PrimaryHomes 30 Years Strong and Continues to Grow

by Silingan

Jun 30, 2022

Providing quality housing projects and condominium developments to Cebu’s real estate industry for 30 Years, PrimaryHomes Incorporated (PHI) worked hard throughout those years to become an established name in the industry. 

This success isn’t done alone. It took a village to make PrimaryHomes among the premier Cebu real estate developers. Along with its partners from the Primary Group of Builders, experts from the fields of construction, real estate, manufacturing, architecture, and engineering all contributed to serving its local and foreign clients alike. T

In celebration of its 30th year, let us take a look at what it has accomplished through the years, and get a glimpse of what it is yet to achieve in the future. 

30 years of being a Trailblazer 

With a vision of providing quality housing projects, PrimaryHomes started in 1992 as Commonwealth Estate, Inc. (CEI). Its flagship community is Villa del Rio, a 400-unit mid-market subdivision that features quality Hispanic-style houses. 

The company was among the pioneers of large-scale horizontal and vertical developments in the Visayas. Aside from the Villa del Rio product-type, some of its early milestone products are its first vertical development East Aurora Tower launched in 1997 and became a landmark in Metropolitan Cebu, first economic housing 5-hectare Garden Bloom Villas in Lilo-an in Northern Cebu launched in 2008, and first high-end condo 19-storey Avalon condominium located in a prime location in Cebu Business Park launched in 2009.

30 Years of Being A Reliable Partner

As part of the Primary Group of Builders (PGB), an umbrella of trusted companies in their respective fields in construction and property developments, the company’s growth is empowered by the expertise and core competencies of the whole PGB conglomerate— from planning to delivery until property management. To further solidify the Primary brand, and with an even greater commitment to build lasting homes and develop vibrant communities, Commonwealth Estate Inc (CEI) changed its name to Primary Homes Incorporated (PHI) in 2009. 

Carrying a brand promise of “Your Reliable Partner,” the name PrimaryHomes means premier quality, a trusted brand, and customer-driven. 

As Your Reliable Partner, PHI has since built a portfolio of high-quality real estate projects in the Visayas. For 30 years, PrimaryHomes has remained committed to on-time delivery of its real estate properties to clients, resulting in the turnover of more than 10,000 residential units and 48 quality subdivisions and condominium developments in Cebu, Bohol, and Negros as of 2022. This is the result of its commitment to deliver excellence anchored on experience and passion to be of service through real estate. 

Three decades in the industry proves why PrimaryHomes should be trusted not only by homeowners but by real estate sales professionals as well. As experts who are knowledgeable in the ins and outs of the real estate industry in Cebu, these professionals have constantly given their approval and recommendation to PrimaryHomes - their confidence proving the quality of its prime developments. 

Whether choosing an economic, a mid-rise or a high-end development from Cebu real estate developers, every home buyer’s journey does not start with paying the reservation fee, nor does it end after the unit turnover, and PrimaryHomes is committed to ensuring an inclusive and seamless home buying process for its partners every step of the way. 

PrimaryHomes’ commitment to quality and sustainability was also recognized by national level award-giving bodies like DOT Property Awards and Philippine Property Awards

30 Years of Service to the Visayan Market

PrimaryHomes’ track record over three decades proves its prominence as a reliable choice for large-scale vertical and horizontal top-tier housing developments across Cebu, Bohol and Negros. It boasts a rich portfolio of real estate projects in Visayas built with skills and integrity all strategically located in major cities and highly developing municipalities.

As PrimaryHomes, the company continued to be of service to the Cebuano market with different product types, expanded to Bohol in 2011 with its mid-market Royal Palms product, and to Negros in 2018 with its economic Richwood Homes product.

These properties were all inspired by Cebu, Bohol, and Negros’ rising industry and livelihood. With all the economic uplift from start-up business hubs, more and more buyers want to be close to the center of all the hustle-bustle is like in Royal Oceancrest Mactan

The boom in transportation works with roads like South Road Properties (SRP) where The Courtyards Almond Drive is strategically located to keep the lifeblood of the region going and more accessible to many.

Lastly, the ever-consistent and present tourism industry with the region's numerous islands and picturesque beaches like Panglao where Royal Palms Quatro is a sought-out home.

30 Years Premier Developments And Vibrant Communities

30 years of PrimaryHomes in Cebu real estate have been about premier housing projects and fostering vibrant communities across the Visayas region. Its world-class residences come at a very affordable price, considering the returns that you will get from this investment. These developments exude a contemporary-resort ambiance while bringing you closer to sought-after tourist destinations and pristine beach resorts of Cebu Philippines. 

Here are PrimaryHomes’ highly-valued residential developments that you can choose from. 

Royal Palms series, the home that every Filipino dreams of. With house units designed after the pioneering Villa del Rio projects, the Royal Palms series of units feature exclusive subdivision communities perfectly combined with quality, family-centered amenities, and security.

Courtyards series featuring unconfined urban living with its walk-up condominiums, open spaces, and wellness amenities, highlights a perfect balance for the active lifestyle of working professionals. Similar to The Courtyard properties like Almond Drive Talisay, these series of condominium developments are well-decorated with landscaped gardens and alfresco courtyards that enable carefree living in unconfined spaces.  

Richwood Homes series designed to offer affordable quality housing, offers sleek and modern townhouses, and are perfect for starting families.  This is perfect for those starting up and wanting to have their own real estate property without spending more than their allotted budget. 

Royal Oceancrest series is a mixed-type development that features condominium living and resort-like amenities perfect for vacation-style living or even work-from-home arrangements. Their unique amenities include pools, playgrounds, a gym, and a clubhouse perfect for young professionals and starting families looking for a relaxing yet accessible home. 

La Prima Homes, a socialized housing development, offers a better and more decent, and practical dwelling option for those who are still renting or trying to get back up on their feet. Despite its affordability, La Prima Homes lives up to the PrimaryHomes legacy with its high-quality units enhanced by modern facilities and located in secured communities. 

Be Part of the Legacy in Cebu Real Estate

In its 30th anniversary, PrimaryHomes only strives to do better as the most reliable real estate developer in the Visayas region. This goal is certainly within reach as proven by its outstanding track record in the last three decades. 

More than housing units and condominium developments, it has provided homes and communities to people looking forward to being a part of the rich culture and undeniable potential of Cebu, Bohol, and Negros. 

A new life awaits you at the comforts and magnificence of PrimaryHomes Incorporated. Be part of the celebration, be one with the legacy, and buy a property with PHI today. 


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