring change in the community. 

These can be seen in its numerous environmental programs,and activities promoting medical missions, and various advocacies for women and the Bisaya culture. One of the long-running programs is our 'Nurture.Nature.Future' tree planting activity wherein PrimaryHomes plants trees in locations near new projects and developments. 

This is what separates a trusted brand from all the developers in Cebu: the commitment to embrace social responsibility in real estate investing. 

PrimaryHomes: A Trusted Brand

Choosing a trusted brand with every project means securing the value of your money for the long term. Be keen on working with reliable developers to handle your real estate properties. If you are looking for a trusted brand that will give you a smooth real estate transaction, PrimaryHomes is the answer. 

Now that you know how PrimaryHomes offers its best foot forward to serve you, it’s time to get connected. Be equipped before you invest. Know every information there is about trusting the right brand to get money’s worth of experience. 

If you’re in Cebu and you want to partner with reliable real estate developers, book an appointment today! 

If you want to know more about investing in real estate in the long run, you can always contact PrimaryHomes at www.primaryhomes.com. Make a great choice today by choosing PrimaryHomes! 


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