Live a Well-balanced Life with Almond Drive

by PrimaryHomes

May 16, 2022

The availability of condominium amenities is one of the key considerations when looking for a condo for personal and investment purposes. The good news is that PrimaryHomes is committed to improving the lifestyle of its residents by developing healthful communities at affordable rates.

One of the condominium projects of PrimaryHomes that supports the lifestyle and wellness goals is Almond Drive, a 1.5-hectare urban oasis that highlights low-density living. This condo community is located at Brgy. Tangke, Talisay City, Cebu, strategically situated at the emerging lifestyle, tourism, and business center in Cebu City.

Besides your living space, you also get to enjoy a lot of amenities that are otherwise too expensive to have installed with your house and lot. Almond Drive has amenities that can keep you focused and refreshed like the open gardens, pool, playground, and gym. Plus this condominium is low density, you can be sure that you will enjoy these amenities without having to share them with too many people.

Here’s the latest condominium amenities list in Almond Drive condo and how these features can help support a balanced lifestyle.

Breathe in the fresh air and gain peace of mind at our open courtyards

This condominium feature of Almond Drive will surely give you your much-needed relaxation time. With its open courtyards and manicured gardens, you can enjoy the serene environment, greenery, and the fresh breeze of the cool air to clear your mind and shake any worries.

It is advisable to have alone time and personal exploration for your mental health. If you want to have a peaceful and quiet time for yourself or do some personal reflection, you may do so at the outdoor amenities of Almond Drive.

You can try journaling outside to write down your thoughts or priorities, read up on a good book or novel to enrich yourself, listen to your favorite music or artist while walking around, or do some outside meditation or yoga stretches But then again, you can just sit down on the bench or layout a mat and just soak up the sun and fresh air.

Stay healthy and in shape in our fitness gym

Health is important, especially in this time of the pandemic. You need to be physically fit and healthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Almond Drive has a well-equipped fitness center that provides a safe and comfortable workout environment where you can work out and improve your physique. You can visit this facility on weekdays after work to relieve stress from work and even on weekends for longer work-out time to try new exercises and stay in shape.

Keep yourself cool in the swimming pool

Pool-1Photo courtesy of Primary Homes

Though the beach is a few streets away, there is no need for you and your family to go out of the condo community for a dip in the pool or a relaxing vacation. Almond Drive has a swimming pool facility where you can enjoy and bond together with your family and friends.

You can have a pool day with the whole family complete with a lunch spread of barbequed meat, and seafood, with fresh fruit and vegetables. The family or even the neighborhood can also have mini-swimming activities for the kids to keep them active yet cool at the same time.

For adults, ff you want to mix up your health or exercise routines, swimming also provides health benefits that you can gain such as improved muscle strength and even breathing or lung capacity.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy this facility at Almond Drive.

Weekend fun and activities at the community clubhouse

Almond-drive-amenities-2Photo courtesy of Primary Homes

There is no need to stress out looking for venues to celebrate your special occasions. Almond Drive got you covered with its condominium amenities.

Celebrating family occasions is not just about throwing a party. Celebrations are embedded in our Filipino culture where family members get together to share food, drinks, and stories during birthdays, weddings, holidays, and milestones. This is the Filipino way of nurturing strong relations with kin and friends.

The community clubhouse is available for use by tenants, but always make sure to call your Project Management Office (PMO) to reserve the space and let others know you’re having a celebration!

Let your kids grow and explore in the playground

Almond-drive-amenities-1Photo courtesy of Primary Homes

Your kids are going to love this Almond Drive lifestyle amenity! The kids’ playground is a spacious area for outdoor activities. There are well-oiled swings, sturdy slides, safe monkey bars, and areas for your children to run and play around on.

This area is good for kids to release pent-up energy, especially when they’re stuck inside most of the time with online schoolwork or activities. But letting them on playgrounds are actually beneficial for their physical and motor development, strengthens their muscles, and also improves their social skills by playing with other kids.

The condo playground is located next to the clubhouse and the swimming pool. You can also throw a children’s party in the clubhouse where guests may enjoy the pool and open area— a win-win situation!

Care safety with designated parking spaces

almond-drive-image-1Photo courtesy of Primary Homes

Almond Drive offers exclusive parking spaces for every homeowner. It’s an add-on benefit when you purchase a unit. No extra charges or fees, unlike in other condo projects. You don’t have to worry about your parking slot and the safety of your vehicle if you are a homeowner at Almond Drive.

The parking space is located under each building, so there is no need for a communal parking space.

Ensured safety and security with perimeter fences, CCTVs, and staff

two-cctv-image-1Photo courtesy of Michal Jakubowski via Unsplash

Your security is one of the top priorities of PrimaryHomes. That is why they make sure that the Almond Drive condominiums are secured with a perimeter fence and close-circuit televisions (CCTVs). The CCTVs are strategically installed in common areas and monitored 24/7 by trained security personnel.

Almond Drive also deploys its trained security guards to conduct 24/7 monitoring in common areas in the condo community. The roving guards are also on high alert to check on dangerous or suspicious activity that might compromise the safety and security of the community and its tenants.

The entry of the visitors and guests of the homeowners is monitored from the main gate to maintain a safe space, including incoming vehicles continuously.

Work comfortably from home & achieve work-life balance

Almond Drive condo units have well-built living spaces with smartly designed courtyard units that are designed to maximize space and provide you with comfort and ease.

If you’re working from home, then this is the perfect home for you! With multiple types of units to choose from, rest assured that Almond Drive gives you the freedom to choose a layout that works best with your lifestyle.

Elegant-Entrace-with-Guardhouse-1Photo courtesy of Primary Homes

In choosing a home for your personal or investment needs, it’s important to take your time to do your own research. Scour the market for the right location, developer, project and unit for you. Here are some tips for your condo hunting:

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