Your Urban Advantage: Satisfy Your Lifestyle Needs at the Almond Drive Cebu

by PrimaryHomes

Jan 03, 2022

When looking for a condo in Cebu, it’s important to pick the perfect one for your urban lifestyle. You’ll want a place that satisfies your every need - but these kinds of condos can be hard to find without the right help and guidance in Cebu nowadays.

No need to look far and wide for your first-time real estate investment anymore; Almond Drive is the best solution to satisfy your urban lifestyle this year. 

Take a look at the reaons why Almond Drive is the perfect condo in Cebu for you today.

It might sound cliché, but location is always the first thing you should consider when you’re looking at condos in Cebu. As an on-the go condo owner, you want a condo unit that connects you to urban centers like businesses, malls, and offices but also come to a relaxing and resort-like community.

Good thing Almond Drive offers both those amazing condo lifestyles in one property!

The condo is located near South Road Properties (SRP), which is Cebu’s emerging place of lifestyle with all the conveniences you need with its malls and lifestyle centers like SM Ayala’s Consortium, SM Seaside City Cebu, Cebu Ocean Park, and more.

It has impressive themed parks and is very accessible to adventure and recreation places in Cebu South. Also, some of its ongoing developments are expected to become the biggest destinations in Cebu.

Other than its prime location, the SRP district is on the rise as the developments will further increase the location’s appeal with more business opportunities and continual economic growth— making it the best location for a condo in Cebu.

Then once the work-day is done and it’s time to come home, Almond Drive provides you with fresh air and peace of mind that makes you forget all the hustle and bustle of the city. With its open-air and low-density living spaces, you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle at this oasis every day. 

Almond Drive’s open living spaces are also great for exercises like jogging, biking, and even yoga. The property is a walk-up condominium that uses the stairs instead of elevators to encourage you to move and exercise more while at home.

Aside from that, you can also enjoy open-air and a relaxing afternoon at the pool, keep in shape at the fitness center, spend mornings in our jogging paths, and have quality family time at the play area or garden. You can also choose to be with the rest of the community by having weekend afternoons at the clubhouse that truly makes you feel like you’re in a vacation-like home.

Of course, you might think that all of these amenities come at a hefty price? Worry not as PrimaryHomes and Almond Drive have flexible financing schemes that offer you good deals and personalized real estate services that will help you throughout your journey of finding your new home. 

As a premier Cebu real estate developer with a reliable portfolio of residential homes, PrimaryHomes has a storied history in the home development industry with a great reputation for on-time turnovers, sprawling developments, and fantastic residences for sale throughout the Visayas region. Without a doubt, PrimaryHomes is a reliable developer, who can ultimately offer you the best of the best in Cebu’s condo market today.

Satisfy your urban lifestyle needs while being in a healthy and relaxing environment by being strategically located to access to Cebu's business center and city coast for your every lifestyle desire.

Enjoy a life of bliss when you check out this gorgeous PrimaryHomes property today. 

For more information, check out our Almond Drive property today.


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