Unconfined Urban Living with The Courtyards at Almond Drive

by PrimaryHomes

Jan 27, 2022

Real estate has definitely gone through different phases and trends but one that’s been around (and for good reason) is breathable resort-like open spaces that gives an appeal to a quiet and relaxed lifestyle. In fact, many up-and-coming residential real estate projects like the homes in Almond Drive Talisay City Cebu have tapped into this trend by seamlessly integrating this unique feature within the vicinity.

Advantages of Having a Smartly Designed Courtyard Like Almond Drive in Talisay City Cebu

When smart design and architecture elements are applied, your courtyard can give you many benefits, no matter the size. Residences like Almond Drive in Talisay City are a wonderful example of a real estate project that used clever design choices to seamlessly integrate a courtyard within its urban location. 

Here are six advantages of having a well-designed space and how it can elevate your overall lifestyle and quality of life.  

1. The Perfect Combination of Modern Lifestyle, Lush Greenery, and Smart Spaces. 

You’re probably looking for a home that’s more than just a space to call your own. You need some kind of environment that allows you to have an outlet, wind down, and do something that pleases you. 

When you live in a place like PrimaryHomes’ The Courtyards, you’ll be in a community that’s surrounded by lush greenery, letting you breathe easy and refocus your mindset to get you to feel at ease. 

Take advantage of what The Courtyards has to offer; take a dip in the swimming pool, visit the clubhouse, watch the kids play in the playground, break a sweat at the fitness gym, and of course, enjoy the fresh air the open courtyards have to offer.

Plus, being a walk-up condo with 3 stories, you don’t have to deal with the stress of waiting for an elevator or being too high up a floor. It even encourages you to move and stay active especially with the smart spaces available. 

2. Well Laid-out Living Spaces Designed to Maximize Space and Provide Comfort

The idea of moving in always stirs a different kind of emotion - stress. But after that, once you finally settle in, it also gives you a great feeling of accomplishment.

Making the decision to get your own place is one of the pinnacle moments of adult life because of all the planning and preparation you go through. Finding the place that checks everything on your list from basic finishes to available amenities, is sometimes a shot in the dark. But then the units at the Courtyards that were designed and finished with quality features for a comfortable and stress-free moving-in experience with you in mind. 

You can rest assured that the award-winning Courtyards units deliver with its promise of an unconfined living, a smartly designed space, and a wide range of amenities. Each unit features a breathable space (that’s ideal for a young professional or a family), with most of the units having a balcony, and includes free parking for all units.

3. Peaceful Exclusivity With the Courtyard’s Low-density Design 

There’s nothing like moving into a new home that’ll make you feel safe and secure especially during these times. If you’re looking for a place that’s not that crowded yet allows you to enjoy a modern lifestyle, then a unit at The Courtyards is the answer.

The units at The Courtyards feature a low-density design limited to 2-7 units per floor. This makes it a peaceful living space. And, given the pandemic requiring us to maintain safe distances from each other, you could go so far as saying it’s ideal. 

Ease your mind with the thought of living in a community that’s not crowded and kept safe by security features like the guardhouse, CCTC, and perimeter fence to name a few.

4. Lets You Relax and Improves Mental Wellness 

Without a doubt, the global pandemic showed us the adverse effects of staying in an enclosed space for a long period of time. Even the most introverted of individuals can feel cabin fever at some point. Another sensible purpose of courtyards is that they offer you an outdoor space where you can just sit back and relax. 

5. Be in Close Proximity to Nature

If you live in the city, courtyards are your ticket to a quick change of scenery. With a courtyard right at home, you won’t have to drive out of town to a seaside resort or up the mountains just to relax or recharge. With the sight of plants and a well-manicured lawn, you have a mini oasis within reach. 

Aside from its aesthetic benefits, courtyards can help boost your overall health. The relaxing views of gardens and plants can reduce stress. The ventilation lets you breathe fresh air even in the city. The open-air location provides access to the much-needed vitamin D from the sun.

There’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to living in a place like The Courtyards; not only does it offer the kind of environment that everyone wants to live in but also the idea of a space that was designed with you in mind. 

Check out how this property seamlessly integrated function and beauty in the midst of its modern-day homes. Take the first step to discover how to elevate your lifestyle and dive into unconfined urban living in the south Cebu area, by inquiring at Primary Homes today.


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