Royal Palms Quatro: A Home Fit for Different Stages of Life

by PrimaryHomes

Mar 02, 2022

The starting point of every home buying journey is considering one’s lifestyle. This factor dictates all other important decisions, especially those pertaining to the choice of location and community, budget, and property type. 

The stage of life you’re in now is the single most influential factor on the kind of lifestyle you have. Thus, different stages of life will entail specific kinds of homes catering to specific needs. Fortunately, there are many modern land developments today that offer a wide range of units accommodating these. In Bohol, one house and lot project stands out: Royal Palms Quatro by Primary Homes.

If you’re planning to buy a home suitable for your lifestyle as a busy professional, a loving parent, or a worry-free retiree, you should consider looking at the intelligent house designs available in this prestigious community in Panglao Island, Bohol. 

Compare the options here as you refer to this buyer’s guide.

Different homes for different stages of life

Sprawled in 2.5-hectare prime land, Royal Palms Quatro is a world-class residential community inspired by the beautiful tourist destination it’s in. It’s filled with resort-type amenities that establish its reputation as the best place for Bohol tropical living. With the different types of well-laid-out units offered in the residential enclave, you can find one that suits your lifestyle perfectly.

These are the different homes in Royal Palms Quatro, which accommodate your unique needs as you go through different stages of life:

1. Palacios Grande for career-driven individuals

This single-detached, two-story house is the ideal choice for a single, growth-oriented individual looking for an investment in Royal Palms Quatro. It features a smart design suitable for the new normal of work from home (WFH). Coupled with a floor area of 87 square meters, the residential unit allows dwellers to make room for a home office. 

A dedicated workspace is a must-have in this pandemic era. In a nutshell, it boosts your productivity. Because it’s a separate space from all other spaces in the house, there’s less distraction. Think about it, you won’t be tempted to relax on the couch in the living room and try to peek into the latest movie releases on your streaming platform. You won’t be caught in chitchats of other family members staying with you either. 

Rather, you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about your kids or spouse walking in on your Zoom meetings and appearing unintentionally in the background, precisely because you have a separate space for work.

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Even with the expected return to the office, WFH is likely to stay as businesses today realize that it’s possible to conduct business with a remote team. A WFH-ready residence, Palacios Grande in Royal Palms Quatro is the ideal choice of a unit when you’re a career-driven individual. Its price starts at P4.3M.

As you pursue greater heights in your professional life, sooner or later, you’ll find your personal life blossoming, too. When you meet the love of your life, it’s time for an upgrade. The match made in heaven naturally entails the perfect match of a home. The good news is, you don’t have to look far from your present community Royal Palms Quatro.

2. Hidalgo Royale for newlyweds 

Popular for being the perfect starter home in Panglao Island, Bohol, Hidalgo Royale is most suitable for couples, newlyweds, and seasoned partners alike. The one-story, two-bedroom unit has a floor area of 45 square meters, providing enough space for you and your partner (as well as your pets).

With a compact home, you won’t have to spend too much time cleaning. You get to spend the time you save from tidying up too many rooms to more important matters, such as bonding with your significant other. This is just one of the perks of living in Royal Palms Quatro.

More than the time, you get to save money with this starter home. Since there’s less square footage, there are less costly repairs and maintenance. What’s more, Hidalgo Royale comes at a budget-friendly price of P2.8M. This is especially beneficial for newlyweds who are trying to sort out finances and build up savings for future children.

HR Photo courtesy of Primaryhomes

In terms of supporting couples’ lifestyles, Hidalgo Royale in Royal Palms Quatro makes for a good choice. Choose this unit as a starter home in Panglao Island. 

Once you decide to start a family, past the years of relishing being alone together, you may want to consider saving up for your first family home. Again, you don’t have to go far from Royal Palms Panglao. Here, you can find a residence that allows you to imagine the sweet family life.

3. Turriano for starting families

This single-attached, one-story residential unit features a smart design, maximizing the 56 square meters of floor area and accommodating a small family. The open floor plan in the living spaces allows you to supervise young kids while cooking in the kitchen or watching your favorite television show in the living room. This particular layout makes the space look more expansive, giving enough space for everyone at home to do what they want.

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But in the same way that it promotes quality family time, the Turriano unit gives residents alone time, privacy from each other. With three bedrooms, you and your kids will have your own areas for rest. The kids’ rooms can double as places for play and study. They also serve as a retreat corner whenever temper tantrums flare among young kids.

If you’re looking for the perfect residence for your young family, Turriano is your best bet in Royal Palms Quatro. Its price starts at P3.1M. 

The best part about choosing a unit here, apart from the lifestyle-suitable home, is the neighborhood at large. It teems with recreational facilities you and your young kids will enjoy.

They can take advantage of the different amenities within the prestigious community. There’s a clubhouse with a parking area, swimming pool, mini playground, fitness gym, and landscaped areas for you and your family’s pleasure.

As you enjoy the sweet family life, don’t overlook the changing needs of your spouse and kids. Eventually, you’ll reach the point where you need a bigger space for your growing brood. This doesn’t mean moving away though. In Royal Palms Quatro, you can find a suitable home you and your big family will enjoy.

4. Hermoso Grande for growing families

By its name, you can guess that this unit offers a large space for residents. The two-story  Hermoso Grande stands out among Bohol houses as it has 194 square meters of floor area, making it the best option for growing families among the units available in Royal Palms Quatro. As you plan to add more kids to your brood, consider choosing an expansive home like Hermoso Grande.

This house can grow with you through the years. The kids’ rooms can be refurbished as your children mature. From a playroom filled with dolls and puzzles, the space can be turned into a hobby area, where your grown-up teens can paint, play the drums, or play computer games. Everybody gets their privacy and peace and quiet.

HG2 Photo courtesy of Primaryhomes

Aside from private rooms for each family member, Hermoso Grande has expansive common spaces. In fact, you can easily host dinner parties with extended family given the large space provided in the living room and dining area. The kitchen has a bar, so while you’re getting busy with meal preparations, you can still join the conversations of loved ones enjoying their cocktails.

Hermoso Grande is the ideal residential option for the lifestyle of growing families. For only P7.2M, you can have a family home that has everything you need in this particular life stage. 

Build your residence by filling every room with these investment pieces. These pieces can be family heirlooms you can pass on to your adult children when the time comes that they need to move out. When you reach this life stage, you can consider downsizing to a residence in Royal Palms Quatro, one of the perfect retirement village in the Philippines.

5. Hermoso for retirees

The retirees and empty nesters also have a place in Royal PalmsQuatro. Hermoso, which has 81 square meters of floor area, features three bedrooms providing ample space for residents who want to lead a relaxed, yet vibrant lifestyle. This is a 1-story home with no stairs — a convenient and easy access home for retirees who prefer a space with everything within walking distance.

It promotes a “relaxed” lifestyle because the extra private rooms can be converted into leisure spaces, says, a mini pottery workshop, a dance studio, or even a library. The best part is that the location of Royal Palms Quatro puts you close to the beautiful beaches of Bohol.

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On the flip side, the Hermoso unit allows retirees to embrace a vibrant lifestyle, one that keeps them connected with others. With its three bedrooms, you can invite your adult children and grandchildren, and have them stay with you for longer periods. For instance, in the summer months, when school’s out, the young kids can spend their vacation days in Panglao Island and do fun activities with you. 

Spend your retirement days relaxed and having fun with loved ones at Hermoso in Royal Palms Quatro. With a price of P4.4M, you can get more value for the money you saved for years.

Your lifestyle is an important consideration when buying a home. It will dictate where you’re supposed to live, what kind of property is worth purchasing, and which community you’ll belong in. The good news is that in one residential development alone, you can find different options. In Royal Palms Quatro, you can stumble upon the perfect home for you. 

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