6 Reasons Why Royal Palms is the Most Suitable Place to Raise Children

by PrimaryHomes

Feb 07, 2023

Apart from its historical and cultural value to the Philippines, Bohol has natural beauty like no other. 

Settle down in an exclusive subdivision in the heart of Bohol with one of PrimaryHomes’ projects, Royal Palms Quatro, Located in the heartland of Panglao Island, making it the perfect spot for your family. Equipped with quality amenities and surrounded by the best white-sand beaches as far as the eye can see, you can definitely find your dream home here. Find out why:

Why Royal Palms is the most suitable place to raise children

  1. Located in a strategic and accessible location
  2. We build quality structures for quality time
  3. We have a friendly community among residents
  4. We ensure a safe neighborhood with good security systems 
  5. Enjoy nearby sites for extra adventure
  6. Leave a legacy for your children
  • Located in a strategic and accessible location

Royal Palms opens up the doors to the islands, being a mere 15-minute drive from the Bohol-Panglao International Airport. The subdivision is far from the hustle and bustle of city life, but not too distant that it isolates itself from the rest of the island.

In fact, you will be spoilt for choice among the many beach resorts surrounding the Royal Palm subdivision. These resorts line the coastline of the islet, giving you many options to choose from. That, or you can easily travel to Bohol itself and explore all of its majesties.

Bohol and Panglao Island are connected by land bridges as well. That means that schools, shopping centers, and other parts of city life are accessible. You can still take part in the hustle and bustle in the city on a regular basis, or you can go over to Bohol’s ports and spend some time in neighboring urban sites.

  • We build quality structures for quality time

PrimaryHomes sets high standards for its housing projects, and Royal Palms Quatro is no different. Your dream home is guaranteed to be built with the highest quality of construction materials and craftsmanship. You will also be surrounded by amenities such as swimming pools and playgrounds for you and your family to spend some quality time with each other.


PrimaryHomes values quality and sustainable construction for the Filipino family. This Bohol dreamscape was built with longevity in mind. It’s guaranteed to last for several generations of your family.

The houses are eco-friendly to boot! As part of the Primary Group of Builders (PGB), PrimaryHomes is able to create sturdy and durable homes using all-natural, lightweight materials. You can even reduce electricity consumption since your home will be kept cool and well-ventilated by PGB’s master builders.

  • We have a friendly community among residents

PrimaryHomes has a history of developing world-class residences for Filipino families. Inside the premises are several amenities perfect for socializing with your neighbors and getting your children accustomed to long-lasting connections.

Why not take a dip at the swimming pool and get some private sunshine? Better yet, get fit at the gym or make use of the many multi-purpose rooms at your disposal. The possibilities are endless for making friends with fellow residents.

You can even ensure your children establish valuable friendships early on. Bring them to the playground and have them make friends with the other children. You can even take walks with them in the nearby parks both inside and outside of the premises.

There are also alternatives outside of Royal Palms Quatro that cultivate your family’s social life. For instance, many of Bohol’s top hotels and restaurants can be found on Panglao Island. You can enjoy a nice dinner or a night out with friends and neighbors there, as well. Or if you’re daring enough, why not take a visit to Danao Adventure Park a couple of hours away? There’s an unlimited amount of adventures waiting for you.

  • We ensure a safe neighborhood with good security systems 

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” That statement is one of the many sayings that make up PrimaryHomes’ ethos. There will always be many opportunities to interact with your neighbors and forge lifelong bonds with them. Your children will benefit from the close friendships and deep connections that you will be creating.

The Visayan islands are as welcoming as the people living in them, making the Visayas one of the best places to move into today. It has several tourist attractions, vibrant beaches and cultures, and a lot of places with historical significance. Not to mention, the people are known to love a good time and will certainly make you feel at home!

You can also rest easy that your family time will be as relaxing as it needs to be. The compound comes equipped with security of the highest caliber. CCTV cameras and round-the-clock security will be your best friend inside the premises, but you will also have a nearby police station right outside the gates. This ensures a safe environment with a minimal crime rate.



  • Enjoy nearby sites for extra adventure

Since you’ll be living near several tourist attractions, why not take the opportunity to get your fill of them as you go to work and back home? Here are a few of the accessible ones:

  • Baclayon Church

The Visayan islands are well-known for having a strong Christian influence in their culture. The Baclayon Church, for instance, holds a deep connection to Philippine history. It is the oldest church built in Bohol and was declared a national treasure in 2010. You may even want to be a regular patron since the church is just a 16-minute drive away!

  • Beaches galore at Panglao Island

To say Panglao Island itself is mesmerizing is an understatement. The water is refreshing, and the white sand receiving it just seems so relaxing to look at. Several seaside resorts are found along the coastline of Panglao Island, so you can take your pick and relax as the waves crash onto the sand.

The beaches are accessible, too, so settling down on the island feels like an island getaway every day. Aside from swimming in the pristine waters, you may also want to try different activities like parasailing or banana boat paddling.

You can also find the greens strategically placed around the premises. Morning walks might become a regular part of your routine, and you might find yourself gathering a lot of positive energy before going to work.


There are also tourist destinations within reach! You can mingle with the tarsiers over at the Tarsier Conservation Area, enjoy the majesty of Bohol’s tallest waterfall at the Can-Umantad Falls, or go on a lunch date on Loboc River’s river cruise.

  •  Leave a legacy for your children

You can definitely involve your child in several activities across Panglao Island. Your children will benefit from your presence in their lives as well. Studies have shown that being involved with your child’s upbringing will lead to fewer problems in their later years, and an improved level of confidence as they maneuver through adulthood. Establishing a deeper connection with your child could also give them a sense of belonging and security in life.

Go with them on walks, explore the community, and help them make friends. They will also learn to enjoy the outdoors as you take them on trips across Bohol or in nearby islands in the Visayas.

And you can always provide them a home in Bohol with Royal Palms Quatro. You can trust that PrimaryHomes has your best interests in mind. The longevity of your home means that you can pass it on to your children in the future, ensuring that they will always feel your presence and impact in their lives.

You can leave a lasting legacy on your children, be it in the form of a loving home with lots of memories or in the form of life lessons you can teach them.

Key Takeaways

Finding a place to call home is no easy feat. But one thing you can always remember is “Location, location, location.” Royal Palms Quatro is a great location for your home. Here are three key takeaways as to why:

  • Relax in a secure and welcoming community. Remember to play your part in helping keep the environment as soothing and as safe as can be!
  • Travel across Bohol and Panglao Island. Everything is in arms reach, be it urban centers or tourist attractions. You will be spoilt for choice on how to best spend your time!
  • Leave a lasting legacy for your children with PrimaryHomes’ durable structures. You can leave them with a luxurious home with a beautiful location at Panglao Island.

With Bohol projected to become a prime land for development, now is the best time to dive in. Explore your options with Royal Palms Quatro or reach out to PrimaryHomes to invest in luxury life.

If you need any more help or information, contact PrimaryHomes.


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