Why the Condo Lifestyle is Perfect for your Adulting Journey

by PrimaryHomes

Jul 28, 2022

We took off our graduation caps wide-eyed and excited for the world, but the reality is there are bills to pay, deadlines to beat, and loved ones to take care of. In other words, it's a free dive towards the reality of becoming independent; which is why the adulting journey involves a lot of pondering and planning. But it's always best to get these things done in your own Cebu condominium.

While confusing finances is an inevitable part of being a young professional, you can never go wrong with allocating a portion of your income to investment-especially for a condominium in Cebu

Condominiums are proven to be good investment returns, especially if constructed by reliable developers like PrimaryHomes Inc., as they have already made a name for themselves in the industry for the past thirty years.

At the same time, it's easy to understand why investing in your 20s may be regarded as a risk during an ongoing pandemic. So, let this list assure you why the best time to invest in a condo NOW!

Why the condo lifestyle is perfect for your adulting journey

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You were always too busy or lacked allowance to go on trips, see new sites, or try new things when you were a student. Now that you're embarking on your adulting journey and earning on your own, it's important to make worthwhile investments early so that you can live comfortably in the lifestyle you want and deserve.

Cebu condominiums are always with top amenities and in strategic locations while being close to major businesses. This exactly is what you need when you’re just starting out into the real world. Keep reading to know the benefits of a condo in your adulting journey:

1. Condos are located in strategic locations which are perfect for your active lifestyle.

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With the rise of numerous advancements in Cebu real estate, the location may really distinguish a superb property from the rest. Given that they are near significant business and leisure sites, Cebu condominiums especially attract a lot of attention. This is beneficial to adulting individuals who want to live closer to their employment in order to save time and money. 

You can thrive in your 9 to 5 job, and have a great night afterward. You don’t have to worry about a long commute, just a quick ride and you’ll be safe in your condo. The same goes for the morning, you don’t have to rush to beat traffic jams, you can simply wake up at a convenient time to make sure you get all the rest you need and walk to your office.

No need to account for your safety and the hassle of travel time when getting to places when you’re in the center of it all.

2. You can finally experiment on interior design of your choice.


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Through time, different views and preferences emerge as deviations from the traditional ones. Top Cebu condominiums understand the need to adapt to changing times, which is why it offers a diverse set of portfolios you can choose from.

It has condo units for those who prefer to live in solitude, those who want to start a life with their partner, or those planning to build a family of their own at any time they choose. 

That is why having a smart space to customize the life you want is important. From the size of the unit and how it will look, to which amenity you would want to spend your free time on. This development has landscaped spaces conducive to meditation. You can always do this alone, or with your preferred company. 

With different units, you can also design your condo unit as you want it. Its walls are a blank canvas that you can essentially project your vision onto quite easily. Turn into the living space that you want.

With a space of your own, you can easily achieve that ‘home goal’ you’ve always wanted.

3. You can save and enjoy the community amenities and facilities.

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Apart from undeniable value for money, condo living also means having top-notch condo amenities as an extension of your home. This is well-suited for millennials who are heavily inclined to recreational activities to help in their wellness and holistic development. They prefer to live in places with complete amenities - may these be swimming pools, jogging paths, or gyms. 

Planning for a special occasion? You can have it at the condominium’s function hall. If you prefer a more casual gathering, there is also a grilling station in the vicinity. Of course, after a sumptuous meal, you can always make use of the gym and jogging paths, while children can stay in the play areas. You’d be able to save up on expenses going someplace else because the amenities that you need are just around the corner.

4. Maintenance Concerns are not an issue for first time homeowners.

Reliable developers only use the best materials in constructing their real estate properties. Proven by the quality of their work and their impressive track record, companies like Primary Group of Builders provide integrated solutions for premier developments. 

As a result, all units are of great quality, requiring only minimal maintenance as compared to other properties. Also, maintenance of amenities and common areas will be taken cared of by the property administrator as well. For homeowners, this means getting all the benefits of condo living without major adjustments on your personal monthly expenses. Meaning more opportunities to save money or spend it somewhere else. 

Also, property administrators are always there to help out with concerns on maintenance and repairs. This is convenient for first-time home buyers.

5. You can start living independently with peace of mind.

Home is where your mind is at peace, and this must be ensured by your chosen condominium. Since you spend most of your time at home, it is vital that you feel comfortable, safe, and secure within the confines of your property. 

Most condominiums in Cebu have a double-elevator setup, 24/7 CCTV operations, and fire alarm systems to add security to the place. Generators and overhead water tanks should also be available for tenants. These should be ensured to be well-maintained and operational for all the unit owners of this Cebu condominium.

With all these facilities at bay, you and your loved ones do not need to worry about safety and security. 

6. Once you’re ready to move to the ‘next-stage home’, you can easily resell or rent out your unit.

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A major concern among millennials when investing is the affordability of a real estate property. Every hard-earned penny must be spent wisely. 

By investing in a condo lifestyle, you avoid spending a huge chunk of your salary on rentals. If you have already paid your equity, for instance, you can easily move in once the project is ready. This follows a timeline to ensure that the target unit delivery schedule is met. Updates on the turn-over process and move-in requirement will also be made available to unit owners through account officers. 

Even those in entry-level status jobs can afford the condo lifestyle through easy financing. Fortunately, there are now plenty of companies that offer low down payments with stretched equity and flexible financing terms.

Aside from being affordable, Cebu condominiums are also secured, crisis-proof investments. See for yourself! It is perfect for young professionals who would like to elevate their adulting journey by investing their hard-earned money.

You can earn extra income from your condo unit as well by renting it out. You can also choose to sell your condominium unit when you no longer have any need for it.

Real estate properties are also sure to appreciate in value, especially those in strategic locations. Contrary to the unpredictability of the stock market, real estate investment is always stable, because the demand for a home remains steady from generation to generation.

Following the notion that shelter is a basic need for everyone, real estate is also a steady good source of additional income. Residents and tenants will continue to pay to have a roof over their heads, like how you continue to allot a budget for food and clothing. This makes your real estate property a secured investment. 

Jumpstart your adulting journey with the best condo

Discover how investing in a real estate property is a high risk-high reward choice. This has been evident with how millennials became among the groups buying properties even during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Being technologically adept has enabled the younger generation to be keener in managing their finances. Using their devices to conduct research on properties, view model units, and communicate with real estate agents has led to them making better choices for their future.

PrimaryHomes’ Vice President for Sales and Marketing Ramero Espina welcomes this trend, believing that “the younger generation is becoming more financially literate. The market's priorities have shifted due to the crisis. We've seen an increase of first-time real estate investors. As a reliable developer, we are supporting them fully in their investment journey with our all-in pricing, seamless sales process, flexible financing, and on-time delivery.”

Achievement in your 20s or 30s can mean so many things, but for many of us, having a safe and secure home is more than enough. That said, invest in a condo lifestyle and trust in PrimaryHomes’ properties like Royal Oceancrest Mactan and Royal Oceancrest Panglao.

The Royal Oceancrest series is a testament to PrimaryHomes’ solid reputation as a reliable real estate brand, together with Triple-A category general contractor Primary Structures Corporation, ISO-certified concrete solutions provider Concrete Solutions Inc., and construction innovator ABC LightStrong Building System. 

Each property is designed through mixed-use development, making living experiences a gateway to new experiences and dreams— perfect for those starting out in their adulting and investment journey.

The residents of these condo properties enjoy both modern living and island vibes as it is situated in tourist spots like Mactan and Panglao, both are tropical islands a stone's throw away from the business capital of Cebu.    

Not to mention the resort-style condo also gains you access to unique amenities for the whole community like pools, playgrounds, gyms, and the clubhouse.

The list of benefits in Royal Oceancrest Mactan and Panglao can go on forever. But one thing you shouldn’t forget? Taking a step towards owning property at Royal Oceancrest also means taking a step towards the condo lifestyle of your dreams.


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