The New Normal Home Living: Smartly Designed Units at Almond Drive

by PrimaryHomes

Feb 18, 2022

The new normal has definitely changed the way we live and what we look for in our home and community. To accommodate the new needs and preferences of property seekers, real estate developers are making new communities that fit the new normal necessities with smartly designed units. One of the most awaited condos in Cebu is Primary Homes’ Almond Drive in Talisay City in Cebu.

This soon-to-be-finished Cebu condominium is Like our page to know more! 

Living in a Primary Homes project means living in a community that is future-proof, accessible, safe, beautiful, complete, and allows you to enjoy work-life balance without breaking the bank.

The New Normal Home Living: Adapting the Usual with Transformative Thinking   

The “new normal” has taught us that the things and activities that we used to do outside of our home are really doable within the confines of our house, despite its limited size. Thus the emergence of smartly designed units that cater to new normal living. 

Discovering a new way of living that is quite different from the old normal we were used to, property seekers now want smartly designed spaces when it comes to choosing a home such as a condo in Cebu to purchase and occupy. 

Here is what tops the list of what people are looking for in a new home in the new normal that will make sure that their home investment is crisis-proof with whatever life has to throw.

The need and importance for multi-purpose home spaces

Because of the pandemic, everything that you used to do outside is now done indoors. Your home is also now your office, school, parlor, gym, even restaurant all-in-one. Because of this, it is important to live in a home that you can rearrange to fit your lifestyle.

Condo units in Almond Drive range from studio-types to two-bedroom units with a floor area of 14 to 59 square meters. There are a total of eight types of units to choose from in Almond Drive which gives you the freedom to choose a layout that works best with your lifestyle. 

Because these units have an open floor plan, you can utilize each and every corner in your home for different purposes or you can make multi-purpose spaces. 

Your bedroom: The home office/kids classroom/hotel room

For example, your bedroom can double as your private home office. Move things around so you can set up your work area with a sensible desk, office chair, and a well-placed extension cord for your electronics. You can even get yourself another monitor to make working a little bit easier.

If you have kids and they have their own room, that can double as their classroom for online classes. Just set up a designated table in the corner of the room as their designated work and study place.

Make sure all the materials you need like books, pens, paper, and even laptop or study equipment are within reach so you don’t need to stand up and frantically look for them when needed. 

Be sure to also place good work-from-home lighting in that are with the use of natural light from windows or have LED lamps strategically placed for better visibility on whatever it is you’re working on.

If you miss traveling or staycations then why not upgrade your bedroom set-up to feel more hotel-like? Paint the walls with your favorite color, match it with the sheets and throw pillows in there as well. 

Place a few plant pots for greenery and add a humidifier to give off your favorite scent— lavender maybe? You can even throw in some themed “room service” to get into the spirit. No need to book a hotel, just enter your room and feel like you’re on a staycation. 


Your dining area: A fancy restaurant for a fun dinner with the kids or a romantic date

Instead of eating outside, you may convert your dining area into a restaurant with help from home decors which will make you feel like you are eating in a fancy restaurant. 

Spruce up the space with fancy lighting from chandeliers. Use simple and elegant glasses, cutlery, and plates to elevate your dining experience. You can even set up table cloths and napkins for that extra dash of elegance!

Want a romantic vibe? There’s nothing more romantic than adding scented candles or a fresh vase of flowers! Go the extra mile and set them up with the rest of the lights closed so that the candles can illuminate your night.

For a fun dinner with the kids, set up your table with colorful tablecloths and plates! Just make sure all of them are plastic or not easily breakable to avoid accidents. Add in some fun place mats with activities that your kids can do while they wait for the food. It’ll feel like those days in the pizza places with crayons and papers waiting for you on the table the moment you arrive.


Your Living room: A trip to the cinema or your indoor camping grounds

For the living room, there are so many things you can do! If you miss the cinema, one way to recreate that is with a wide-screen projector, some soft carpet, or even your bed cushions on the floor, and your comfiest sheets pillows, and pillows— there you have it, a homemade comfy cinema!

Longing for the great outdoors? Set up camp right in your living room! Layout some comfy blankets, pillows and get yourself a cute little star projector or get close to the balcony door. It’ll feel like you laying under the night sky. If you’re feeling extra, light a candle that reminds you of the forest smell and have a makeshift campfire so you “roast” marshmallows and create smores.


Your Bathroom: Your very own spa or hair salon

Need some R and R? With a few scented candles, you can turn your bathroom into a spa. Gather all your favorite skin and body care products, play some relaxing music on your phone or speakers, and leave a ‘Do not disturb’ banner in front of the bathroom door for some peace and quiet.

But if you’re in the mood for a new ‘do, time to get those do-it-yourself hair dyes, a pair of scissors, and a friend to help you out. You can easily turn your bathroom into your very own salon with just a high stool, wrap a cloth around yourself (to mimic the hairdressing gown you wear at the salon), and get your materials salon-ready.

This versatility of space is one of the factors property seekers are aiming to find and without a doubt if this is on top of your list, a condominium in Cebu in Almond Drive is the perfect one for you!

Here Are a Few Other Factors To Look Out For In a Smartly Designed Space:

Wellness amenities for physical and mental health

One of the reasons why people love to stay in condominiums is that aside from it allowing you to live closer to essential landmarks and establishments in the city you live in, you also get to enjoy a lot of amenities that are otherwise too expensive to have installed with your Cebu house and lot.


Almond Drive in Talisay City offers the following amenities:

  • Open courtyards with manicured gardens. Almond Drive’s courtyards are laid with grass and filled with plants. This area is a perfect place to stroll around your community or do outdoor activities such as doing a picnic, yoga, biking, or other meditative activities.
  • Swimming pool. Almond Drive’s swimming pool is a relaxing amenity. It is big enough to accommodate the residents and it is surrounded by lush greeneries to make you feel more relaxed.
  • Clubhouse. The clubhouse is located beside the swimming pool. This amenity is covered and is perfect for hosting parties. The clubhouse is spacious enough to accommodate 20 or more guests.
  • Fitness gym. The condo’s fitness gym is spacious enough to accommodate residents who want to exercise. You may bring your own gym equipment when you do your exercise here.


  • Children’s playground. Almond Drive’s playground has a swing set and a slide. It is also surrounded by plants and grass, making it a safe place for kids to play and discover the great outdoors safely. 


Because this condominium has low density, you can be sure that you will enjoy these amenities without having to share them with too many people. These outdoor amenities are perfect venues for doing outdoor activities such as hosting parties, doing exercise, soaking under the sun, and unwinding. 

These amenities are created to make sure that residents of Almond Drive won’t feel cabin fever. Additionally, they provide an alternative change of scenery without you needing to leave the condominium community.

Spacious and verdant outdoor space

Open spaces serve as breather spaces for condo residents. Open within the condo community spaces offer places where residents can go around within the community to get some sunshine and fresh air.

With the importance of fresh air circulation especially in confined spaces, choosing a condo community in Cebu that has spacious outdoors and good unit ventilation is a must. 

The good thing is Almond Drive is an unconfined residential development that features The Courtyards, it's a condominium community that combines modernity, greenery, and smart spaces through strategic and contemporary Asian architectural design.

When you go outside your unit in Almond Drive, there are a lot of things you can do aside from taking a stroll within your community. You can make use of the numerous wellness amenities in the condominium complex such as the ones mentioned above.

Aside from a spacious living space, condos at The Courtyards in Almond Drive come with a parking space which is advantageous for buyers who own cars.

It can be a challenge to find all these features in one development but the good news is, these are all present at Almond Drive by Primary Homes! 

Here, you can redesign and customize your indoor space to accommodate your work, play, and study activities conveniently within your home. Without a doubt, living the new normal will only take a few adjustments if you choose to live in Almond Drive because this home is designed for the new normal. 

So if you plan on buying a Cebu condominium this year, look no further. Almond Drive is a perfect choice. 

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