5 Undeniable Reasons Why It’s Best to Invest in a Condo in Your 30s

by PrimaryHomes

Mar 16, 2022

Are you feeling the pressure of building your savings and future for the next stages of your adult life?

Whether it’s getting married, starting a family, or being financially successful, the pressure to hit milestones when you reach your 30s is real.

You’re asking yourself hard-hitting questions about your career, relationships, and future while working and juggling your current needs like daily necessities and bills. Add to that the need to make difficult decisions regarding your finances like saving up and looking for worthy investments like looking for a place to settle down and call your own, generating another source of passive income, and building their retirement fund.

The best part is you can already start sowing the seeds now and reap the rewards earlier than intended by investing in PrimaryHomes’ projects and properties by leading and reputable real estate developer in Cebu.

5 Reasons Why It’s Best To Invest in a Condo in your 30s

Maybe you’re now asking yourself the question, “Is your 30s a good time to invest in a condo?” Here are 5 undeniable reasons that may encourage you to go for it:

  • You are mentally and emotionally mature.

  • Your lifestyle is changing.

  • You can afford to take baby steps.

  • You can exercise wiser spending habits.

  • You’re ready for long-term investment.

1. You are mentally and emotionally mature.

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At 30, you’re mentally and emotionally ready to make decisions and face their consequences. You’re ready to move-out of your parent's home and you need to take the necessary steps toward independent living.

You’re an adult capable of standing up to your life choice and this would also be the best time to practice “adulting” by getting your own place.

Choose a condo as your first home. Condominiums are a perfect choice for when you’re transitioning in your 30s.

A condo like Royal Oceancrest Mactan would be perfect for you as it offers different unit types that are spacious and well constructed to suit your taste.  They offer a safe and gated community with 24/7 security and hallways or common areas equipped with CCTV cameras so you don’t need to worry about living by yourself.

For the busy and career-driven professional, this condo in Cebu is located near Cebu’s business capital and commercial hubs for accessibility.

2. Your lifestyle is changing.

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At the age of 30, you are now starting to discover things about yourself, hobbies you like and dislike, and whatnot. You’re always on the go, you want to move easily. You prefer that the grocery store and your favorite coffee shop are just a few minutes away. You feel the need for a place to fit your changing lifestyle, and of course, a space you can call your own.

Situated right at the heart of Mactan Island, Cebu, Royal Oceancrest Mactan provides you with the comfort of a secure community with all the amenities you need for a fast-paced lifestyle. It is strategically located right at the center of modern establishments in the tropical island of Mactan and never too far from the buzzing business capital of Cebu.

Here you are free to do some physical activities, the community amenities provide a fitness gym, jogging path, and shooting hoops.

If you also want to have social gatherings, you can use their common spaces like a clubhouse or have a picnic on the grass and use the grilling station.     

3. You can afford to take baby steps.

Your 30's are the prime of your life. You’re still young enough to work as hard as you can. You may keep a full-time job while also venturing into part-time or freelance work.

You can afford to take baby steps toward your financial goal at a young age. Investing early gives you the benefit of growing your money through the years. If you plan to retire at age 60, you still have 30 years to build your wealth.

You are not pressured to make investment decisions as soon as possible. For example, you can start investing in a small condo unit and lease it out to help pay the mortgage. You can then buy an additional unit once you’re financially able to. This will help boost your earning potential.

You can make adjustments or adapt to changes. Because you’re young, you have the edge of managing risk and learning a lot about investments.

4. You can exercise wiser spending habits.

At this stage of your life, you know very well the importance of savings and investments. If in your 30s, you’ve already attained control of your finances, then you may consider getting into condo ownership.

At this stage, you still don't have the responsibilities of those who already have growing families and are already sending their children to middle school, for example.   

This is a perfect stage to practice further your spending discipline. If you’re getting a mortgage to buy the property, you should be able to pay the monthly amortization on top of your living expenses and other responsibilities.

If you start investing at 30, make sure to take advantage of longer investment financing terms.  

However, you should also be wise in looking for a condo property that you will invest in. You should look for Cebu real estate developers that are reliable, trustworthy, and worth the purchase.

5. You’re ready for long-term investments.

You have stable sources of income, able to manage your finances well, and have a clear idea of what you want in your life. You’re only in your 30s yet you’re ready to start working for your long-term goals.

Rather than spending your money on things that have no value or things that depreciate over time, you are looking for assets that provide above-average ROI in the long term.

You can just imagine the value of your condo property after 30-40 years. You may sell your unit at a higher price after 5-10 years or you may rent it out for a stream of passive income.

Here is a buyer's guide to owning a property by Primary Homes. Before signing up, make sure that you’ve familiarized yourself with the property of your choice, the specifications of the development and the units, and the payment options available.

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When you are at the age of 30 and time is on your side, it is a good time to explore feasible investment options to meet your long-term goals.

If you have begun putting aside money for your long-term financial goals, then now is the best time to move further. One of the best investment options would be a condo property.  

It is safer to buy a home in your 30s because through the years the value of real estate property appreciates. Make sure to invest in a property that is in a strategic location and with a reputable developer to maximize your investment's growth potential. 

To learn more about Royal Oceancrest Mactan and other Primary Homes’ projects, units, and flexible financing, log on to Primary Homes Inc. (PHI) or call (032) 254-3058.


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