Richwood Homes Negros: 3 Perks of an Astounding Community

by PrimaryHomes

Jul 10, 2024

Richwood Homes Negros Signage

Are you searching for a quality house and lot in Dumaguete or nearby towns? Richwood Homes Negros in Bacong, Negros Oriental offers exactly that and more.

Here's why this astounding community stands out:


Richwood Homes Negros, A Tatak Primary, Tatak Quality

Richwood Homes Negros offers more than affordable housing—it’s a commitment to top-quality and reliability. As part of the esteemed Primary Group of Builders, PrimaryHomes collaborates with industry experts like Primary Structures Corporation, Lightstrong, and Concrete Solutions Inc. This ensures every Richwood home meets high standards using eco-friendly materials and cost-effective practices.

Additionally, every Richwood home incorporates advanced building systems using durable pre-cast materials and energy-efficient Lightstrong wall systems. This improves insulation and lowers utility expenses, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainable living.


Resilient Design Homes for Modern Living

PrimaryHomes designs each home at Richwood Homes Negros to endure, guaranteeing your family's comfort and convenience for years to come.

Each unit features:

  • Painted walls and ceilings
  • Smooth concrete finish flooring
  • Concrete stairs
  • Kitchen counter with integrated sink and under-counter cabinet
  • Tiled flooring in bathrooms with storage space, along with one layer of wall tiles
  • Open-plan layouts for personalized customization

PrimaryHomes creates these homes to last, ensuring enduring comfort and convenience for your family.


Thriving in a Vibrant Community

Beyond quality housing, Richwood Homes Negros offers a vibrant, family-friendly lifestyle:

Enjoy a well-kept community with amenities for families. The secure environment encourages a strong sense of community, perfect for raising children and making lasting friendships. Whether you're socializing in the multipurpose area, basketball court, playground, or swimming pool with neighbors, or simply relaxing, Richwood Homes Negros offers something for everyone.

If you're looking for an affordable and quality house and lot for sale in Negros Oriental, Richwood Homes Negros is an excellent choice.

Inquire now at PrimaryHomes,Inc.

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