Things to Consider in Choosing a Reliable Cebu Property Developer

by PrimaryHomes

Aug 27, 2021

There’s no doubt that searching for homes in Cebu that returns a worthwhile expenditure is demanding, so counting on reliable real estate property developers can be your only resort for a seamless real estate transaction.

But time and time again, many property buyers are falling prey to misleading schemes. The glossy advertisements and high-pressure salesmanship ring alarm bells in any buyer’s mind but property developers fail to showcase their credible real estate. And with that, buyers trouble on delays, needless investments, and other problems in the long run.

Purchasing a property is a lifetime investment so you can’t afford to gamble with that! That is why having prior research in choosing the best Cebu property developers is a must.

Here is a checklist that outlines the usual process property buyers need to assess in choosing the best property developer - from searching for reliable property developers, looking into their credibility, and evaluating potential properties prior to purchase.

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How to Search for a Reliable Cebu Property Developers

Cebu, Philippines boasts its popular beaches and diving spots, which is maybe why it is known as the Queen City of the South. If you look beyond the shores, you’ll take yourself to centuries-old time travel for the city’s historical sites.

For that reason and more, Cebu is considered as one of the best places to live in, not just travel! As more residents are flocking into the city, it’s essential to find a credible Cebu real estate developer that can provide you with an array of reliable choices for your housing needs.

To help you out, we listed here the characteristics of a premier property developer you should consider before making a property purchase decision:

1. Properties are Quality Checked

Financing on real estate highly requires cautious decision-making since it is an extensive financial project. Inquiring about the project qualities of the property developer is the first important step in searching for a credible one you can trust.

To ensure that you are going for a premium property developer, take a list of the following qualities a property developer must have:

  • Pioneer in Large-Scale Vertical and Horizontal Developments

    Some property developers in Cebu stick to building the basics - leaving a lot of room for improvement. In contrast, reliable developers level up their properties to create exclusive projects for their investors.

    A successful property developer must be able to showcase extensive projects from building design and construction, zone and ground mapping, to utility installation.

  • Well-Planned and Responsibly-Managed Homes

    While properly constructed homes can be enough for buyers who need no more than a sleeping place, well-calculated placements of sites and establishments must still be planned.

    Browse the developer’s forums, press releases, and property sites. Residential properties must be within the proximity of essential establishments like schools, hospitals, parks, and shopping malls.

    With this, residents can go shopping, send children to school, or easily reach the hospital during emergencies.

  • Consistent Construction Quality

    A top real estate developer never compromises on the construction quality and always ensures coherent quality, even to the finest details. Everything on their project is constructed with unparalleled quality.

    To achieve consistent quality, credible developers bring exceptional materials and amenities into their properties. This assures you that they have enough funds from the first to the last phases of the project.

  • Fostering Vibrant Communities

    It’s not just about the architectural designs and construction qualities you must be looking out for. A sense of belongingness in a community is essential for all residents, so choose one that has good qualities of a neighbor and an environment that stimulates vibrant communities.

    A credible developer can transform a quiet community into a lifestyle hub with reasonably high property value.

2. Look for a Trusted Brand

Property developers that have proven to deliver their promises and stay true to their values are what you must be looking for. It’s a great move to have a property developer brand’s background check to ensure their performance and establish your expectations.

Checking through the property developer’s market credentials is an important yardstick as a metric to their overall performance and experience. But how can you tell that a brand is publicly trusted? Here are some things you should check out:

  • Proven Track Record and Service Period

    It’s more trustworthy to transact with experienced developers with great performance records. Always check a developer’s track record and learn about their past projects. Developers with more experience are likely to have more professional and seamless procedures.

  • Awards and Commendations

    Going through the ratings, awards, and recommendations from real estate professionals can help you compare each of the developers’ titles, construction standards, and project schedules. They give great parameters to rate and assign which developers you can efficiently work with.

    The awards they present may not be an accurate metric of their performance, but they still give you an adequate estimate of their true potential and credibility.

  • On-Time Delivery

    You’ll want to make sure that the developer actually follows their schedule so it’s one thing to check if the property developer follows a definite calendar.

    With the Philippines having a tropical climate, property developers must declare plans and provide updates relative to the rainfall, humidity, and temperature conditions in the area.

  • High Investment Returns

    A reliable Cebu property developer knows that you won’t be just buying a piece of real estate. They know that you’re stepping into a new lifestyle so they’ll offer you not just a place to stay - but also a lifetime asset. They’ll choose a strategic location and optimize space to yield high investment returns.

3. Customer-Driven

In any industry, customer-driven quality is the most defining trait. It is essential that a developer demonstrate a willingness to respond to your needs and expectations.

In the real estate industry, the developer’s priority is always towards you, from the stages of planning, construction, design, delivery and post-sales services.

  • Fully-Integrated Service

    Does the property developer have a website? Can you easily navigate through their property buyer’s guide in terms of processes and transactions, from financing, approval, and transaction?

    A reliable real estate developer does not have limited and incomplete services - hence not impeding the project.

  • Easy Home Buying Process

    You’ll notice that a credible property developer is genuinely concerned with your needs. They will be there every step of the way and manage your expectations.

    You can see their honesty as they inform their clients with the best property choices, problems with the planning, or about any delays.

One of the most credible property developers in Cebu is our brand, Primary Homes.

For almost three decades in the real estate industry, we have earned our brand an enviable reputation as a reliable partner in property development. See how we gained trust through the integrity and relationships we’ve built with our customers:

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  • We choose strategic locations, optimize space, and secure our communities so if you want high-yielding investments, Primary Homes is the perfect choice for you.
  • Primary Homes has successfully established a dynamic community, not just in Cebu City, but in Negros and Bohol as well.

Are you interested in looking for credible real estate in Cebu? Primary Homes will be happy to help every step of the way to get you the best deal. Inquire about our properties and list with us today.


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