Live a Balanced Life with Almond Drive

by PrimaryHomes

Aug 17, 2022

Imagine waking up at six in the morning with the sun shining and your coffee brewing. You get up, bask in the quiet calm, and do some meditation outdoors while feeling the cool breeze. You eat breakfast with your family and you all get ready for the day. No need to worry about traffic because your office is within 15 to 30 minutes away— a real good morning indeed.

Once work is over, you have enough time to stroll around the nearby mall to shop for fresh groceries and other necessities you may need for the house. In just a few minutes walk, you’re back in your home sweet home with just enough sunlight to take a dip in the swimming pool and enjoy the company of your neighbors and relax while taking a few laps around the pool.

With a full good day finished, you cap off the night with a hearty meal, curl up in bed reading or catching up on your favorite series and breathe the fresh air. You are now ready to rest and wake up the next morning for another great day ahead.

This is the “dream day” of most people. However, not everyone can live a healthy work-life balance because of many reasons. It can be due to work conditions or not being able to live in a location that allows you easy access to relaxation or leisure places you frequent. Luckily, there are subdivisions in Cebu that allow you to stay close to what matters most to you.

Live in a serene subdivision in Cebu that is safe, beautiful, clean, modern, highly accessible, and promotes work-life balance. Come home and Stay Close with  Almond Drive by Primary Homes!

The Key Work-Life Balance With Courtyards Living

​​Stay Close to Everything Through Strategic Living Location

When it comes to location, Almond Drive is on point. This townhouse and condominium project by Primary Homes Inc. is strategically located at Tangke, Talisay, close to the lifestyle, tourism, and business center in Cebu City.

This 1.5-hectare project is composed of 182 condo units in a 3-storey walk-up condo set up. Investing in Cebu real estate in Almond Drive is ideal, especially for career-driven professionals and families who want to stay close to essential landmarks and establishments in Cebu City and other parts of the province.

What makes the location of Almond Drive truly amazing? Simply put, it allows you to stay close to essentials and leisures - including offices, schools, shopping centers, churches, hospitals, tourist attractions, and the beach. 

Imagine this, when you live in one of the most highly accessible subdivisions in Cebu, you can reach the following landmarks and establishments within minutes:

  • Gaisano Capital  SRP Mall  - 4 min

  • Il Corso Lifemalls - 10 min

  • SM Seaside Mall - 15 minutes

  • Cebu South Medical Center - 9 minutes

  • Cebu Business Park - 27 minutes

  • Cebu IT Park - 32 minutes

  • Carbon Market - 19 minutes

  • Cebu Institute of Technology - 21 minutes

  • Mactan International Airport - 40 minutes

  • Anjo World Theme Park - 20 minutes

As you can see, aside from work and school, Almond Drive brings you closer to leisure landmarks and establishments so that you can enjoy your day off at the office and spend quality time with yourself, family, and friends. 

Easily Hop From One Point to Another

Almond Drive is a few meters away from the Cebu South Coastal Road (CSCR) that connects to the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway leading to Lapu-Lapu City. It is also roughly 3.8 kilometers from Cebu South Road which leads to the heart of Cebu City where business centers and commercial establishments are located.

Almond Drive’s accessibility is no joke, with a commuter-friendly community you don’t need to walk far to have access to the city’s public transport. Once you exit this Cebu subdivision, you can ride a tricycle, jeepney, or bus to the place you want to go. Whether you’re driving or commuting, you can be sure that you don’t need to spend a lot of time on the road.  

Be Mentaly and Physically Well with Enriching Amenities After A Hard Day's Work

Almond Drive amenities help promote residents’ well-being. This development features open gardens, a swimming pool, a playground, and a gym you can use whenever you need and want. Since this is one of the low-density Cebu City subdivisions, you won’t find these amenities nor the community overly crowded. 

Since Almond Drive has plenty of open courtyards and manicured gardens, even if you live in a highly accessible area, you can still enjoy a peaceful environment and fresh air that helps cool your mind and manage your stress whenever you come home from a long day’s work. 

Be Free to Do More of What You Personally Love

Since you can go home quickly from work due to its proximity to your office, you have more time to spend on the things you love to do such as hobbies and other side hustles you may have. Because Almond Drive is one of the subdivisions in Cebu close to the province’s tourist attractions and the beach, you can easily visit these to unwind or even get a taste of the adventurous activities they offer.

More time also means more time to take care of yourself and your family. You don’t need to rush preparing your meal or even taking your time to clean and maintain your Cebu City house. After a day’s work, you can step out of your home and feel the fresh breeze while drinking your afternoon tea or saying greetings to your friendly neighbors.

Accommodate Your Work and Lifestyle Needs Through Versatile Home Living

Whether you prefer a townhouse or a condo, Almond Drive has something to offer. This contemporary Asian-themed subdivision in Cebu City has homes with smart unit design to maximize your space without compromising comfort.

Because these homes have an open-floor plan except for the bedrooms, you can do a lot with the space allotted for your living room and dining area. You can also allot a portion of your house for your other needs such as a hobby area.

Conveniently Shift from a Busy Work-at-Home to Relaxation Mode

Those who work from home can also achieve work-life balance in Almond Drive. Since the community is low-density, you can be sure that no matter what time of the day you work, the community and your home will always be peaceful and conducive to working. Internet connectivity is also no problem in the area. 

If you want to take a break from work, just open your windows and admire the lush greeneries in your community. After work, you may hit the gym and do other recreational activities that will make you happy. And you don’t need to go far, even out of this Cebu subdivision because from within, you can find enjoyment and relaxation. Now that’s unconfined urban living.

Almond Drive: A Place You Can Stay Close to Convenience, Necessities, and Possibilities

Achieve your life’s dream of staying close to the places that matter most to you by choosing to invest in residential real estate properties in Primary Home’s Almond Drive. You will never regret living here as this is the best lifetime home you can ever have and share with your family. Within minutes, everything is within reach. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out one of the properties at Almond Drive now and make it your forever home. Visit



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