5 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Invest in Bohol

by PrimaryHomes

Oct 24, 2022

If you’re a curious homebuyer looking for a lifetime investment, then Bohol is the place for you.

The region was hit hard by the pandemic and Typhoon Odette, this amazing area of the Philippines is slowly making its way back into the zeitgeist as one of the nation’s best places to live and invest in.

With the province’s iconic landscape and unique biodiversity, there are so many known Bohol travel destinations. But recently new and exciting economic developments have taken the lead that will have you eyeing the area for investment.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should invest and live in Bohol right now:

Why should you invest in Bohol now?

  1. Revamped transportation options
  2. Exciting new infrastructure and opportunities
  3. Malls and stores for shopping galore
  4. The revival of travel and leisure for locals and homeowners
  5. Finally, the fresh, new, and flavorsome food choice 

Look no further than this handy guide and discover the top five reasons why this province is the place for all your tropical living dreams this year.

1. Revamped transportation options

kylle-pangan-MZPiA5MNa6M-unsplash Photo courtesy of Kylle Pangan via Unsplash

There’s no better way to get to beloved destinations like beautiful churches and gorgeous beaches than through the province’s road and transportation options.

As of 2022, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has restarted renovations on the Bohol Panglao International Airport after its short-term closure amidst the pandemic in 2020 and typhoon Odette in 2021.

The region has also resumed its operations for all public buses under Southern Star Bus Transit, Inc. (SSBTI). Southern Star buses were once again declared roadworthy this year, after their owners assured travelers of their bus drivers’ expertise.

The prestigious lifestyle perks of this Central Visayas region know no bounds - and with these revamped transportation options underway, you’re sure to have an easy time reaching home to your loved ones and an even greater time to reach beloved tourist destinations.

2. Exciting new infrastructure and opportunities

Not only are there revamped transportation options for tourists and homebuyers alike, but there’s also exciting new infrastructure on its way to connecting the bustling cities of this region.

Currently, the best way to go navigate the island is through the Bohol Circumferential Road or National Route 850 (N850). This whole route connects the whole island of Bohol from Tagbilaran to Trinidad and back. Other than that, this highway is connected to multiple bridges to keep transportation flawless. But since these bridges have aged over time, massive restructuring and updating going on around this area’s local bridges. 

First off, there are plans on constructing the Cordova-Bohol bridge. From Cordova, Cebu, the new bridge hopes to link Mactan Island to Olango Island, and then lead to a viaduct at Banacon Island.

This will then connect to Getafe in Bohol, thus linking the two provinces together and providing new tourism opportunities all around the region.

Second, on the list is the plan to revamp the Panglao-Tagbilaran City Offshore Bridge Connector (PTCOBC). This new bridge hopes to connect Panglao Island to Tagbilaran City on the mainland, thus supporting the growth of passenger and vehicular traffic in the Visayas and providing more opportunities for business and investment

Lastly, there’s the grand opening of the newly built Clarin Bridge in Loay, Bohol. Open to all motorists since June 21, 2022, this bridge serves as a key driver in the mobility of goods and people in the area. It hopes to boost economic growth and improve goods and services for tourists and residents alike in the region.

All of these road and bridge revamps are keys to the evolution and prosperity of the island and the region. These roads are literal pathways to connect people and places, transfer goods, and provide services to create and maintain sustainable economic growth across Bohol.

3. Malls and stores for shopping galore

pexels-mc-jay-acedilla-7412551 Photo courtesy of Mc Jay Acedilla via Pexels

When you’re looking for a perfect place to call home, you’ll be on the lookout for areas that are accessible, convenient, and fun to live in. Nothing says “convenient” like a nearby store or mall - and nothing is more fun than having three super malls within driving distance of your home.

For the longest time, Bohol’s go-to malls are Island City Mall, Bohol Quality Mall, and Plaza Marcela. These iconic places of leisure have served Boholanos with all their shopping needs and wants. 

Soon malls and stores galore all over this part of the Central Visayas region. You’ll surely find a home fit for all stages of life.Big time mall operators like Shoemart (SM), Robinson’s, and Puregold, three of the Philippines’ top mall operators, are hoping to begin construction of three new stores and malls around the Central Visayas region. SM and Robinson’s aim to situate malls in the Dao district of Tagbilaran City, while Puregold aims to open groceries in seven municipalities all over the province.

Once SM and Robinson’s open their properties to the public, Barangay Dao will become the “super mall” district of Tagbilaran City. On the other hand, when Puregold opens its doors this grocery giant will become a household name in Panglao, Carmen, Ubay, Talibon, Jagna, Tubigon, and Loay simultaneously.

With new malls comes more establishments, more businesses, and more investors who would want a spot in those locations— a sure boom in the island’s local FMCG and retail industry. This also means more shoppers and even more options to choose from for residents and buyers and more. No matter what the case, these new malls will surely keep the money flowing for every type of visitor.

4. The revival of travel and leisure for locals and homeowners 

aldrino-bshBApiLklQ-unsplash Photo courtesy of Aldrino via Pexels

Your favorite Bohol tourist spots are making a major comeback. With the revival of travel after the COVID-19 pandemic, this region’s world-class beaches, landscapes, and biodiversity hotspots are reopening their proverbial doors to interested homebuyers and tourists alike right now.

Take, for example, the reopening of iconic diving spots all around Bohol. The local diving industry is alive and thriving again due to relaxed health protocols and an increase in visitors. Scuba diving schools are back in session, with classes and offerings in Panglao and other areas in the island province.

Adventure spots are also up and running again in this area of the Visayas. Off-water activities, like all-terrain vehicle rides, are available once again in famous landscapes like the Chocolate Hills throughout Carmen City.

There are also many new leisure destinations for you to explore. Ultra Mint Drive Resort, for example, opened in June 2021 less than half a kilometer away from the famous Alona Beach. Meanwhile, Bohol Kalikasan Resort opened in June 2022, just 2.5km away from Momo Beach as well. 

All of these tourist spots' re-opening means a revival of the island’s travel and tourist industry. More tourists, whether local or international, is always a good sign that Bohol is back on the map as a worthy place to invest in with all the activity going.

5. Finally, the fresh, new, and flavorsome food choices

You can’t explore the wonders of the Visayas region on an empty stomach. How else are you going to turn your Bohol dreams into reality without visiting the newest food and restaurant spots in the region? These latest and greatest additions to the local food scene include La Vara Restaurant, Bassa Bar and Villa, and the Guitar Woodhouse Music Restobar.

La Vara Restaurant in Doljo, Panglao serves multinational Asian cuisine with its own unique flair. Its open-air al fresco dining setup makes it perfect for your post-pandemic needs, and the restaurant itself is conveniently located in front of the Moadto Strip Mall.

Meanwhile, the Bassa Bar and Villa boasts a hip bar and a live band every night, with their Southeast Asian cuisine and yummy forest cocktails. Lastly, the Guitar Woodhouse Music Restobar stands apart from the rest with a location that literally looks like a giant guitar. 

With its music, arts, development, and great food, Bohol is truly making its way back into the global zeitgeist as a vacation spot and home for everyone this year. 

mark-ramirez-zqEtTmnubS8-unsplash Photo courtesy of Mark Ramirez via Unsplash

Whether you’re here for a good time or staying for a long time, Bohol is worth the time and money for an exciting post-pandemic real estate investment. All the plans for infrastructure and development, big-shot businesses seeing the potential and investing in the island, and the revival of travel and leisure activities are good signs that Bohol’s economy is booming and bouncing back.

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