The Best Urban Living Benefits That You'll Get in Almond Drive

by PrimaryHomes

Sep 23, 2021

We all want a place we can call home.

Your premier property developer, Primary Homes, knows exactly what makes a home. It is more than just a comfortable place to live in. It offers urban living advantages for homeowners such as easy access to necessary establishments, cool investment opportunities, and convenient travel routes.

You’ll experience all these advantages of redefined urban living in Almond Drive, Talisay—Primary Home’s modern and sophisticated community.

Are you ready to find out more about the benefits of living in Almond Drive? Stay close to these five urban living advantages if you choose to settle in Almond Drive, Cebu.

mybus-imagePhoto courtesy of MyBus

Stay Close to Convenience

There is no denying the convenience of a private car. You can travel anywhere you want and anytime you want. But of course, not everyone can purchase a car in the snap of their fingers.

There are some people who do not want one, are still learning how to drive, or simply have other financial priorities in mind. Whatever your reason is, public transportation will not be a problem in Almond Drive, Talisay.

As a homeowner in Almond Drive, you can easily take the daily trips of the modern My Bus system. The excellent community’s My Bus trips start at 6:00 AM and end at 9:20 PM for the Talisay to Parkmall route. For the Parkmall to Talisay route, the trips start at 7:00 AM and end at 10:20 PM.

You can access this convenient public transportation service via the My Bus depot at Lawaan, near Parkmall in Mandaue City. There are also multiple bus stops for each trip, and most of them are easily recognizable landmarks such as the Lawaan Skywalk, Kalmar Street, Talisay City Hall, San Isidro, Dawis Road, Carmen, Cansojong, Laray, Lantaw Restaurant, Kasadya sa SRP, Compania Maritima, Robinsons Galleria, and SM City Cebu. You also do not have to wait long for the bus arrivals on both routes, since there are daily trips every 10 minutes.
If you're a fan of biking, Almond Drive is even a few meters away from malls. 


Stay Close to Necessities

What is your primary concern when you are picking a home? Most people would want a home that is close to their workplace or school. Others would want a home that also has access to supermarkets for weekly groceries, and places of worship like churches for Sunday masses with the family.

Do not worry because Almond Drive offers accessibility like no other!

Because of its proximity to Cebu’s emerging South Road Properties, Almond Drive has access to the huge public market, quality private and public schools, and reputable universities. In addition, homeowners can attend their Sunday masses in the welcoming ambiance of the San Isidro Labrador Parish and the Chapel of Pedro Calungsod.

If supermarkets are your concern, Almond Drive also has this area covered. Visit groceries with lots of choices within the vicinity such as the Gaisano Capital SRP, the Gaisano Fiesta Mall, and the South Town Center.

Cebu's Pathway of Growth - South Road Properties

Stay Close to Accessibility

Any person who lives in a busy city like Talisay would want accessibility to other important locations such as airports or nearby towns. No one would want to take hours stuck in traffic on an important business day! It’s a good thing though, that settling in Almond Drive can take you closer (and faster!) to anywhere you want to go.

Aside from the community’s modern My Bus transportation system, homeowners can benefit from the proximity of Almond Drive to the CCLEX. The Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway is an 8.5 kilometre bridge that connects Cebu City and Cordova.

Named as possibly the longest bridge-way structure in the Philippines by National Geographic, CCLEX boasts many amazing benefits for Cebu residents. Once it is fully constructed, CCLEX provides easy access to the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, avoids usual traffic congestion in previous bridges, and increases more business travel opportunities for residents.

Whether you want to level up your career in different Cebu cities or just visit nearby relatives and friends, there is no doubt that living in Almond Drive, Talisay would help you get easy access to the excellent possibilities brought by CCLEX.


Stay Close to Possibilities

Cebu itself is a growing hub of possibilities. Local and foreign travellers flock to the marvelous island, either to enjoy their vacations or set up businesses for good. For residents like you, both of these reasons means more possibilities for you as well.

Be closer to exciting hubs for lifestyle, entertainment, and travel hubs. Be within the vicinity of the new South Road properties, which is Cebu’s new and future pathway of growth. Have easy access to the Cebu South Harbor Terminal, and become witness to the growing economic impact of overseas and local transportation of local and international goods.

Try new hobbies and activities with your family in exciting lifestyle centers such as SM Seaside, SM-Ayala Consortium, and Il Corso. Have easy and quick access to all these cool possibilities once you’ve settled in Almond Drive, Talisay.

cebu-ocean-park-1Photo courtesy of Cebu Oceanpark 

Stay Close to More Investment Opportunities

Nowadays, working overtime and putting up a savings account is not the only way to grow your money. Investment is also a good move for your financial future, and picking the best investment option is crucial. There are so many ways to invest and real estate properties are one of the risk-free and profitable investment choices.

So, do you want a home that also keeps you closer to more investment opportunities? Then, Almond Drive, Talisay is a good option for your next home. This excellent community is strategically located near SRP, which is Cebu’s newest emerging lifestyle and entertainment hub. It is also near recreation centers that continue to gain revenue over the years, such as the Cebu Ocean Park, Anjo World Theme Park, and Isla de Victoria.

Truly, properties in Almond Drive and its proximity to these growing economic hubs would spell more investment opportunities for newbie and veteran investors.

So do not wait another day to take advantage of the benefits of urban living in Almond Drive. Be one step closer to comfortable living and growth opportunities. Inquire about Almond Drive properties with Primary Homes today!


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