How to Turn Your Bohol Property Into the Best Place to Stay in Panglao

by PrimaryHomes

Feb 08, 2023

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Vacation season is finally here, and tourists everywhere are looking for the best places to stay in the Bohol region for all their travel needs. With all these people wondering where to stay in Panglao, why not point them in the direction of your home at Royal Oceancrest Panglao 2 today?

Vacation season is finally here, and tourists everywhere are looking for the best places to stay in the Bohol region for all their travel needs. With all these people wondering where to stay in Panglao, why not point them in the direction of your home at Royal Oceancrest Panglao 2 today?

Owning real estate at a popular tourist site like Panglao Island means that you’re uniquely positioned to gain benefits from the property as a vacation rental home. Not only will you have a place to stay when you go on vacation in Panglao, Bohol, but you’ll also have a rentable spot for guests who are looking for a resort-like condo experience.

Share the exclusive vacation lifestyle and reap the benefits of a real estate investment at Royal Oceancrest Panglao 2 today. Learn how to transform your property into an attractive tropical getaway by reading this guide right now.

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7 simple steps to transform your property into a haven

Transform your condo unit investment into a desirable tropical getaway today. Check out this real estate guide to turn your Visayas property into a lucrative getaway place in just a few simple steps.

1. Find the right property

If you don’t have a property to transform into a beautiful vacation spot yet, then you’ll have to find the right one for you first.

Step into the shoes of an excited traveler who’s wondering where to stay in Bohol, specifically Panglao. Don’t you want to stay at a place that is the same as a resort but cheaper, with spectacular views and exclusive amenities?

If you’re thinking “yes!” to all of the statements above, then the Royal Oceancrest Panglaois the place for you. Pick a unit that’s perfect for you at this sprawling condominium development, nestled along the white sand beaches of Panglao Island this year.

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2. Highlight amenities, location, and attractions

Let’s say that you already have the ideal property for your holiday home dreams this year. The next thing that you can do to transform your condo unit is to highlight the factors that make it desirable for tourists this year.

You can highlight factors like condominium amenities to draw visitors into your gorgeous vacation spot. Royal Oceancrest Panglao 2, for example, offers community amenities like pools, jogging and biking trails, gyms, and playgrounds - all of which can be extremely attractive to travelers who are wondering where to stay in Panglao Island, Bohol today.

You can also highlight your condo’s location and proximity to local attractions for tourists. Encourage visitors to stay at your holiday home by sharing all the fun things to do in Panglao nearby, like checking out where to stay in Alona Beach, Panglao, visiting Hinagdanan Cave, snorkeling in Napaling Reef, and so much more.

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3. Clean and maintain the home

Of course, if you plan on renting out your condo investment to visitors and tourists, then you need to clean and maintain the condo unit to ensure that the property is safe and comfortable for guests too.

If you aren’t permanently based in the Bohol region, then you can hire professional local cleaning services to clean your unit before and after every rental. If you’re based near your property, then you should spend a day cleaning your house to make sure it’s in great condition for your holiday home guests.

If you need maintenance work done in the condo unit and want help with the renovation process, all you need to do is to coordinate with PrimaryHomes to easily get your hands on the maintenance requirements and approval you need right now.

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4. Invest in homey furnishing

Again, this entire condo transformation journey is a huge investment for anyone with the right vacation property today. You’ll have to invest in cleaning, maintenance, and in extra furnishings to give guests a “home away from home” feel that’ll keep them coming back for more every year.

The good news is that now is a great time to invest in Bohol properties . With all the exciting new infrastructure, opportunities, and transportation in this province, travelers will be all over the Bohol region and its exciting attractions all throughout the many years to come.

So remember to create a standout vacation rental experience by investing in homey furnishings that’ll keep guests coming back for more today.

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5. Add extra amenities

In addition to investing in home furnishings and highlighting your property’s community amenities, consider adding extra amenities for your guests as well. Things like Wi-Fi, cable TV, smart locks, and the like are easy to incorporate into your condo, and will definitely keep your visitors happy throughout their stay.

You can also include services like housekeeping, laundry, and parking so that travelers are encouraged to stay longer at their holiday home. You can achieve the ultimate Bohol experience for your guests with all these added amenities, ensuring better returns on your real estate investment as well.

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6. Take HD photos of the property

How else are tourists going to know about your gorgeous holiday condo if you don’t take high-quality pictures of your property?

Now that you have the right property to transform into a holiday rental, with all its amenities, furnishings, and unique offerings, you can promote it to tourists and travelers with HD photos online.

Use these property photos to showcase the amazing features of your unit, and remember to highlight the benefits of your condo community to better attract guests as well. You can check out photos of the amenities at Royal Oceancrest Panglao 2 as a reference point to get started on this photography adventure today.

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7. Provide quality customer service

Last but not least in this list of steps is to ensure that you’re providing quality customer service for all your guests.  Remember: you’re competing with Panglao Beach resorts and other Bohol resorts. If you want to convince guests that the condo lifestyle is perfect for their stay at Panglao Island, then you should offer quality customer service.

As the condo owner, you are an essential part of the transformation for your vacation home. Start off by responding quickly and thoroughly to all guest inquiries, especially with regard to bookings and other issues related to your property. If you want more help with this venture of yours, you can also contact us at PrimaryHomes for better support as well.

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By transforming your property into an attractive destination for travelers, you reap the financial benefits of a successful holiday rental. Just make sure to highlight your amenities, maintain the unit, and provide quality customer service to ensure great gains from your condo investment this year.

A condo project like Royal Oceancrest Panglao 2 is a perfect example of a spot for you and your guests to stay during the vacation season. With its strategic location and gorgeous tropical views, you’d be hard-pressed to find any other real estate offers as perfect as this one by PrimaryHomes today. 

Get the best of the best when you invest in the perfect holiday home with PrimaryHomes this year. If you need any more help or information, contact PrimaryHomes and schedule a tour of our gorgeous tropical properties today. 


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